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Songs, Hymns and Music for Easter Sunday (1 April 2018)

Acts 10:34-43 or Jeremiah 31:1-6  
Colossians 3:1-4 or Acts 10:34-43 
John 20:1-18 or Matthew 28:1-10

  • Tune In God is walking in the garden (Dave Brown) A gentle song perfect for Easter. Free downloadable songbook and recordings. 
  • **TiS 383 Joyful the morning when Jesus Christ is risen (Traditional Torres Strait Islander) It's beautiful and joyful and from the Torres Straits! We should sing this! I can't believe I hadn't noticed this song before! Sound sample. 
  • Tune In Making things new (Sheree Anderson). A groovy one. Great for kids, and lots of fun. Free downloadable songbook and recordings. Good for kids.
  • BUC Song Project I will sing of love / Celebrate (Dave Brown)  A song that celebrates new beginnings and the beauty of creation. It's a bit like a salsa. It's cool. 
  • CH408 At dawn the women made their way (Mary Louise Bringle) Lovely gentle lyrics of the women discovering the empty tomb to an old tune that may be familiar (VOX DILECTI)
  • BUC Song Project Jesus set me free (Dave Brown) Celebrating Jesus' presence and the freedom we have in Christ. It will need to be sung by the musicians first, I reckon.
  • CH428 Alleluia alleluia Jesus risen Lord of life! / Word of the Father: Jesus Christ!(Bernadette Farrell) A good song to start an Easter Sunday service, or for an Easter vigil. It uses a cantor line for the call, and the congregation responds "Jesus Christ!". Very joyous. Eastertide Acclamation  
  • *Tune In In the shape of a cross (Dave Brown) A cry to God for help and a call for God to enter our world. Free downloadable songbook and recordings. 
  • NCH231 / VU178 / AA007 / PH105 / GtG249 / W&R292 Because you live O Christ (Shirley Murray) Excellent words to the well known Easter tune VRUECHTEN. AA has it set to CRAWSHAW which is less familiar. Lyrics. New words to old tunes
  • GtG229 In the darkness of the morning (Adam Tice) Excellent story telling song; particularly good for a dawn service. Sung to a simple Latvian folk tune. Sheet music sample.
  • TiS 660 / CP235 Myrrh-bearing Mary From Magdala came (Rae Whitney) A song that follows the Marys involved in the adult life, death and resurrection of Christ.   
  • Iona (LFB) / CH409 / A&M206 / SP079 / StF304 Jesus is risen alleluia! (Bernard Kyamanywa) From Tanzania, and set to a traditional Tanzanian melody. Pretty good and straightforward. The use of a small group to sing the harmony "responses" would be great, and particularly wonderful at an Easter Vigil or at the start of an Easter Morning service.
  • *GC(II)464 / CP230 The Tomb Is Empty (Sylvia Dunstan) This one is so joyful it gives me goosebumps!! It would be a great start to worship on Easter Day. The verses say "Come and see", "Come and hear", "Come and touch", "Come and meet", "Come and serve". Lyrics and sample sheet music. Sound sample.
  • CH407 Comes Mary to the grave (Michael Perry) Simple words focused on the peaceful morning and Mary's joy at finding the risen Christ. Tune is simple, but will need to be taught. Lyrics & sheet music
  • CH422 / AA015 Christ is alive and the universe must celebrate (Shirley Murray) Good celebratory Easter words. The tune will need to be taught. Lyrics and sheet music
  • *Iona / CH430 / SFFS2115 / GtG231 / G(II)308 / GC452 / GC(II)465 / G(3)530 / StF296 Christ has risen while earth slumbers (John Bell / Graham Maule) There are a number of tune setting for this. I prefer HOLY MANNA. Lead sheet. Sound Sample. New words to old tunes.
  • TiS 393 / GA365 / Lau270 Christ is alive with joy we sing (Pamela Stotter) Joyful alleluias, and Easter images of Christ as grain of wheat, rising sun, vine and bread. Sung to the familiar tune VULPIUS. 
