Songs for Church Anniversaries (June 21 2021)

This Sunday is the Uniting Church Anniversary. You may also like to consider these songs for any Anniversary that's meaningful for your congregation. 

Here is a page of Uniting Church resources, including music suggestions.
Here are some other ideas from around the world. 
  • VU528 God of life in Christ you lead us (Jane Parker Huber) "Celebrating past and present, consecrating future days". Good words to a standard hymn tune. New words to old tunes.
  • SFFS 2221 In Unity We Lift Our Song (Ken Medema) Excellent words to a well known hymn tune (EIN FESTE BURG). Celebrates the life of a church. Good for a church anniversary too. Lyrics. New words to old tunes.
  • NCH371 God creation's great designer (Jane Parker Huber) Excellent words, particularly if you worship in an older church building, or have an anniversary to celebrate. Sung to a well-known tune (HOLY MANNA).New words to old tunes
  • FFS53 Out of the storms (Colin Gibson) Another good song for a church anniversary, particularly appropriate for Australia or New Zealand. 
  • FFS57 Song of faith that sings forever (Shirley Erena Murray) Simple tune and good words reaching back to the past and forward to the future. Can be sung to ABBOTS LEIGH. New words to old tunes. Lyrics.
  • FFS31 God who carved this timeless landscape (Doug Grierson) These words are good for Australia and New Zealand. I'm not a huge fan of the tune...
  • NCH370 / UMH087 / W&R685 / URW127 What gift can we bring? (Jane Marshall) A good offering song. Also good for a church anniversary. Lyrics. The tune is a bit tricky.
  • GtG685 Unseen God your hand has guided (Hermann Steumpfle) This is a song for marriage, about joining two people to travel together, sharing, and serving their community, as well as supporting each other. It's very inclusive, and could also be used at anniversary celebrations. Could be sung to a more familiar tune if desired, as the meter is 8787.


Anonymous said...

i love your helpful page. i stuggle musically so this is agreat help. but i need a little. eg what is a calton young tune?r

Lectionary Singer (Natalie Sims) said...

Glad you find this helpful - there are a couple of different tunes for "This is a day of new beginnings", one is by the musician Carlton Young.
Hope this is helpful!