Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Winter & Winter Solstice Songs

Recorded music Longest Night (Mayer) This is a lovely and very appropriate song, which you might like to play. Lyrics and source. Sound sample.

NCH434 / VU530 / HPP275 / PH292 / CP427 All beautiful the march of days (Wile)  
*VU278 / URW221 In the quiet curve of evening (Howards) Beautiful words. Simple tune. Particularly lovely for the Southern Hemisphere congregations who are at Winter Solstice. Lyrics.
URW418 God comes to us (Damonte) A simple song, a little bit Advent and Christmassy, but it can also just be Wintry! "God comes to us on Winter night, in baby's breath, in firelight, God comes to us. Could be used as a chant, or at various points during the service.  

HiOS139 Through winter cold (Murray) A lovely lilting tune and words about the hope of spring after Winter. Best for places that have snow.  
NCH432 / CH234 Tis winter now; the fallen snow (Longfellow) Simple words based on Psalm 74, sung to O WALY WALY. The words are beautiful, but not completely inclusive in CH234. 
VU078 Sing till sundown hum your joy (Spinelli) A song for snowy places. This is a quite delightful song of hope "Now we're dancing through the snow"!
VU181 Midnight sharpness starfields fading (Lemke) Quite nice gentle Winter evening song.

Songs and Hymns for Proper 7C / Ordinary 12C / Pentecost +4 (June 23, 2013)

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