  • VU253 / G(II)2 / GC2 / GC(II)2 / G(3)003 / URW178 Sing Your Joy Proclaim God's Glory (God is alive) (David Haas) Easter hymn. A good opening song for worship. Each verse ends joyously "God is alive! Allelluia". Quite straightforward to sing. 
  • FFS55 Relentless lover God in Christ (Marnie Barrell) Great words! Can also be sung to KINGSFOLD if you don't want to explore a new tune. Lyrics. 
  • *CH348 / StS001 / LBW196 / ELW843 / A&M762 / G(3)625 / CP397 / W&R93 / SP304 / URW090 Praise the One Who Breaks the Darkness (Rusty Edwards) Good words of Christ's ministry to all. Can be sung to the familiar tune NETTLETON, or the less familiar and very lovely tune JOEL. Lyrics.  New words to old tunes
  • GtG242 Day of delight and beauty unbounded (Delores Dufner) A joyful 16th century dance tune, and happy lyrics of salvation and life! 
  • GtG241 / Cha223 Woman Weeping in the Garden (Daniel Damon) Great words about the woman weeping, then waiting, then walking, then weeping again, then dancing.   
  • *TiS 242 / AHB 183 / AoV1-018 / ATN 27 / CH404 / UMH261 / VU352 / A&M667 / HPP163 / GtG157 / PH302 / G(II)481 / GC708 / GC(II)689 / G(3)796 / CP(E) 468 / W&R118 / Lau765 I danced in the morning / Lord of the Dance (Sydney Carter). Lyrics and tune sample. You all know this one, right? Good for kids Oldy-but-a-goody.
  • ATW 452 Halle Halle / Why do you look among the dead (Mann) Storytelling Easter song, with catchy hallelujahs. Lyrics. 
  • *TiS 380 / AHB 303 / NCH253 / CH419 / UMH308 / VU173 / LBW145 / ELW376 / A&M218 / HPP203 / GtG238 / PH122 / CP210 / CP(E)160 / W&R310 / Cha218 / Srce694 / Lau287 / StF313 / MP689 Thine be the glory risen conquering Son (Edmond Budry) One of the few older hymns that doesn't require updating, and beautiful harmonies... A great classic hymn! Lyrics and tune. Oldy-but-a-goody.
  • *TiS 370 / AHB 290 / NCH367 / CH411 / UMH302 / VU157 / LBW128 / ELW369 / GtG245 / G(II)315 / GC437 / GC(II)439 / G(3)523 / CP206 / W&R288 / Lau273 / StF298 / MP076 Christ the Lord is risen today (Charles Wesley) It's not quite Easter for me without this hymn, but be aware that the lyrics vary widely between hymnals. TiS is good, although some may not like the Kingly language. If you want fully inclusive language, the NCH has good lyrics. An example of lyrics and tune. Oldy-but-a-goody.
  • TiS 382 / AoV2-131 / ATN 15 / NCH238 / CH417 / UMH311 / VU186 / LBW280 / ELW570 / GA364 / A&M212 / HPP210 / GtG247 / G(II)318 / GC444 / GC(II)456 / G(3)534 / CP237 / CP(E) 153 / W&R311 / Cha230 / 82Hml-204 / Lau278 / StF306 Now the green blade rises (John McLeod Campbell Crum) I love these words and this simple French folk tune. I particularly like this played to guitar, but TiS has an excellent piano arrangement too. Lyrics and tune sample. New words to old tunes
  • *TiS 392 At the dawning of salvation (Jock Curle) Good hymn words of Easter theology and Christ’s presence at Creation to a fun standard American folk tune (NETTLETON). New words to old tunes. 
  • TiS 367 / AHB 287 / NCH242 / CH412 / UMH306 / VU159 / LBW135 / ELW366 / A&M217 / GtG236 / PH119 / GC446 / GC(II)459 / G(3)525 / CP212 / CP(E)159 / W&R290 / Cha221 / 82Hml-208 / Lau275 / MP670 The strife is o'er the battle done (Francis Pott) There are two possible tunes for this hymn. I prefer to sing it to the tune by James Minchin (THE STRIFE IS O’ER), which is found in the Australian Hymn Book, rather than the more traditional minstrellish VULPIUS. The newer tune is pretty groovy (I loved it as a kid!), and has lots and lots of alleluias. The words also vary a lot between hymnals. So, the best would be a combination of the TiS words and the AHB tune 287 (ii). Yeah, this was my other church rock favourite of 1979. 
