Lectionary Index

Year A - 2016 / 2017
Advent 1A
Advent 2A
Advent 3A
Advent 4A
Christmas songs (any year)
Christmas 1A (first Sunday after Christmas) (2014 entry)
Holy Name of Jesus (any year) 
New Year's Day (any year)
Epiphany (any year)
Epiphany 1A / Baptism of Christ (2014 entry)
Epiphany 2A (2014 entry)
Epiphany 3A (2014 entry)
Epiphany 4A (2014 entry)
Epiphany 5A (2014 entry)
Epiphany 6A (2014 entry)
Epiphany 7A
Epiphany 8A
Transfiguration A
Ash Wednesday
Lent 1A
Lent 2A
Lent 3A
Annunciation (any year)
Lent 4A
Lent 5A
Palm Sunday (any year)
Passion Sunday (any year) 
Maundy Thursday (any year)
Good Friday (any year)
Easter Sunday (any year)
Easter 2A
Easter 3A
Easter 4A
Easter 5A
Easter 6A
Visitation of Mary to Elizabeth 
Easter 7A
Pentecost A
Trinity A
Proper 4A / Pentecost 1A (not observed this year)
Proper 5A / Pentecost 2A (not observed this year)
Proper 6A / Pentecost 3A (not observed this year)
Proper 7A / Pentecost 4A
Proper 8A / Pentecost 5A
Proper 9A / Pentecost 6A
Proper 10A / Pentecost 7A
Proper 11A / Pentecost 8A
Proper 12A / Pentecost 9A
Proper 13A / Pentecost 18A
Proper 14A / Pentecost 19A
Proper 15A / Pentecost 20A
Proper 16A / Pentecost 21A
Proper 17A / Pentecost 22A
Proper 18A / Pentecost 23A
Proper 19A / Pentecost 24A
Proper 20A / Pentecost 25A
Proper 21A / Pentecost 26A
Proper 22A / Pentecost 27A
Proper 23A / Pentecost 28A
Proper 24A / Pentecost 29A
Proper 25A / Pentecost 30A
Proper 26A / Pentecost 31A
Proper 27A / Pentecost 32A
Proper 28A / Pentecost 33A
Reign of Christ A

Year B - 2018
General ideas for Advent (any year)
Advent 1B
Advent 2B
Advent 3B
Advent 4B
Christmas songs (any year) - last updated 2013
First Sunday after Christmas B (2011 entry)
Holy Name of Jesus (any year)
New Year's Day (any year)
Second Sunday after Christmas B
Epiphany (any year)
Epiphany 1B / Baptism of Christ
Epiphany 2B
Epiphany 3B
Epiphany 4B
Epiphany 5B
Epiphany 6B (Roman Catholic congregations)
Transfiguration B
Ash Wednesday
Lent 1B
Lent 2B
Lent 3B
Lent 4B
Lent 5B
Annunciation (any year)
Palm Sunday (any year)
Passion Sunday (any year) 
Maundy Thursday (any year)
Good Friday (any year)
Easter Sunday (any year)
Easter 2B
Easter 3B
Easter 4B
Easter 5B
Easter 6B
Easter 7B
Pentecost B
Trinity B
Visitation of Mary to Elizabeth
Proper 5B / Pentecost 2B
Proper 6B / Pentecost 3B
Proper 7B / Pentecost 4B
Proper 8B / Pentecost 5B
Proper 9B / Pentecost 6B
Proper 10B / Pentecost 7B
Proper 11B / Pentecost 8B
Proper 12B / Pentecost 9B
Proper 13B / Pentecost 10B
Proper 14B / Pentecost 11B
Proper 15B / Pentecost 12B
Proper 16B / Pentecost 13B
Proper 17B / Pentecost 14B
Proper 18B / Pentecost 15B
Proper 19B / Pentecost 16B
Proper 20B / Pentecost 17B
Proper 21B / Pentecost 18B
Proper 22B / Pentecost 19B
Proper 23B / Pentecost 20B
Proper 24B / Pentecost 21B
Proper 25B / Pentecost 22B
Proper 26B / Pentecost 23B
Proper 27B / Pentecost 24B
Proper 28B / Pentecost 25B
Reign of Christ B / Christ the King B

Year C- 2016
General ideas for Advent (any year)
Advent 1C
Advent 2C
Advent 3C
Advent 4C
Christmas (any year)
Christmas 1C
Holy Name of Jesus (any year) 
Christmas 2C
Epiphany (any year)
Epiphany 1C / Baptism of Christ C
Epiphany 2C
Epiphany 3C
Epiphany 4C
Transfiguration C
Epiphany 5C (RC)
Ash Wednesday (any year)
Lent 1C
Lent 2C
Lent 3C
Lent 4C
Lent 5C
Palm Sunday (any year)
Passion Sunday (any year) 
Annunciation (any year)
Maundy Thursday (any year)
Good Friday (any year)
Easter Day (any year)
Easter 2C
Easter 3C
Easter 4C
Easter 5C
Easter 6C
Ascension (any year)
Easter 7C
Pentecost C
Trinity C
Proper 4C / Pentecost+2C
Proper 5C / Pentecost+3C
Proper 6C / Pentecost+4C
Proper 7C / Pentecost+5C
Proper 8C / Pentecost+6C
Proper 9C / Pentecost+7C
Proper 10C / Pentecost+8C
Proper 11C / Pentecost+9C
Proper 12C / Pentecost+10C
Proper 13C / Pentecost+11C
Proper 14C / Pentecost+12C
Proper 15C / Pentecost+13C
Proper 16C / Pentecost+14C
Proper 17C / Pentecost+15C
Proper 18C / Pentecost+16C
Proper 19C / Pentecost+17C
Proper 20C / Pentecost+18C
Proper 21C / Pentecost+19C
Proper 22C / Pentecost+20C
Proper 23C / Pentecost+21C
Proper 24C / Pentecost+22C
Proper 25C / Pentecost+23C
Proper 26C / Pentecost+24C
Proper 27C / Pentecost+25C
Proper 28C / Pentecost+26C
Reign of Christ C

Year D
(Yes, apparently... No songs listed yet, but read about it here)