Songs, Hymns & Music for Epiphany 4A (January 29 2017)

Micah 6:1-8
  • BUC Song Project Some people spend their lives chasing money / Walk (Lees) A thoughtful song about how we choose to live. Chorus is "I'm gonna walk humbly with my Lord... with justice and mercy by my side on this road".
  • AoV1-050 Act Justly (O'Brien/Watts) Simple chant-like chorus, and strong verses. I love this one. 
  • *SP&P066 Help me do the justice to be done today (Grundy) A simple and hopeful song. Good for kids, and teenagers. Good for everyone else too! Highly recommended. Sound sample (youtube). 
  • *AoV2-060 / SFFS 2172 / HPP307 / GtG749 / G(II)518 / GC718 / GC(II)710 / G(3)807 Come live in the light / We Are Called (Haas) Joyful song of mission. I love this, and we've not sung it at BUC for ages! Lyrics, sheet music sample and slowish sound sample here. I would double the speed of this (almost).
  • AoVNG1 / CH685 / FFS17 / GtG769 / G(3)812 / W&R617 For everyone born / A place at the table (Murray) Words of welcome and change to everyone regardless of sex, age, sexuality. There are three possible tunes. The Lori True tune is the most common. I like the Colin Gibson tune in FFS (and on the Hope Publishing website that follows). Use whatever you have! This song is good for a service when communion is celebrated, but it makes sense without communion, too. There is also an optional verse: "For gay and for straight...." Lyrics & sheet music. We used this recently at BUC, and it would be good to reuse it.
  • HPP28 / GtG023 / PH285 / W&R24 / URW083 God You Spin the Whirling Planets (Jane Parker Huber / AUSTRIAN HYMN) Excellent words to a very familiar tune (TiS 772). Really good for the final hymn or response to the sermon. Lyrics.   
  • AA085 Let justice roll down like a river(Gibson) Excellent song, and very easy to sing. Lyrics. Sheet music. Good for kids.    
  • StS033 /  GA515 / G(II)516 / GC716 / GC(II)709 / G(3)810 Let Justice Roll Like a River (Haugen) Verse 3 of this song is particularly appropriate for this passage. The song is quite simple, particularly if you use a soloist for the verses if this is new to you. Sound sample (I don't like this sample much) and sheet music sample and lyrics. 
  • CH115 / MV089 / Iona (Love from Below) / A&M722 / SP292 Love is the touch of intangible joy (Robertson / Bell) Great words and a simple tune. "God is where love is, for love is of God". Lyrics (scroll). 
  • UMH729 / VU682 / LBW161 / WoV762 / ELW627 / GtG373 / PH450 / CP573 / W&R539 / Cha711 / URW140 / 82Hml-597 O day of peace that dimly shines (Daw) A song of hoped-for peace. The tune in Chalice hymnal is really nice (CANDLER) or O WALY WALY which is used in URW. Other sources use JERUSALEM, which is a bit too militaristic for me. Lyrics and JERUSALEM sheet music.  New words to old tunes. 
  • HiOS031 From this holy time (Barrell) Good words about going and serving "Do justly, love mercy, walk humbly with God". Good for a closing hymn. Straightforward tune.   
  • HiOS146 What does our God require (Wallace) Good simple paraphrase, and development, of this passage. Earth-focussed. Sheet music.  
  • Iona (WWHW) / MV223 We will go with God / Sizohamba naye (Traditional Swaziland) A simple song from Swaziland. Good for the end of the service. Video with pronunciation and parts. Note that MV has a different translation. Good for kids. 
  • TiS 618 / AHB 568 / UMH441 / PH405 / CP171 / W&R686 / Cha659 / 82Hml-605 What does the Lord require for praise and offering (Bayly) Some versions quite masculine. More modern hymnals are fine. The tune in TiS is SHARPTHORNE, which is quite good. Older lyrics and a different tune. Reader Susan Bloomfield has also written a new tune, available here.
  • TiS 751 / VU701 / GtG070 / StS054 / SFFS 2174 / Cha661 What does the Lord require of you? (Strathdee) A good and simple round that is a paraphrase of this passage. 
  • ATFG589 / NCYC'99 / VU298 When you Walk From here (Good) A simple benediction, commissioning or farewell song. 
  • Recorded Music: You have shown us (Martin Smith) An excellent contemporary version of this passage, written by Paul Baloche. VideoLyrics. 
  • Recorded Music: God of Justice (Tim Hughes) Not really a congregational song, and not really my style, but this has some great words for the close of the worship service, in a more contemporary soft-pop-rock hands-in-the-air style. I suggest you stop the recording before it gets to the really tacky 80s synthesizer sounds, unless you really like that, of course. Lyrics and sound sample
Psalm 15
Songs for the Micah passage above also fit with this reading.
Only those who live right will live with God.