  • VU168 / StS101 / ELW390 / GtG257 The risen Christ who walks on wounded feet (Nigel Weaver) Good words of resurrection and an excellent outward looking last verse. A good final hymn for Easter Day "May we Christ's body walk and serva dn stand with the oppressed in this and every land, till all are blessed and can a blessing be, restored in Christ to true humanity". Sung to the familiar tune WOODLANDS / GREATOREX. Lyrics. New words to old tunes 
  • ELW375 / HPP199 / GtG253 Alleluia Christ is arisen / Aleluya! Cristo resucitó (Luis Bojos) A cool Latin American hymn. I would sing the refrain twice each time because it's short, and so joyful! 
  • G(II)312 / GC432 / GC(II)443 / G(3)535 Resucitó (Kiko Arguello) Think of this with Latin rhythm and more upbeat than the recorded version available all over the internet. Here's a mushy version. Here's a gypsy flamenco version. No, really. But in my head it's different to all of these... 
  • ATA 160 The Son is up the Word is out / Resurrection shout (Robin Mann) A bit silly, but could be fun on Easter day with lots of kids. Good for kids. 
  • *ATW 445 Roll the rock (Leigh Newton) It’s a bit silly, but very joyous, catchy and Good for kids. 
  • TiS 363 / AHB 281 / NCH244 / CH431 / UMH317 / VU170 / LBW514 / ELW820 / A&M213 / GtG235 / PH116 / GC423 / GC(II)446 / G(3)532 / CP228 / CP(E)154 / W&R313 / Cha220 / 82Hml-203 / Lau280 O sons and daughters let us sing (Jean Tisserand) Many versions and many verses. AHB has emphasis on Thomas verses, but Gather hymnals have some nice verses about the women finding Christ risen. This tune can be really pretty cool - either as plainchant, hymn or fairly majestic contemporary mass music. Older version lyrics. Oldy-but-a-goody. 
  • TiS 381 / AHB 302 / NCH232 / CH415 / VU177 / WoV676 / LBW149 / ELW391 / A&M219 / GtG244 / GC434 / CP(E) 161 / W&R308 / 82Hml-192 / Lau286 / StF314 This joyful Eastertide (George Woodward) A fairly old-school traditional hymn; still good! 
  • *TiS 387 / CH416 / UMH318 / VU158 / PH108 / LBW363 / ELW389 / A&M199 / GtG246 / PH108 / CP(E) 140 / W&R312 / 82Hml-182 / Lau272 / StF297 Christ is alive Let Christians sing (Brian Wren) Excellent words of Christ's saving, and still relevant grace. A couple of tunes are offered in different hymn books. I prefer TRURO. Lyrics, sound sample and sheet music. 
  • *Iona (TI1AU) / MV038 Glory to God / Nzamuranza (Mozambique / Matsikenyiri) Simple African call and response song. Great harmonies and particularly good for Easter Day. Thanks to Noodle Thrower for this suggestion. 
  • FFS21 Forgive us O God (Colin Gibson) Touching lyrics of the ways we have crucified Christ again, and the hope we have in Easter. A more solemn prayer of confession than is often used on Easter Day, but could work well.    
Shorter songs  
Of course, you might like to sing an Alleluia! Here's a list!.
  • *TiS 728 Jesuchristo reina reina ya! (Unknown) A fun Latin American song. It's particularly fun if someone is brave enough to yell out a "call" at the start of each verse.  Good for kids. 
  • Taizé / GtG243 / G(3)516 Be not afraid sing out for joy / Nebojte se (Jacques Berthier)  Happy joyful Taizé chant! Sheet music and sound samples. Good for kids. 
  • Music by heart 43 Dying you destroyed our death (Marilyn Haskel) A very simple round of Christ's death and resurrection.
