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Songs for Season of Creation 4A - River Sunday (September 25 2011)

Genesis 8:20-22; 9:12-17
God establishes a covenant with Noah, leaving a rainbow as a sign
Unknown source: Remember the rainbow, God’s promise in the sky. I know this is not very helpful, but I know that at Brunswick we have a copy of the words and chords in our folders. Maybe your church has it filed away somewhere too.
NCH032 / UMH122 / VU229 / HPP32 / PH272 / CP414 / W&R29 / Cha070 God of the sparrow God of the whale (Vajda) This is a beautiful song, but for some reason it sounds kind of odd with an Australian accent. Works especially well this week with the lyric: “God of the rainbow, God of the cross, God of the empty grave”. I like this version from the River's Voice album Namaste.
*Tune In: Tune in (Sims) A simple kid’s song. “Tune in, tune in, there’s a message coming in.” Encourages kids to look for signs of God’s love. Lyrics, sample and songbook available Lyrics, sample, songbook.
Online resource: It’s a sign of God’s love (Bruxvoort-Colligan) Not a congregational song – needs someone to sing this to the kids, really. Sample and lyrics available on this website.
*Recorded Music: "Just look up" by Eric Bibb and Michael Jerome Browne. On Eric Bibb's album "Friends" and on Putumayo's "Folk Playground". "There's a rainbow waiting for you, just look up". Sound sample.
NCH391 / SFFS 2238 / Cha458 In the midst of new dimensions (Rush) "Now and ever, now and ever, now and evermore". I quite like this one. Good for this week: "God of rainbow, fiery pillar". Hymnals vary in which verses they include.
*MV135 Called by earth and sky (Mayberry) Gentle song about the blessings of water, air, soil and fire. While it doesn't explicitly mention baptism, it is really beautiful and would work well.
*TiS 418 / AoV2-075 / Iona (EoA, Common Ground) / CH593 / GA372 / Cha255 / SP94 / URW165 She sits like a bird brooding on the waters / Enemy of Apathy (Thainaky) One of my all time favourite hymns. If you do not know this, you should really take a look at it! Very easy to sing if it is not sung too fast. Lyrics (scroll down).
*ATA 142 / UMH134 / Traditional If I could I surely would / O Mary don’t you weep. Lots of fun, and good for kids, but I’m not quite sure where Mary weeping fits into Pharoah’s army getting (clap) drowned dead… Here's Bruce Springsteen's version, which I love. Some of us at BUC played with this version in our 2 songs series. I've suggested it this week because of the verse "God gave Noah the rainbow sign - no more water but fire next time".

Psalm 104:27-33
All the great multitudes of the earth point to God's glory
*TiS 135 / AHB 70 / AoVK-110 / NCH31 / CH137 / UMH147 / VU291 / WoV767 / HPP35 / HPSS267 / RS 635 / CP415/6 / CP(E) 251 / W&R30 / Cha61 / Srce21 All things bright and beautiful The TiS version has beautiful Australian imagery. If your congregation only has the AHB or other versions of the music, it is worth making copies of the TiS lyrics; the congregation will know the tune. Verse 2 and 5 have masculine language for God.
*Taize / AoV2-142 / SFFS 2013 / GC(II)576 / CP360 Bless the Lord my soul (Berthier) A beautiful and very well known Taize chant. Sound samples, sheet music.
TiS 175 / GtB Did you ever see a kookaburra laugh A fun kid's song. "Where do all the good things come from?"
TiS 137 / AHB 77 / AoV1-123 / NCH28 / CH181 / UMH92 / VU226 / LBW561 / ELW879 / GA427 / HPP259 / HPSS473 / GC572 / GC(II)548 / RS697 / CP429 / CP(E) 253 / W&R40 / Cha56 For the beauty of the earth (Pierpont) Acknowledges that all these things are gifts from God. Sources vary in how inclusive this hymn is. Check your own source. NCH is fully inclusive. The two most common tunes are probably DIX (TiS 314) and LUCERNA LAUDONIAE. I prefer DIX. Lyrics (including verses not found in many hymnals) and tune samples here. There is also the choral version by John Rutter, which is quite nice (albeit quite mushy!)
*TiS 571 / AHB 480 / CH529 / UMH438 / VU416 / CP467 / CP(E) 430 / W&R718 Forth in thy name O Lord I go A nice old minstrelly tune, and timeless words about committing all our works to God. Lyrics.
*TiS 163 / AHB 112 / NCH556 / UMH150 / LBW463 / ELW771 / HPPS268 / W&R644 / Cha651 God who stretched the spangled heavens Good words of creation of nature and cities and creative possibilities for the future. AHB has old masculine language, but it works okay; TiS and other sources are better. There are many possible tunes. I like it best to HOLY MANNA as in the link. Lyrics and sound sample.
*MV015 / GA186 Holy Sacred Spirit (Brown) Gentle chant. Can be used without the cantor part. "Holy Sacred Spirit, breathe your breath on us"
*TiS 152 / NCH4 / UMH89 / VU232 / LBW551 / ELW836 / HPP22 / HPSS464 / GC529 / GC(II)520 / CP425 / W&R59 / Cha002 / URW065 Joyful joyful we adore thee Note that this hymn is not always very inclusive. I prefer more modern translations. Older version lyrics and tune sample.
*TiS 187 / AoV2-130 / CH149 / StS122 Let all creation dance I just love the imagery of this one, and it's a very joyous and familiar hymn tune too. Lyrics (downloads pdf).
G(II)90 / GC101 / GC(II)60 Lord Send Out Your Spirit (Lisicky) Could be fun to use just the refrain as a round. I would sing it much quicker than the sample. Sheet music sample. Sound sample.
AoVK-123 / NCH3 / Iona (M&G) / UMH148 / VU308 / WoV794 / ELW837 / HPSS271 / G(II)338 / GC499 / CP407 / W&R26 / Cha58 / URW232 Many and Great O God are your works / Wakantanka Taku Nitawa (Lacquiparle) Good words. Simple tune. Needs a good Native American-style drum beat. Lyrics.
TiS 65 Send forth your spirit o Lord and renew the face of the earth (Murray) Cantored Psalm. Refrain is simple and inclusive. Verses do not use inclusive language for God.
*TiS 166 / AHB 102 / StB 35 Sing a new song sing a new song Excellent inclusive words from Australian poet James McAuley. The last verse annoys me a bit, but the rest is excellent. Lyrics.
AoVK-113 Thank you O Lord for this world of ours (Barr) A good kids song in two parts.
*AoV2-051 / G(II)325 / GC463 / GC(II)481 Spirit Blowing through Creation (Haugen) Excellent. Don't rush or it's hard to get all the words out.
*TiS 188 Where wide sky rolls down and touches red sand (Smith) Great Australian imagery sung to a familiar hymn tune. Lyrics (scroll down).

