There are lots of great Amens that are worth exploring! This list will grow... I love a good Amen.

  • Iona (T1AU) / MV219 Ameni Ameni (South African) A really fun Amen from South Africa. It's great if you can build up parts one at a time, and it's very easy for people to learn these parts if you do it that way. Good for kids.
  • MV225 Amen (Traditional Chinese) A gentle two part Amen from China, making use of a traditional melody. You could get the congregation to sing one part while a choir or small group sings the other - alternatively, split the congregation into two parts and teach them both.
  • WoV792 Amen Hallelujah (Javanese) Very simple; this could be good for when we have a combined service with our Indonesian congregataion.
  • STB105 Amin Haleluya! (Indonesia) (Javanese melody) Another simple Alleluia. Might be the same one as above? I don't have both books in the same place so can't check.
  • STB107 Amen (Indonesia) (Widyawan) A lovely 3 part Amen from Indonesia.  
  • STB108 Amen (China)  (Chinese folk melody) This is very pretty, and would be fun to learn.

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