  • *Iona (Love From Below) / CH434 / CP232 Jesus is risen from the grave (John Bell) Good, simple rhythm and tune. You can even make up some verses if you like. Good for kids. 
  • Taizé / ATA 107 / VU247 / GC555 / CP308 / W&R303 / Lau691 Jubilate Deo (Praetorius) A very simple fun round from the community at Taizé. Sound sample and practice parts. Good for kids. 
  • *TiS 720 / AHB 295 / AoVK-85 / AoV2-046 / ATOK 319 / NCH236 / Iona (Many & Great, There is one among us) / CH345 / VU958 / StJ / A&M836 / SFFS 2026 / HPP571 / GtG591 / GC(II)261 / G(3)329 / W&R005 / Cha041 / ZSS76 / SP324 / PfAS150G / URW370 / Lau178 Halle halle hallelujah (Traditional Caribbean) A good Alleluia would work well for this passage, and I think this one is particularly excellent – simple, great for kids, good rhythm. Good for kids. Sound sample. 
  • 82Hml-713 Christ is arisen / Christ ist erstanden (German hymn) An ancient Easter Day round.  
  • *CH753 / SFFS 2078 / GtG589 / GC(II)271 / G(3)338 / PfAS147A Alleluia alleluia (Glover / Honduras) I would just sing the refrain of this. It would make a great introit or postlude for Easter Day. Sheet music and lyrics (chorus only). I'm not wild about the sound sample, but it gives you some ideas.  
  • *ATW 463 / Iona (T1AU) / ELW721 / SFFS 2219 / A&M835 / GtG750 / GC(II)451 / G(3)528 / W&R296 / URW436 Goodness is stronger than evil (Tutu / Iona) Words from Archbishop Desmond Tutu. "Victory is ours, victory is ours, through him who loves us". Some congregations change the last line to "Compassion is ours, compassion is ours...". It depends on the context in which you sing it, I suppose. Sound sample. Good for kids.   
  • *TiS 541 / CH674 / WoV722 / ELW535 / GtG538 / G(II)394 / GC562 / GC(II)529 / G(3)626 / CP082 / SP&P190 / W&R709 / ZSS198 / URW400 Hallelujah we sing your praises / Haleluyah! Pelo Tsa Rona Joyous and simple song. Sound sample. Sheet music sample. Good for kids. 
  • GA338 People of God O welcome the light (Wood) Quite good simple refrain for the start of an Easter celebration  
  • *CH797 The Lord is risen from the dead (Halleyi) Simple chant for Easter day.
Psalm 118:1-2, 14-24
Any Holy, holy, holy / Sanctus will work well. 

I will suggest some of these again next week, so this could be a good time to introduce a new song.

  • *Linnea Good / MV008 And on this path (Linnea Good) An energetic gospel style song. Here's a youtube video. We sing it much slower than this and as a gospel style song with big chords and a groovy bass part. I thought I'd never say that we sing something slower than anyone! Good for kids.
  • *TiS 74 / GA070 This is the day the Lord has made (Christopher Willcock) Unusual timing in this refrain, but once you've nailed it, it will be stuck in your head for the rest of the week, which is what I like about Psalm refrains.
  • STB046 Your Word Will Be A Lamp (Malaysia) (Anonymous) This song is in English and set to a Tamil melody, so will need to be taught. It's a little tricky.
  • VU175 This is the day that God has made (Sleeth) Good for kids especially 
  • *MV122 / Online Resource This is the day (Harding) This is a really simple nice jazzy song. Sound sample. Sample sheet music. Good for kids. 
  • PfAS118G This is the day the lord has made (Roberts) A bright and cheerful refrain for the Psalm. 
  • *Taizé / MV016 / StJ / ELW528 / GA430 / SFFS 2157 / HPP410 / G(II)398 / GC570 / GC(II)550 / RS710 / CP402 / URW378 Come and Fill our hearts/ Confitemini Domino Can be sun in English as "Come and fill our hearts with your peace, you alone O God are holy. Come and fill our hearts with your peace, Alleluia". Sound samples and sheet music. 