Revelation 22:1-5
The river of life and the tree of life
*AoV2-006 / The tide has turned Deeper River / There's a river running deep within the silence of our souls (Digby Hannah). An excellent song of restoration for tired desert-like souls. Lyrics.
Unknown source There's a river of life flowing out from me I have found the lyrics to this, but I can't remember the second part at all. I think I only know the chorus. Maybe it's in a scripture in song book. It's a happy clappy.
MV160 There's a river of life that's flowing from God's throne (Maracle) This simple chorus will need to be taught as it is Native American (Mohawk) and makes use of vocables (!). It would work best with some percussion.
AoVNG138 Tune our hearts / Tree of Life (Thompson) A lovely chant for the chorus, which would work with or without the verses. I'm not sure of all the lyrics for this as I don't have a copy.
NCH576 / CH706 / UMH428 / VU678 / GA513 / GC719 / GC(II)712 / RS823 / CP576 / CP(E) 427 / W&R621 / Cha668 For the healing of the nations (Kaan) Excellent words seeking peaceful coexistence of the nations. Can be sung to a range of tunes including the very familiar WESTMINSTER ABBEY. Lyrics and another tune.

Matthew 28:1-10
The resurrection.
Just look at Easter Day, please!

General River-type songs
VU267 / W&R20 / SP288 Like a mighty river flowing (Perry) Lovely words of the presence of God in nature. Some of them are here.
*MV144 / SP&P073 Like a healing stream (Harding) Gentle folksy ballad with a lot of water imagery - healing stream, gentle rain, river strong and mighty sea. Would need to be introduced, but would catch on pretty quickly, I think. Sound sample, sheet music sample, and pdf for purchase.
MV163 River running in you and me (Macdonald / Light) Terrific words with lots of river imagery, a song of the spirit, and of challenge when times are hard. If this is not familiar, just get a soloist to sing it while the congregation joins in the last line "River run deep, river run free". The verses are not metrical, so it will take more time to sing them with confidence.  
*AoV2-058 Pulsing Spirit rippling river (Dufner) Excellent lyrics to the very familiar hymn tune BEACH SPRING. Lyrics and sound sample
G(II)526 / GC728 / GC(II)725 / URW419 Peace Is Flowing Like a River (Anon) A simple chorus. Great for kids and older people. You won't need to provide words for this after the first couple of verses, because only the first word changes. If you don't provide all the words, sometimes people look around them and notice each other.
*Traditional / StJ / GC(II)567 As I went down to the river to pray (Folk song) Dunno about the "Good old way" bit, but the encouragement to pray together with each other is a good theme, and the song is a favourite in our congregation. I'm not sure if we've ever sung it as a congregation, but it would be good to do so. Here's the clip from O Brother Where art thou, which made it so popular.
*AA085 Let justice roll down like a river (Gibson) Excellent song, and very easy to sing. Lyrics. Sheet music. Good for kids.  
StS033 / GA515 / G(II)516 / GC716 / GC(II)709 Let Justice Roll Like a River (Haugen) The song is quite simple, particularly if you use a soloist for the verses if this is new to you. Sound sample (I don't like this sample much) and sheet music sample and lyrics.
NCH438 / UMH377 / LBW346 / ELW785 / HPP390 / W&R428 / Cha561 / Srce784 When peace like a river (Spafford) An older American hymn. Hymnals vary in how old fashioned the lyrics are, and only some include the chorus. Lyrics and tune (really terrible old lyrics).
ATFG563 How long? (Mann) How long must we cry out till justice rolls down like a river?
NCH478 / VU577 / SFFS 2145 / HPP394 / PH368 / GGives1 / Cha530 I've got peace like a river (African-American) I really like this old song!
MV087 Water flowing From the mountains (Hannah) A simple flowing song with lots of good water imagery. It's not specifically Christian, so could also be used in a multi-faith or secular gathering.
*MV117 By the well a thirsty woman (Stilborn) An excellent song that brings this story to us, with words of Christ being our source of living water. The tune will probably need to be taught.

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