  • *Online Resource That's how we walk (Bruxvoort-Colligan) This very simple chorus would be great to sing with kids, either during the service or in a Sunday School setting. Good for kids. Sheet music, sound sample and lyrics.  
  • *Online Resource We want to be close to your heart (Bruxvoort-Colligan) This is another song that would be simple enough for the congregation to sing the first time they hear it. It's great for kids too. Good for kids. Sheet music, sound sample and lyrics.  
  • G(II)21 / GC22 / GC(II)17 / G(3)028 They Who Do Justice (Haas) Simple cantor and response "They who do justice will live in the presence of God". Sound sample. Sheet music and lyrics.
  • *VU575 / SFFS 2153 / GtG700 / PH369 / SP&P139 / W&R574 / Cha614 I'm Gonna Live So God Can Use Me (African American traditional) Good simple tune and meaningful words. Easy to sing and play around with. Good for kids, non-readers and for people for whom English is a second language. Alternatively: PfAS015C I'm Gonna Live So God Can Use Me (African American traditional) A version of the same song, used as a Psalm refrain. Good for kids.  Oldy-but-a-goody. 
  • PfAS015A Lord who are they that may dwell (Warner) A nice contemporary sung paraphrase of the Psalm. Easy to sing. 
  • PfAS015B Lord who shall be welcome (Seddon) A hymnlike paraphrase of the Psalm. Fairly formal, but inclusive words.   
  • *CH008 Lord who may enter your house? (Whoever leads a blameless life) (Bell) A lovely simple psalm response to a chanted or read paraphrase of the Psalm.   
  • Emergent Psalter Who may abide on your holy hill? (Everett) Simple response with read Psalm. Sheet music. 
  • TiS 5 Justice alone is the way of the Lord (Kimbrough / Young) Good cantor and response. Also in UMH Psalter.  
  • Cha729 Let justice roll down like the water (Oliver) Responsive psalm with sung refrain. 
  • ATW 505 Whatever you do (Ylvisaker) Simple and fun. Good for kids. 
  • *Iona (M&G, T1AU) / MV099 / GC(II)673 / G(3)763 / Lau996 Stand O Stand Firm (Cameroon) I love having an excuse to sing this simple and powerful song. Very easy for your congregation. You can make up cantor parts too “Oh my sisters…. Oh my brothers… Oh my children….” or you can name countries you are praying for in your intercessions. Good for kids. Scottish sound sample. Lead sheet.
1 Corinthians 1:18-31
The foolishness of the cross
  • *TiS 356 / CH385 / Cha203 / StF273 Here hangs a man discarded (Wren) Excellent words, particularly for this reading “Can such a clown of sorrows still bring a useful word where faith and love seem phantoms and every hope absurd?”. Also works very well with TiS 339 (Passion Chorale) if your congregation is scared of new tunes. Lyrics and sheet music. New words to old tunes  
  • TiS 422 / CH594 / CP(E) 179 Come Holy Spirit come inflame our souls with love (Forster / DIADEMATA) Excellent words to a well known hymn tune. It is not gender-inclusive for God. Lyrics (links to a very impressive pew sheet). New words to old tunes 
  • TiS 179 / NCH273 / VU312 / StJ / URW073 Praise with Joy the World's Creator One of my favourite hymns - strongly Trinitarian lyrics and excellent imagery. Lyrics (scroll down or search). New words to old tunes 
  • VU284 /  GtG230 / G(II)550 / GC760 / Cha333 Joyful Is the Dark (Wren) I really like these words. Hymnals vary widely in the tunes they have set these lyrics to. GtG uses a really difficult key but the tune is nice. VU uses this tune. I'm really not a big fan of either tune, but I think the tune in VU may be simpler. 
  • TiS 262 When pain and terror strike by chance (Wren) These excellent words may be particularly helpful if you are in a community where there has been recent loss / disaster. Very familiar Irish folk tune. 
  • Recorded Music The cross is foolishness (John Michael Talbot) I don't really know this song, but came across a sample and the lyrics. I think it would be a good one to listen to, or play if someone has the music.   
  • Unusual source It really is a worry / Right side up (Downie) A good kid's song about how God's world is not upside down, but right side up. Lyrics (downloads a pdf). We have this in the folders at church. It's also in a book called "Praise God Together" and in "Kidsource 2". Good for kids.  
  • Unknown source Alleluia, the great storm is over (Franke) lift up your wings and fly! I especially love the image of the infant sleeping while the mother sang until the bridegroom returned. The chorus is really catchy and very easy to sing. If not familiar, you can use a cantor or soloist for the verses and invite the congregation to join in the chorus. We tend to sing this more like a gospel anthem, but I don't think we've sung it in quite a while. Lyrics. Video with poor image but good sound
Matthew 5:1-12
Oh, the Beatitudes... my favourite! (OK, one of my favourites, really)