  • *NCH387 / PH443 / GC(II)646 / RS782 / CP524 / Lau829 O Christ the great foundation (Lew) Excellent words of salvation and justice from Timothy Tingfang Lew, sung to the tune of "The church's one foundation" (AURELIA). Lyrics 
  • *MV187 / ELW682 We give our thanks / Reamo leboga (Traditional Botswana) A great song to sing for the offering. Video of some guys and a keyboard having fun with it. Good for kids.  
  • STB019 Glory be to You O God / Joy Probhu tomari joy (Bangladesh) (Shaha) A happy song from Bangladesh. The tune will need to be taught, but it's not difficult and the words are quite simple in English. The first phrase could be sung in Bengali if you would like to include some language other than English, but don't want to learn a lot of words in another language.
  • TiS 48 / AoV1-153 / ATOK 411 / VU808 / WoV779 / ELW787 / GA452 / HPP385 / G(II)433 / GC611 / GC(II)593 / G(3)691 / CP531 / W&R438 / PfAS091E / Cha077 / Lau952 You who dwell in the shelter of the Lord / On Eagle's Wings (Joncas) This is a big favourite all over the place. It has masculine imagery for God. This doesn't have to be sung slowly and meditatively - it also works very well as a more upbeat song. If it is not familiar to you, a cantor can be used for the verses. It is not inclusive in all sources. 
  • PfAS118D This is the day the lord has made (Patterson) A good 7/8 setting of the Psalm. It will need to be taught, but will be enjoyed. 
  • *Cry Hosanna 14 This, this is the day (Brian Howard) I really like this song. Here are the lyrics, but I can't even share a tune with you. If anyone out there recognises the lyrics, I'd love it if you could share the source. Here's a youtube version; a little more strident than I would sing it, but it will give you an idea. 
  • *TiS 653 / NCH417 / CH526 / UMH383 / GC(II)453 / W&R355 / Cha518 This is a day of new beginnings "This is a day of new beginnings, time to remember and move on, time to believe what love is bringing, laying to rest the pain that's gone." Excellent words of reconciliation from Brian Wren. A good start to the Easter season. There are two possible tunes. I prefer the more simple hymn-like tune by Carlton Young which is in most resources (including TiS). There is an optional final verse that can be used for Communion. Lyrics.
  • *TiS 156 / AHB 91 / AoV1-135 / ATA 123 / CH212 / UMH145 / VU409 / ELW556 / GA537 / A&M545 / HPP267 / GtG664 / PH469 / G(II)546 / GC756 / GC(II)748 / G(3)855 / CP003 / W&R35 / Cha053 / URW186 / 82Hml-008 / StF136 / Lau671 / MP467 Morning has broken (Farjeon) This song makes me smile every time. Here's Yusuf Islam (when he was Cat Stevens) in 1976 (love those green boots). Oldy-but-a-goody. 
What will you be singing? If it's something not listed here, please let me know in the comments below.

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Songs, Hymns and Music for Good Friday (30 March 2018)

Isaiah 52:13-53:12
The despised suffering one; 
You may like to repeat an Agnus Dei (Lamb of God) from last week.
  • *TiS 356 / CH385 / Cha203 / StF273 Here hangs a man discarded (Brian Wren) Excellent words, particularly for this reading “Can such a clown of sorrows still bring a useful word where faith and love seem phantoms and every hope absurd?”. Also works very well with TiS 339 (Passion Chorale) if your congregation is scared of new tunes. Lyrics and sheet music. New words to old tunes  
  • *TiS 345 / AHB 261 / AoV1-103 / NCH229 / UMH288 / VU144 / LBW81 / ELW353 / GA336 / A&M144 / HPP185 / GtG228 / PH102 / G(II)302 / GC416 / GC(II)438 / G(3)511 / CP192 / CP(E) 126 / W&R283 / Cha198 / 82Hml-172 / Lau225 / StF285 / MP745  Were you there when they crucified my Lord? (African-American traditional) A classic - well known, beautiful to sing and listen to. Lyrics and sound sample. And a youtube of Johnny CashOldy-but-a-goody. 
