Songs, Hymns and Music for Easter 3A (April 26 2020)

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Acts 2:14a, 36-41
Paul's sermon: What’s the appropriate response to the resurrection? Repent and be baptised!
You might like to sing one of these songs about baptism
  • MV135 Called by earth and sky (Pat Mayberry) Gentle song about the blessings of water, air, soil and fire. While it doesn't explicitly mention baptism, it is really beautiful and would work well. Sound sample.
  • TiS 530 / AHB 450 / CH675 / UMH634 / VU483 / A&M456 / CP(E) 315 / W&R715 / SP220 / Lau647 / StF596 Now let us from this table rise (Fred Kaan) Good words to sing after communion. Hymnals vary to the extent that the language is inclusive. NCH and VU have gender-inclusive language for God. I prefer it to NIAGARA (in TiS and AHB) but other sources have different tunes. New words to old tunes Lyrics, and sheet music.
  • *CH614 / AA043 / CP642 From the waiting comes the sign (Shirley Murray) Lovely haunting song. Lines 1, 3 and 5 may be sung by a cantor, with the congregation responding on the other repetitive lines. Sung, this way, the repetition makes it quite good for kids. Sheet music and lyrics.
  • AoV1-074 Come To The Water (Frank Andersen) A beautiful song about God providing (from Isaiah 55). Familiar to many, but easy to sing if not. Works well for communion also. Lyrics and sound sample.
  • Online Resource O Holy Spirit power of the weak (David Bjorlin / Lim Swee Hong) A beautiful, meditative four part song. It would be great to teach the parts to your congregation, and would work well whether you sing only one verse, or all four verses. If four parts is too challenging, you could also get your congregation to sing only the melody line in two parts in canon (i.e. a round, but ending at the same time); or in unison would also work, but would be less fun. Lyrics, sheet music sample and purchasing optionsNew words to old tunes.  
  • TiS 494 / W&R678 / Cha375 In water we grow (Brian Wren) Great words, especially if you have a baptism this week. Tune is quite straightforward. Lyrics
Psalm 116:1-4, 12-19
Thanksgiving; A vow to the Lord, and lifting the cup of salvation…?
  • GC109 I Will Walk in the Presence of God (Garry Daigle) A simple lilting refrain. Inclusive verses. This could maybe be used as a chant on its own. Sheet music & lyrics. Sound sample. 
  • Unknown Source Psalm 116 (Linnea Good) is particularly beautiful and simple “I love you God; I know you listen. You listened on the day I cried. When I called out to you in anguish, you were my presence and my guide”. I think this is in our folders at church. I cannot find it online. Good for kids.
  • URW311 I love you Lord you hear my cry (Isaac Watts) A simple song with two verses, or PfAS116D uses it as a Psalm refrain. It would be pretty amazing if you can sing it in 4 parts, I reckon. The 2nd verse could be quite appropriate on its own during intercessions. Older versions are not inclusive   Oldy-but-a-goody. 
  • TiS 71 / VU617 / G(II)97 / GC108 I will walk in the presence of the Lord (Richard Proulx) A beautiful cantored Psalm. The refrain is very simple. Doesn’t make sense without the cantor. 
  • Taizé / TiS 741 / AoV1-017 / ATE 282 / LBW368 / ELW751 / GA431 / SFFS 2200 / GtG471 / G(II)410 / GC586 / GC(II)566 / G(3)666 / W&R484 / Srce519 / URW390 / Lau929 / PfAS013A / PfAS102A / MP908 O Lord hear my prayer (Jacques Berthier) A simple and very well known Taizé chant. Works well during intercessions. You could read the Psalm between repeats of this chant, or just use as a chant as is. Sheet music samples. Good for kids 
  • TiS 709 / Taizé Chuyo chuyo (Jacques Berthier) A Korean hymn, appropriate for an intercession response. Not hard for non-Koreans! It means "Lord hear us".  
  • TiS 727 / SiS361 / ATE 208 / CH121 / AA70 / PfAS022F In the presence of your people (Brent Chambers) A good Yiddish tune - lots of fun for kids and adults. Good to get fast and dance around on this one. Good for kids. Or you could try:*VU745 which uses the refrain only for singing with a reading of a different Psalm, but it would also work for this one too.
  • GC(II)755 / G(3)864 O the weary world is trudging / The trumpet in the morning (Rory Cooney) Song of release of prisoners and the trumpet's blast. Sound sample. Lead sheet.
1 Peter 1:17-23
Sacrificial lamb; now you are purified, love one another deeply. Being born anew.
You may like to sing an Agnus Dei (links to a long list!).
  • TiS 427 / AHB 333 / CP561 / CP(E) 515 Lord your word abiding (Henry Williams Baker) Some use archaic language. Simple words and melody. Lyrics.
