Songs, Hymns & Music for Lent 3A (March 15, 2020)

Exodus 17:1-7
God delivers water from the rock to the grumbling Israelites.  
  • Tune In / Online Resource / ATAR663 Save us in the time of trial (Shawn Whelan) A song with a reflective almost-Taize-like chorus. We have sung this a cuople of different ways, it's quite flexible. I will suggest this quite a bit during Lent. Lyrics, sound sample and free downloadable songbook.
  • BUC Song Project Broken (Elaine Loukes) This song seeking God's open arms at the end of a dry journey fits this reading well.   
  • **GtG053 O God who gives us life and breath (Carl P Daw) Excellent words of God providing living springs of hope, and the need for us to face our fears and follow God through difficult times. An excellent fit for this reading. Straightforward hymn tune (NOEL). Sheet music and lyrics. New words to old tunes.
  • AoV2-006 / The tide has turned Deeper River / There's a river running deep within the silence of our souls (Digby Hannah). An excellent song of restoration for tired desert-like souls. Lyrics. 
  • ATW 435 Wellsprings / Like the woman of old (Don Stewart) Another song of seeking water in the desert. A favourite of our congregation; can be tricky to sing if it's not familiar.  
  • NCH045 Christ is the Mountain of Horeb which is flowing / Cristo es la pena (Unknown author) Puerto Rican pasodoble folk melody. Very repetitive and easy. Can start slow and get fast, which is always a winner move. We have not sung this for a while. Youtube of some cool pianist doing a groovy jazzy version. Good for kids.
  • TiS 569 / AHB 478 / NCH18/19 / CH167 / UMH127 / VU651 / LBW343 / ELW618 / StF465 / A&M652 / HPP432 / GtG065 / PH281 / CP565 / CP(E) 455 / W&R501 / Cha622 / 82Hml690 / StF465 / Lau960 / MP201 Guide me O thou great Jehovah / Redeemer (William Williams) A rousing hymn of God’s presence and strength and making it to the other side. "Bread of heaven, feed me now and evermore." Sheet music and lyrics. Oldy-but-a-goody. 
  • Tune In / Online Resource We will sing a new song to the world (Dave Brown) An energetic song about the gospel. Lyrics, sound sample and free downloadable songbook.
  • AoV1-114 / HPP376 / G(II)430 / GC608 / GC(II)596 / G(3)683 / W&R430 / Lau964 You shall cross the barren desert / Be not afraid (Bob Dufford) Beautiful words. Well known (at least, the chorus). Verses may be tricky. Lyrics.
  • GC840 / GC(II)818 / G(3)910 / CP085 / 82Hml-343 Shepherd of souls refresh and bless (James Mongomery)  Old fashioned inclusive words to a standard hymn tune. "Shepherd of souls refresh and bless thy chosen pilgrim flock, with manna from the wilderness and water from the rock". Lyrics & sheet music.
Psalm 95
  • ATE 216 / Iona (SBL) / CH126 / StJ / ELW555 / PH472 / G(II)365 / GC527 / RS 671 / CP417 / W&R15 / StF042 O sing to the Lord / Cantai ao Senhor / Cantad al Señor (Traditional Brazilian) A good, fun and simple song that is easy to learn in Portuguese or Spanish too; note that not all versions are inclusive. Sheet music samplesGood for kids
  • *Online Resource Let us shout for joy (Richard Bruxvoort-Colligan) A fun, joyous, pop song. Good lyrics and easy tune. Lots of fun. Sound sample, lyrics and downloadable songbook
  • *MV092 / SP&P099 Like a Rock (Keri Wehlander / Linnea Good) A lovely simple song (with actions!) from Linnea Good. Youtube sound sample. Great for kids.
  • AoVK-47 / HPP51 / A&M656 / W&R80 / Lau973 He's Got the Whole World in His Hands (Traditional) It’s possible to make this inclusive. I’ve seen “God’s got the whole world in safe hands”, which is a little clumsy. AoVK has "The whole world is in God's hands" which works really well, or you could sing "You've got the whole world in your hands"! Good for kids. Oldy-but-a-goody. 
  • Taizé / AoV2-109 / CH772 / GA429 / GtG654 / A&M334 / SFFS 2195 / G(II)396 / GC566 / GC(II)546 / G(3)639 / SP128 / URW381 / Lau944 / W&R448 / StF776 / MP865 In the Lord I'll Be Ever Thankful / El Senyor (Jacques Berthier) A joyful and bouncy short song. Works well in English, German and Spanish at least. Good for kids. Sheet music, translations into many other languages, sound samples.
  • PfAS095E / Lau52a O that today you would listen (Susan Sayers) A nice Psalm response.  
  • PH215 / URW292 Come Sing with Joy to God (Arlo Duba) Good lyrics to the well known tune DARWALL'S 148th. 