  • Iona (L&A) / ATW 436 / MV112 Amen amen it shall be so! A beautiful chant from John Bell. Works well with a cantor or small choir leading the verses and the congregation joining in on the “Amen, amen it shall be so, amen, it shall be so”. Sound sample (look for the green button). You could do this song instead of reading the passage. I guarantee it will be remembered! 
  • StS041 / GC(II)515 / G(3)592 / Lau817 Blessed are they who are poor in spirit / We are the light of the world (Greif) Yep. Okay! Would be best with a cantor, or small choir and the congregation can respond with the chorus. You could even do this instead of the reading. Sheet music and lyrics. Sound sample. 
  • *TiS 697 All the sleepy should have a place to sleep (Edwards / PITNEY) Great chorus "Make love happen by God's grace and by God's power. Let God move you on this day and in this hour. New creations will then blossom like a flower for together we can be the hands of God".
  • STB260 Hope For The Children (Douglas Clark) Lovely hopeful words for peace and justice for the world's children. Sung to a simple Taiwanese-style tune.
  • NCH164 / VU79 / StS030 / WoV652 / LBW652 / ELW314 / PH411 / GtG744 / W&R231 / URW138 Arise your light is come! (Duck) Good general words of Christ coming to bring justice to the familiar tune ST. THOMAS (TiS 271). New words to old tunes 
  • *Taize How blessed are you who are poor the kingdom of God is yours A lovely simple chant. Sheet music sample. 
  • *Iona (I will not sing alone) Blessed are the ones I call the poor / Hey my love (Bell / Maule) A lovely lilting tune (LADY MAISY). This gentle song would be good for a reflection. Sound sample. 
  • TiS 607 / AoV2-126 / ATN 95 / CH528 / VU684 / StJ / A&M725 / SFFS 2171 / HPP406 / GtG753 / G(II)524 / GC726 / GC(II)721 / G(3)828 / CP(E)519/ W&R587 / Srce 462 / Lau898 / StF707 / MP456 Make me a channel of your peace (Temple). Lovely. Nice if you can just start a capella...  Youtube video of Sinead O'Connor singing it and lyrics  Oldy-but-a-goody.  
  • TiS 288 / Iona Not the powerful not the privileged (Bell) I think it is close enough to Christmas that this song can still be sung in February?  
  • Cha185 Blessed are the poor in spirit (Anon) A simple response to the Beatitudes which can be read responsively with this refrain. 
  • Tune In: Kingdom Come (Lees) A song about how things are not what we expect in God’s kingdom. Lots of words and good images including "there's no blacklist or admission fee" Sound sample and lyrics    
  • HiOS074 If you shut your eyes (Gibson) Powerful words to a lovely tune (SONG OF THE POOR) calling us to wake up and stand with the poor.
Do you have ideas that you could add? I would love to hear them! Please add a comment below... 


Susan Bloomfield said...

Don't forget about "Blest are They" by David Haas :)

Susan Malthouse said...

Carolyn Winfrey Gillette has a good one for the Gospel, "Blessed are the poor in Spirit".

Mary Moser said...

Graham Kendrick has a lovely, upbeat praise song: Blessed Are The Humble (The Beatitudes):

Bill Jones said...

And from Jane Parker Huber, on the Beatitudes - "God Teach Us Peacemaking" - No. 64 in "A Singing Faith"

Angela said...

any chance anyone could post the lyrics for "God Teach us Peacemaking?"