  • Sing Alleluia Jesus Lamb of God (Betty Pulkingham) This is one of my absolute favourite Agni Deis (if that's the term you can use for the plural) A little bit of the tune. Good for kids.
  • ATW 498 / Iona (T1AU) / MV 196 / SP&P182 / URW438 We will take what you offer (John Bell) An excellent simple short song that works well either as an upbeat chorus or as a reflective chant. "We will take what you offer. We will live by your word. We will love one another. And be fed by you Lord". Good for kids. Sound sample. 
  • Online Resource Lamb of God you take away the sins of the world (Jane Southwick Cool) A very simple and beautiful Lamb of God. Sheet music (look for the PDF symbol) and lyrics
  • TiS 705 / Iona (Common Ground, EoA) / W&R282 / SP320 / StF234 / Lau610 Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sin (John Bell) A simple Agnus Dei. Best if you can manage to get all four parts involved. 
  • Online Resource O Christ, Lamb of God (Richard Bruxvoort-Colligan) A more modern Agnus Dei, with Christ sharing our weakness. Lyrics and sound sample.
  • ATAR648 Lamb of God you take away the sin of the world (Kevin Keil) A simple and quite lovely extended Agnus Dei, with extra verses of Morning Star, God with Us, Prince of Peace…   
  • TiS 545 / Iona (LFB) / CH676 / VU482 / StF598 Shout for joy! The Lord has let us feast (John Bell) Particularly appropriate if you are celebrating communion. Energetic and quite simple to sing. Lyrics
Luke 24:13-35
Emmaus story.
  • StS098 / GC(II)445 / G(3)538 / URW123 / Lau288 / StF308 On the Journey to Emmaus (Marty Haugen) Excellent words to a very familiar tune (COLUMCILLE). Highly recommended. Sample sheet music. Sound sample. New words to old tunes
  • FFS61 The grace of God has appeared (Cecily Sheehy) A simple short song. Would be great if you can have SATB singers on the parts, but will also work with just the melody. "The grace of God has appeared, bringing salvation to all".    
  • SP&P005 Holy one may your presence here (Christopher Grundy) A joyful and quite quick chorus seeking enlightenment from the presence of Christ. Lyrics and sound sample.   
  • BUC Song Project Now we see (Elaine Loukes) This song is particularly focussed on this reading and its application to today. It's not easy for the congregation at first, but is catchy once known - it would be good at least for the musicians to sing it. Particularly appropriate if there is also communion, but will make sense without it.
  • WoV743 / SFFS 2199 / SP&P093 / URW115 Stay with us (Herbert Brokering) Simple song of comfort. This is a slightly mournful song, that could pick up on the disciple's sense of loss, and their desire to hang out with Jesus. I like the tune STAY WITH US best (WoV, URW, SP&P). 
  • HiOS002 A stranger met by chance (Marnie Barrell) Excellent words. The tune will probably need to be taught. Lyrics. 
  • BUC Song Project In Breaking Bread (Shawn Whelan) A great song, with lots of repetition "In breaking bread Christ is here; When wine is shared Christ is here". Particularly appropriate if there is also communion, but will make sense without it. Good for kids. 
  • MV079 / GtG692 Spirit open my heart (Ruth Duck) Lovely words of openess to the Spirit, lovely tune. WILD MOUNTAIN THYME.LyricsNew words to old tunes
  • Online Resource Brother Jesus right beside me (Richard Bruxvoort-Colligan) This is a great rock song, good for little and slightly older kids. Lyrics and a very silly sound sample that IMHO does no justice to the song at all. We really rock it. Great for kids! 
  • ATAR656 Heavy our hearts (Trish Watts / Gabrielle Lord) A lovely soothing chant naming our heaviness and seeking God's shelter and healing. 
  • Online Resource / Tune In / ATAR612 God is walking in the garden (Dave Brown) A gentle song that starts in the Garden of Eden and ends with Easter. "We heard you walking, We hid because we're afraid". A great song for the start of Lent. Reference recordings, lyrics and free downloadable songbook.
  • Online Resource Dare to live the dream God gives you (David Bjorlin) Words of encouragement and strength, set to the very common hymn tune HOLY MANNA. Book available for purchase and download here. New words to old tunes. 
  • TiS 242 / AHB 183 / AoV1-018 / ATN 27 / CH404 / UMH261 / VU352 / A&M667 / HPP163 / GtG157 / PH302 / G(II)481 / GC708 / GC(II)689 / G(3)796 / CP(E) 468 / W&R118 / Lau765 / StF247 I danced in the morning / Lord of the Dance (Sydney Carter). Lyrics and tune samples, including backing tracks. You all know this one, right? Good for kids Oldy-but-a-goody. 