  • Iona (SBL) / CH140 / MV181 / WoV727 / ELW554 / G(II)341 / GC495 / StB178 Lord Your Hands Have Formed This World / The Earth is the Lord's (Ramon and Sario Oliano) Good words of creation to a lovely, and not too difficult, Phillippino melody. Lyrics (first verse only)
  • Emergent Psalter Come let us sing (Isaac Everett) Very simple refrain. Sheet music (refrain only).
  • NCH036 PH219 To God compose a song of joy (Duck) Beautiful words of praise to the standard hymn tune RICHMOND.  New words to old tunes
  • Taizé / MV009 O Come and let us sing to God our hope (Taize Community) Joyful gathering chant. Sound samples, sheet music.
  • AoVK-123 / NCH3 / Iona (M&G) / UMH148 / VU308 / WoV794 / ELW837 / GtG021 / PH271 / G(II)338 / GC499 / G(3)911 / CP407 / W&R26 / Cha58 / URW232 / 82Hml-385 Many and Great O God are your works / Wakantanka Taku Nitawa (Joseph Renville) Good words. Simple tune. Sounds great accompanied by a good Native American-style drum beat, which is a great way to get people involved in music-making. Lyrics here.
  • Cha747 Come into God's presence with a joyful song (Larry Sivis) Joyful sung response, and responsively read passage.
  • TiS 119 / AHB 40 / NCH012 / UMH152 / VU231 / HPP39 / GtG032 /  PH288 / W&R31 / Cha064 / 82Hml-398 / Lau684 / StF107 / MP293 I sing the almighty power of God / We sing the mighty power of God (Isaac Watts) I really like this old hymn, especially sung to ELLACOMBE, but it can also be sung to FOREST GREEN. VU, NCH and Chalice have inclusive language, but other hymnals (like TiS and AHB, are not).  Lyrics and sheet music. Oldy-but-a-goody. 
Romans 5:1-11
Justified by faith, gives us peace and reconciliation; suffering.
  • TiS 683 / WoV735 / ELW603 / W&R416 / StF649 God when human bonds are broken (Fred Kaan) These words pick up an unusual theme, and fit really well with this reading. There are a couple of possible tunes, none of which are immediately familiar, but they are not difficult either. Lyrics.
  • BUC Song Project Broken (Elaine Loukes) This song seeking God's open arms at the end of a dry journey fits this reading well.  
  • TiS 164 / AHB 105 / CH358 The great love of God (Daniel T Niles) A simple creed song from the Christian Conference of Asia. The tune is really beautiful.
  • AoVK-28 / ATOK 376 Faith hope and love, this is what we long for (Trish Watts) A groovy, easy, fun song. Good for kids.
  • AoV1-091 / AoVK-68 / StS016 / G(II)527 / GC(II)720 / G(3)821 Peace before us peace behind us (David Haas) love this one. Reflective. Careful not too get too schmaltzy because it's long. Less is more. It's good to do something while singing this song. I did a circle dance at church to this once upon a time, but I can't remember how it went. It works well at a walking pace. Schmaltzy and SLOW sound sample. Lead sheet. Good for kids.  
  • Scripture in Song 29 Therefore being justified by faith (Unknown author) A relaxed swingy song which is a direct paraphrase of the passage. You can really jazz this up, especially if you play it in 3/4; then it sounds kind of like the Housemartins. There's also the "Chui Chui" version - which I just discovered tonight - there are about a hundred Youtube videos of various actions to this. Maybe fun for a Sunday School class or camp?  Lyrics and sound sample (in 4/4). 
  • TiS 129 / AHB 56 / AoV1-029 / ATA 131 / NCH547 / CH555 / UMH378 / VU266 / LBW448 / ELW779 / A&M587 / GA437 / HPP334 / GtG649 / PH280 / G(II)434 / GC612 / GC(II)586 / G(3)645 / CP352 / CP(E) 375 / W&R422 / Cha546 / ZSS202 / Srce25 / Lau846 Amazing grace how sweet the sound (John Newton) I once was lost... I think you all know this one. Nice youtube of some Sacred Harp singing, and a story.  Oldy-but-a-goody.
  • TiS 398 / AHB 310 / AoV1-118 / NCH289 / CH489 / UMH475 / VU367 / GA375 / A&M238 / LBW508 / ELW804 / GtG282 / PH313 / GC465 / GC(II)471 / G(3)556 / RS617 / CP645 / CP(E) 175 / W&R330 / Cha582 / Srce100 / Lau303 Come down O Love divine (Bianco da Siena) Old fashioned, but still inclusive and very well known. Words and tune. Hymnals vary a lot in the lyrics with respect to thees and thys and words like "vesture". Here's a folksy cover for your listening pleasure (Danke Yotin!).  Oldy-but-a-goody. 
  • *TiS 710 / CH758 / Iona (Enemy of Apathy) / VU204 Come Holy Spirit gracious heavenly dove (The Iona Community) A beautiful and simple chant. 
John 4:5-42
Jesus and the Samaritan Woman at the well
  • ATW 435 Wellsprings / Like the woman of old (Don Stewart) Another song of seeking water in the desert. A favourite of our congregation; can be tricky to sing if it's not familiar. Lyrics.   