  • Iona (TCTSN) / CH389 Behold the holy Lamb of God! (Malawi hymn) This will take some practice, I think. A song with a Cantor and response; you will need a small group to lead the congregation in the response. MWANA MWERERE. Lyrics. 
  • *Tune In: A grain of wheat (Sheree Anderson) Unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it won't form roots and grow. A boppy song with deeply meaningful lyrics.  Free downloadable songbook and sound samples.
  • *Tune In: In the shape of a cross (Dave Brown) A cry to God for help and a call for God to enter our world. Free downloadable songbook and sound samples.
  • *Tune In: See our God with the tear-streaked face / Our God who weeps (Kate Scull) Very simple folk tune and challenging and hopeful lyrics. Free downloadable songbook and sound samples.
  • * O Christ, Lamb of God (Richard Bruxvoort-Colligan) A more modern Agnus Dei, with Christ sharing our weakness. Lyrics and sound sample. 
Psalm 22 
Crying out to God. A Psalm of suffering.
  • *Emergent Psalter My god, my god (Isaac Everett) A simple refrain, and well-written spoken words for the Psalm itself. Piano music for refrain.
  • *CH537 / AA147 / A&M572 / SP256 / StF717 We do not hope to ease our minds (Marnie Barrell) Excellent words of standing with the crucified Christ against injustice. A number of different tunes are offered. I do not have a copy of Alleluia Aotearoa which has two possible tunes. MARY MORISON is the tune in Church Hymnary 4, and it is very straightforward.
  • *STB274 My God my God why why have you forsaken me? (Ukur / Feliciano) This can be sung either as a unison refrain, a tricky 4 part harmony chorale, or an even trickier chant with a solost (or reader). The words said by the reader, or sung by the cantor are quite challenging, and coming more from the perspective of poorer nations. This would be pretty amazing to do, and as there are many options, it's quite achievable. The refrain can be sung in English, Bahasa Indonesian, Pilipino, Mandarin or Thamilz. 
  • STB189 Why have you forsaken me? (Bill Wallace) Quite formal and sorrowful words of Christ's sorrows, including his crucifixion and the death of Lazarus. Helpful. Set to a lovely Japanese melody - will need to be taught.
  • *NCH192 / VU146 / SFFS 2106 / HPP183 / GtG194 / PH312 / Cha199 / 82Hml-715 When Jesus wept (William Billings) I like this simple round. Partly because it's by a Sacred Harp composer - William Billings! It's also very restful and beautiful. I quite like this video sound sample. This might be a good song for the musicians to sing during the offering, or in a prayer of confession. 
  • *Tune In / ATAR663 Save us in the time of trial (Shawn Whelan) Reflective chant-like chorus and verses. Free downloadable songbook and sound samples.
  • *VU745 / PfAS022F In the presence of your people (Brent Chambers) This is a very well known song in our congregation, but usually sung as a very upbeat, slightly crazy celebration song, but I like the way these books suggest using just the lines "In the presence of your people I will praise your name" as a refrain for a responsively read version of this quite sad, but still hopeful Psalm (for verses 19-31 only, with the refrain sung after vs 22, 24, 28, and 31). I think this could work extremely well. 
  • *MV073 / LBW320 / ELW632 / GC(II)570 / G(3)668 O God Why Are You Silent? (Marty Haugen) Excellent seeking words expressing grief and fear and the absence of God. Sung to the familiar PASSION CHORALE. Lyrics, sample sheet music. Sheet music sample. New words to old tunes 
  • GtG210 / PH168 / PfAS022B Lord Why Have You Forsaken Me (Christopher Webber) Simple and honest lyrics. A paraphrase of the psalm to one of my favourite shape note tunes (DISTRESS).  
  • Online resource All the ends of the earth (Bruce Harding) A simple Psalm refrain. Sample sheet music, and site for purchase. 
  • *VU744 / G(II)28 / GC29 / GC(II)22 / G(3)033 My God My God O why have you abandoned me? (Marty Haugen) Simple chant and good cantor lines. Chant lead sheet. 
  • *Online resource Why my God? (Bruce Harding) A lovely haunting round with an optional descant part. Sample sheet music. Purchase here.