  • Iona (Love From Below) / CH434 / CP232 Jesus is risen from the grave (John Bell) Good, simple rhythm and tune. You can even make up some verses if you like. Good for kids.
  • TiS 382 / AoV2-131 / ATN 15 / NCH238 / CH417 / UMH311 / VU186 / LBW280 / ELW570 / GA364 / A&M212 / HPP210 / GtG247 / G(II)318 / GC444 / GC(II)456 / G(3)534 / CP237 / CP(E) 153 / W&R311 / Cha230 / 82Hml-204 / Lau278 / StF306 Now the green blade rises (John Crum) I love these words and this simple French folk tune. I particularly like this played to guitar, but TiS has an excellent piano arrangement too. Lyrics and tune sample. New words to old tunes 
  • FFS03 As we walk along beside you (Michael Perry) Excellent words or recognising Christ in the word, the bread, the resurrection. A simple tune.  Lyrics.
  • Iona / VU184 As we walked home at close of day / Easter Evening (Iona) Good words and good tune.  
  • Iona From heav'n to here and from here to heav'n (Iona) Good words to a traditional Irish tune. Great chorus "So come Lord Christ in the stranger's guise…" Lyrics (downloads a pdf).
  • The tide has turned songbook Jerusalem to Emmaus two people walked that day (Emmaus story) (Digby Hannah) Great words. Not an easy congregational song, but worth some effort. Good for kids.
  • TiS 586 / AHB 502 / AoV2-128 / NCH099 / CH580 / UMH700 / VU436 / LBW272 / ELW629 / A&M010 / GtG836 / CP024 / CP(E)010 / W&R521 / Cha636 / Srce2 / 82Hml-662 / StF141 / Lau907 / LUYH466 / MP004 Abide with me; fast falls the eventide (Henry Francis Lyte) This is not a favourite of mine, but it fits the reading well and many versions (but not all!) are quite inclusive.
Songs about Christ giving Peace... 
  • NCYC'87 Peace will be with you my friends so do not be frightened (Unknown author) A lovely simple song.
  • NCH249 Peace I leave with you my friends (Ray Repp) Slow, simple and excellent words. A congregation will pick this up the first time through, I think.
  • GA517 Peace I leave with you my friends (Gregory Norbert) This one is less familiar to me, but I also like it.
  • FFS07 Bring peace to us (John Murray) A simple chant with two possible tunes. Both are good. The first is a round. "Bring peace to us, bring peace through us, O God bring peace". Good for kids.
  • Iona (LFB) / G(II)407 / GC583 God give us peace that lasts (John Bell) Lovely words and a simple hymn tune. Prayer for peace, hope and love. This can also be sung to LOVE UNKNOWN, which would make it New words to old tunes"God give us peace that lasts, not through the fear of might, but through the force of love, and love of life and right. Where costly wars and weapons lure, Show us our Lord among the poor". Lyrics, sound sample and sheet music
  • GC(II)722 Jesus give us your peace (Michael Mahler) Gospel song. It kind of merges personal peace with global peace. "Jesus bring us your peace, bring us together, let all the fighting cease…" Lyrics and lead sheet. Sound sample. 
  • AoV1-091 / AoVK-68 / StS016 / G(II)527 / GC(II)720 Peace before us peace behind us (David Haas) love this one. Reflective. Careful not too get too schmaltzy because it's long. Less is more. Lyrics, sound sample, and melody line sheet music here (search for "prayer of peace"). Good for kids.
  • CH786 May the God of peace go with us (Ian Jamieson) A lovely benediction to a traditional Scottish tune. "May the God of peace go with us as we travel from this place; may the love of Jesus keep us firm in hope and full of grace". It's a little bit tricky.
  • MV168 May peace be with you / Salamun Kullaheen (Traditional Lebanese) Simple chant in English and Arabic.
  • SP&P034 Come and fill all my life (Richard Bruxvoort-Colligan) A gentle and very simple song. Would be good for a meditation.
  • Seeds of Faith Peace Be With You (Richard Bruxvoort-Colligan) A very simple kids song about peace, and sharing peace. Sound sample and lyrics. Good for kids.
  • Tune In / Online Resource Peace In Our Time (Dave Brown) A groovy bossa nova song of peace and action for peace. Lyrics. Sound sample. Free downloadable songbook. 
  • VU955 Grant to us your peace / Dona nobis pacen (Iona) A simple version of these lyrics seeking peace on earth, and peace within us.
I'd love to hear your ideas too! Please add a comment below, especially if it's something I haven't thought of. 

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Anonymous said...

We'll be singing "You are Holy, You are Whole" by Per Harling (TiS #753, GtG #596, Evangelical Lutheran Worship #525 and Presbyterian Church of Canada #828)
Lyrics include presence in wine and bread, resurrection, and alleluias, and it's a samba!