  • *MV117 By the well a thirsty woman (Elizabeth Stilborn) An excellent song that brings this story to us, with words of Christ being our source of living water. The tune will probably need to be taught.
  • VU471 / W&R692 / URW122 / StF582 Eat this bread and never hunger (Dan Damon) Very simple tune. The first verse refers to this passage. Particularly good if you are celebrating communion this week, but will be fine if you are not. I will suggest this song again next week and the week after, so this is a good week to introduce it! 
  • TiS 693 / AoV1-031 / GA212 Come as you are that's how I want you (Diedre Browne) This song is beautiful, gentle, simple, and very well known. Lyrics. Slow and mushy youtube. A good song to start the service. 
  • ATW 451 Jesus Saviour of the world (David Schubert) Simple chant-like song. 
  • *Taize / MV102 / GC(II)648 / G(3)752 Jesus your spirit in us (Taize Community) "Jesus your spirit in us is a wellspring of life everlasting" Lyrics in English and German. Sheet music sample. Very very slow sound sample. You know, Taize music is not necessarily slow. When one of the brothers visited here, he strongly encouraged us not to be so slow!
  • W&R655 / URW202 Come Away from Rush and Hurry (Marva Dawn) Excellent words of resting in a sacred space to the familiar tune BEACH SPRING (TiS 493). New words to old tunes.
  • CH348 / StS001 / LBW196 / ELW843 / A&M762 / G(3)625 / CP397 / W&R93 / SP304 / URW090 Praise the One Who Breaks the Darkness (Rusty Edwards) Good words of Christ's ministry to all. Can be sung to the familiar tune NETTLETON, or the less familiar and very lovely tune JOEL. I will suggest this again next week! Lyrics and sheet music. New words to old tunes.
  • BUC Song Project Broken (Elaine Loukes) This song seeking God's open arms at the end of a dry journey fits this reading well.  
  • StJ / GtG048 / GC(II)505 / W&R444 / G(3)582 / URW144 / Srce2-502 Rain Down (Jaime Cortez) A good simple gospel song. A very easy chorus, and good verses too.
  • AoV1-027 / AoVK-102 / GA200 / G(II)613 / GC847 / GC(II)807 / G(3)924 / Lau473 We come to share our story / Song of the Body of Christ (David Haas) Simple tune and good words "We come to share our story, we come to break the bread, we come to know our rising From the dead". Sung to a traditional Hawai'ian tune. Lyrics.
  • TiS 661 / UMH274 / GtG161 / W&R364 / Cha188 Woman in the night (Brian Wren) A song about many women in the Bible and the women that we meet every day. Tune will be fine if you give the congregation a chance to join in only on the chorus until they are confident (8 verses, but they are short ones). Might be good used a few times with a few verses each time through the service. Lyrics
  • Folk song Jesus met the woman at the well (Traditional) An old folk song - a storytelling song. Here's an old movie of Ian and Sylvia Tyson doing a good old version of it. And here's Nick Cave, which I like better, except the ending. Oh, and how about Rev Cleophus Robinson? I think that's the best one! It would be cool to play this. Sheet music. David MacGregor has written a new set of lyrics for it with a slightly different focus which you may find helpful.  
  • AoV1-151 / GA400 / GtG479 / G(II)350 / GC504 / GC(II)499 / G(3)585 Oh everyone that thirsts Come to the waters! (Haugen) I like this one. Would be good for the musicians to play during communion if you are celebrating it.  
  • NCH597 / UMH723 / VU710 / LBW221 / WoV690 / ELW547 / GtG375 / HPP480 / G(II)560 / GC774 / GC(II)761 / W&R522 / Cha701 / SgTJ1046 Shall we gather at the river? (Robert Lowry) This old song has a lot of meaning for many. Translations vary. NCH is most inclusive. Oldy-but-a-goody. Lyrics and sheet music.
What will you be singing? Add a comment, especially if you'd like to share something I haven't thought of! 


Wayne said...

"Fill My Cup, Lord" (Like the Woman at the Well) Richard Blanchard
"Come to the Water" John B. Foley, S.J.

Keith Howden said...

Just been looking at the para about the song 'Jesus met the woman at the well'.
Unfortunately the first video has been deleted however I located an original version by Peter Paul and Mary on You tube which I consider superior to the others mentioned.

Keith Howden

Bud said...

"Do not be afraid, for I have redeemed you" by Gerard Markland

Duncan said...

Life to the brim, by Andrew Dutney

Anonymous said...

"Come the the Well" Casting Crowns