Overdose Awareness Day Song Suggestions

Every year at Brunswick Uniting Church, we have a service for Overdose Awareness Day. It's for those who have been affected by overdose; family and friends of those who have suffered fatal and non-fatal overdose, their supporters and those recovering from overdose themselves.

I've posted them in case other congregations are looking for resources for grief, lamentation and comfort and hope.

StS121 / FFS50 Nothing is lost on the breath of God (Colin Gibson). A beautiful song, easy to sing "Nothing is lost on the breath of God, nothing is lost for ever; God's breath is love, and that love will remain, holding the world for ever. No feather too light, no hair too fine, no flower too brief in its glory; no drop in the ocean, no dust in the air, but is counted and told in God's story." Lyrics and free sheet music. Sound sample.
Taize Nothing can ever come between us and the love of God. A strong Christ-centric chant from Taize. Lyrics, sheet music and sound samples.
Taize In God alone my soul can find rest and peace. A beautiful healing chant from Taize. Lyrics, sheet music and sound samples.
Iona (Heaven Shall not Wait) / VU19 Kindle a flame to lighten the dark and take all fear away. A good chant to use if you will include candle lighting in the service. Sometimes a bit tricky to sing - there's a strangely large jump at the start.
Tune In: God's Mercy. A beautiful ballad of healing: "Like the sun upon my skin, I can smile and take it in, and my wounds begin to heal, that's God's mercy". Lyrics and sound sample.
MV 74 When painful mem'ries haunt each day / When painful memories haunt each day (Ruth Duck). I suggest singing it to the more familiar Celtic tune KINGSFOLD (TiS 262). "When painful mem'ries haunt each day and dreams disturb the night, when life is washed with shades of grey and phantoms fill our sight, Christ stay beside us and embrace the child who dwells within; come, Healer, touch or lives with grace; restore our lives again."
Iona (Love From Below) / CH734O Christ you wept when grief was raw. This is really a funeral song, for the death of a particular person but I have listed it anyway, so that you know about it. Lyrics
Iona (Enemy of Apathy): Sing my soul when hope is sleeping. "Sing, my soul, when hope is sleeping. Sing when faith gives way to fears; Sing to melt the ice of sadness Making way for joy through tears." Simple to sing.
TiS 638 / NCH175 / CH717 / UMH265 / LBW380 / ELW675 /HPPS380 O Christ the healer we have come. A song of prayer for healing for others. I prefer the tune in TiS (INVERCARRY). Lyrics. "From every ailment flesh endures our bodies clamor to be freed; yet in our hearts we would confess that wholeness is our deepest need."
NCH553 / UMH375 / VU612 / WoV737 / ELW614 / HPP379 / HPPS394 / G(II)460 / GC648 / GC(II)617 There is a Balm in Gilead. Some communities will find this song more helpful than others. Not sure if it will be so familiar and helpful to Australians as Americans, but I've listed it anyway.
TiS 690 / CH259 / StS115 Beauty for brokenness hope for despair (Kendrick) Themes of healing from personal and universal suffering and a rousing chorus. Lyrics.
AoV2-085 / Iona (T1AU) / MV115 Behold behold I Make All Things New (Bell) A nice hopeful upbeat short song. Lyrics (downloads a pdf)
FFS05 Be their names remembered (Murray/Jillian Bray) Simple chant, good for singing in response to a list of names of those who have died (e.g. catastrophe, ANZAC day). "Be their names remembered in the heart of God"

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