Hebrews 10:16-25 or Hebrews 4:14-16; 5:7-9
God’s new covenant, our new confidence, Christ as high priest.

  • * O Christ, Lamb of God (Richard Bruxvoort-Colligan) A more modern Agnus Dei, with Christ sharing our weakness. Lyrics and sound sample. See last week's entry for more Agnus Dei suggestions. 
  • *TiS 259 / Iona (Love From Below) Among us and before us Lord you stand (John Bell). Good words. The set tune (GATEHOUSE) will need to be taught. It can also be sung to SURSUM CORDA. New words to old tunes 
  • *TIS 624 / W&R453 / StF492 Christ be my leader by night as by day (Timothy Dudley Smith) Excellent words of following Christ in times of struggle to a traditional Scottish melody. Lyrics New words to old tunes
  • TiS 542 / STB082 Far beyond our mind's grasp (Francisco Feliciano) These beautiful devotional words are sung to a traditional Filipino tune. The tune is not easy, but is very haunting once you get to know it. If it is new to your congregation, it would be good to ask a soloist to sing it. STB has it in Pilipino as well as English.  Lyrics.
  • TiS 529 / AHB 598 By your priestly power O risen Lord (James McAuley) Formal and beautiful words. This would work well if some of the bread from Thursday remains on the communion table. The responsive chant could also be used on its own “By your priestly power O risen Lord, All we lost and needed is restored. God in our communion be adored.
  • GtG217 On a barren hilltop (Christopher Webber) A song about atonement and victory over evil, to a familiar tune (KINGS'S WESTON). Maybe best sung by a soloist. New words to old tunes.
John 18:1-19:42
The long story of Jesus’ arrest, betrayal and crucifixion
  • *Songs from the still strange land Empty empty I come empty to the bleeding Lord (Andrew Dutney) Thanks to Paul Walton for finding this simple and beautiful chant. 
  • *Iona (Common Ground, M&G, T1AU) / CH805 / MV151 / StJ / A&M412  / ELW741 / G(II)416 / GC592 / SP210 / URW440 / StF760 Your will be done on earth, O Lord / Mayenziwe 'ntando yakho (South African - Xhosa) This is a really good South African song, simple to sing, beautiful harmonies and would work well for reflection, sung slowly. Maybe it could even be sung in a minor key? Sound sample. Good for kids.
  • AoV2-048 See His Hands (Sandra Sears) Excellent. Simple. Crucifixion focus, but not morbid. 
  • *VU610 / StJ / GC(II)572 / G(3)669 God remembers pain (Brian Wren) Pretty full on in the first verse, but these words seem somehow helpful if your congregation has been vulnerable this year. Lyrics and sheet music. Slightly odd sound sample.
  • *FFS08 Broken the body (Shirley Murray). Good words of a broken body of Christ and a broken Church seeking healing, unity and courage. 
  • TiS 340 / AHB 256 Before the cock crew twice (Hallgrim Pjetursson) This storytelling song uses words from the 17th century. The tune is a little tricky, but it could work very well if sung by a soloist (even unaccompanied if you have a brave soloist!).
  • FFS70 What have we done to you? (Shirley Murray) Tricky tune. Would be good to have musicians present this the first time. 
  • *ATA 135 / VU132 Bitter was the night (Sydney Carter) Lyrics based on Peter's denial of Christ. Lyrics and sheet music 
  • *Online resource: I will drink the cup (Bruce Harding) A simple 4 part chant; best if you have all 4 parts - the tenor part rocks. Available here.
  • Online Resource Jesus went out to a garden (Carolyn Winfrey-Gillette) Set to a standard hymn tune, this story-telling song asks good questions about the violence of the crucifixion and the God of peace. Available here.
  • *Taizé  / TiS 730 / AoV1-152 / ATOK 387 / CH775 / UMH488 / WoV740 / ELW616 / GA308 / A&M838 / HPP214 / GtG227 / PH599 / G(II)293 / GC404 / GC(II)422 / G(3)510 / W&R285 / Cha569 / Srce387 / URW382 / Lau253 / StF777 Jesus remember me (Jacques Berthier) A beautiful chant, but we have not sung it often. Sheet music and sound samples.
