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Songs for Season of Creation 2A - Land Sunday (September 11, 2011)

Genesis 3:14-19; 4:8-16
God's words to the serpent, Eve and Adam post-Fall; the murder of Abel and the mark of Cain
Online resource From Dust to Dust (Harding) A simple song which can be sung as a chant or a round. Includes Kyries. It's written for Ash Wednesday, but it would work on this Sunday too. Sound sample. Sample sheet music. Available here.
Recorded Music The Garden (Bobby McFerrin) This song is about the Garden, and the Fall, and I think the lyrics fit well for this reading. Video and lyrics.

Psalm 139:7-12
God knows us better than we know ourselves. We cannot hide.
*AoV2-031 / ATW 424 / CH97 / GC(II)509 / SP301 O God, you search me and you know me (Farrell). My favourite version of this Psalm. The tune flows effortlessly and it has a nice little hook at the end of each verse. Sample music and lyrics here.
<NCH Psalter
has a very simple refrain for this Psalm from Jane Marshall, which is worth a look.
TiS 87 / VU862 / HPPS248 You are before me, Lord, you are behind. A beautiful chant setting to this psalm; sung to SURSUM CORDA. The words are directly from the Psalm and are very beautiful. lyrics.
*ATOK 320 / NCH351 / VU645 / StJ / WoV770 / ELW732 / SFFS 2051 / HPP516 I Was There to Hear Your Borning Cry. A song of God’s presence in all stages of life. Very simple tune to sing. Lyrics, and a nice (slow) sound sample.
* God of My Breathing (Bruxvoort-Colligan). Excellent words to a well-known hymn tune. Sample and lyrics.
*ATW 487 Make your home in me A simple beautiful invitation. Written by Melbourne songwriter and teacher, Fay White. “If you fly to the point of the day’s sunrise or westward across the sea, if you travel to the uttermost ends of the earth, there I will be; Make your home in me as I make my home in you. I am everywhere that you can be. Make your home in me”. This is quite different to the Vineyard / Josh Young version you can find all over the internet. I can't find a sample of this one, unfortunately.

*TiS 725 / ATE 275 / TiS 725 / AoV2-167 / ATE 275 / StJ / GA538 / G(II)553 / GC763 / URW391 In our darkness there is no darkness in your sight, the deepest night is clear as the daylight (La tenebre). Also translated as "Our darkness is never darkness". Sample music and lyrics.
*Music by Heart 15 Darkness is not dark (Law) A simple round, with optional cantor part. Good to teach to your congregation without lyric sheets or projections.
*VU384 / SFFS 2052 / HPP229 / HPSS320 The Lone Wild Bird in lofty flight (Haugen / PROSPECT) Familiar tune and excellent words. First 3 verses and tune sample.
*NCH274 / SFFS 2046 / CP390 Womb of Life and source of being (Duck / LADUE CHAPEL) Excellent words. The tune is unlikely to be familiar, and is just a little bit tricky.
AoV2-079 / GA081 How Rich Are The Depths (Willcock) A good Cantor and refrain version of the Psalm.
ATFG511 There are lots of things that I can do / I'm the only one like me (Kirkland) OK. Adults think this is stupid. Little kids like it a lot. So it's a good song if you want to teach something to your sunday school class.
TiS 87 / VU862 / HPPS248 You are before me, Lord, you are behind. A beautiful chant-like setting to this psalm; sung to SURSUM CORDA. The words are directly from the Psalm and are very beautiful. lyrics.
* Open unto me light for my darkness (Richard Bruxvoort-Colligan). Sample here.
*MV 131 You, Creator God, have searched me. Get out the maracas for this one! This joyous calypso chorus for this Psalm is so refreshing. I think it’s really good fun, and very catchy!
ATW 423 Examine my heart, explore my mind (Mann). This is a bit tricky, but if familiar to your congregation would be great to sing.
Linnea Good: Psalm 139: Where Can I Go? “Where can I hide from your Spirit? Where can I run from your presence? Where can I go, when you are always
there?” A simple refrain.

Romans 5:12-17
Complex; free grace through Christ seems to be the main message.
*TiS 129 / AHB 56 / AoV1-029 / ATA 131 / NCH547 / CH555 / UMH378 / VU266 / LBW448 / ELW779 / GA437 / HPP334 / PH280 / G(II)434 / GC612 / GC(II)586 / CP352 / CP(E) 375 / W&R422 / Cha546 / ZSS202 / Srce25 Amazing grace how sweet the sound (NEW BRITAIN/Newton) I once was lost... I think you all know this one. Nice youtube of some Sacred Harp singing, and a story.
*Tune In: A grain of wheat (Sheree Anderson) Unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it won't form roots and grow. A boppy song with deeply meaningful lyrics. Reference recording, lyrics and songbook.
TiS 211 / AHB 139 / NCH546 / CH490 / UMH479 / VU669 / HPP380 / PH303 / CP533 / CP(E) 96 / W&R439 / Cha542 / Srce383 / 82Hml-699 Jesus lover of my soul (Wesley) A classic with much beauty. I prefer singing it to ABERYSTWYTH. Not all versions are great; VU has good lyrics. Old school lyrics.
*Tune in: We are the dream that's longing / Jesus is waiting (Brown) An honest catchy rock song about our hesitation to follow and Jesus not only waiting, but continuing to work and change the world. A good sending-out song. Sound sample, lyrics and songbook available here.
*Tune In: In the shape of a cross (Dave Brown) A cry to God for help and a call for God to enter our world. Reference recording, lyrics and songbook available here.

Matthew 12:38-40
Jonah was in the whale for 3 days, Christ will be in the earth for 3 days
Not quite sure what to suggest for this.

General songs of an earth / soil theme
*MV 174 Soil of God (Holy Ground) This is probably most appropriate for last week’s reading, but would also fit for this week. The tune is quite siple and the words are good “Soil of God, you and I, stand ready to bear seeds of faith nourished by God’s tender care”.
*WoV658 / ELW506 / URW078 The word of God is source and seed "The Word of God is source and seed; It comes to die and sprout and grow. So make your dark earth welcome warm; Root deep the grain God bent to sow." The words also fit with the Psalm, so you might want to sing this song if you have access to it. There's a very helpful commentary including the lyrics of the hymn here.
AoVNG129 / Iona (Common Ground, T1AU) / CH798 / StJ / ELW646 / URW446 The peace of the earth be with you (Guatemalan) I really like the energy and the words of this one. Easy to sing. Some versions have "The peace of the Lord be with you" instead. Which is not the same. It would sound really good if you got that guy in your congregation who plays Andean pan-pipes to join in. Yeah. It's late...

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