  • Taizé / GA331 / GC421 / Lau233 All You Who Pass this Way (Jacques Berthier) Simple chant and cantored verses. Sound sample, lyrics and sample sheet music. 
  • *Iona (Enemy of Apathy) / GA511 I walked through the lonely streets (John Bell) Contemporary reproaches. Very challenging words. 
  • *FFS79 Who will carry the cross for me? (Bill Bennett) Simple tune, and good questioning words about who will walk the hard road with Christ
  • *ATA 171 Dying you destroyed our death (Rod Boucher) Simple chant for Good Friday. 
  • *Iona / VU153 / GA510 When the son of God was dying (John Bell) This song has lots of words, which I don't generally like during a more reflective service, but maybe you like that, and these words are quite good, and imagine well the scene of the crucifixion. Tune is pretty straightforward. 
  • *AoVNG108 See Him (Keith Duke) Quiet reflective and challenging chant, would work well for a soloist. Also available in the book "Sacred Dance" Sound sample. Lyrics. Also available to purchase from iTunes if you would like to play a recording. We sang this last year, and it would be good to do it again. 
  • *NCH192 / VU146 / SFFS 2106 / HPP183 / GtG194 / PH312 / Cha199 / 82Hml-715 When Jesus wept (William Billings) I like this simple round. Partly because it's by a Sacred Harp composer - William Billings! It's also very restful and beautiful. I quite like this video sound sample. This might be a good song for the musicians to sing during the offering, or in a prayer of confession. 
  • *WoV663 / ELW566 / GtG195 / PH547 / STB161 When Twilight Comes / Awit Sa Dapit Hapon (Moises Andrade) Beautiful words for Good Friday, and for evening. Uses the theme of the hen gathering her chicks. Unusual Asian tune, which is not too hard for Western ears. Lyrics (downloads a pdf - search in it).
  • TiS 341 / AHB 257 / NCH222 / CH399 / VU143 / A&M147 / WoV661 / LBW094 / ELW782 / SFFS 2083 / HPP329 / GtG209 / PH076 / CP184 / CP(E) 112 / Srce2-426 / 82Hml-458 / Lau752 / StF277 / MP478 My song is love unknown (Samuel Crossman) I really love this old and beautiful song. I prefer it sung to LOVE UNKNOWN. Lyrics. Oldy but a goody    
  • UMH257 / VU183 / PH311 / W&R616 / Cha183 We Meet You O Christ (Fred Kaan) I like the tune LIFE for this one, which provides a great message of Christ's crucifixion for justice in the world. 
  • FFS21 Forgive us O God (Colin Gibson) Touching lyrics of the ways we have crucified Christ again, and the hope we have in Easter.
Adoration of the Cross
If this is a tradition in your congregation, here are some songs that could work well.
  • *Songs from the still strange land Empty empty I come empty to the bleeding Lord (Andrew Dutney) Thanks to Paul Walton for finding this simple and beautiful chant.
  • CH750 / Lau667 Adoramus te Domine Deus (Margaret Rizza) A fairly simple chant which would be good for an entire congregation to sing.
  • *GA305 / GC396 / GC(II)400 / RS542 / CP338 Adoramus Te Christe (Marty Haugen) It's really nice. Might be good to some musicians singing this quietly on Good Friday. The Refrain is a canon which could work on its own. Lyrics and sheet music sample. Sound sample (maybe a little energetic for my liking). 
  • *Taizé / URW389 / Lau757 O Christe domine Jesu (Jacques Berthier) The very simplest, and best known song for this purpose. Very simple, haunting chant. Cantor verses over the top add more beauty, but are not neccessary. Sheet music and lyrics. 
  • GA329 O my people what have I done? (Damian Lundy) This song is pretty incredible. The tune is very straightforward, but I'm not sure how you would use it. It's really about the veneration of the cross and Christ's suffering. Not a very popular theme, but important and I think this would work well if you choose to focus on that. Sound sample. 
  • Recorded Music Scars (Malcolm Gordon) I find this song quite challenging. I struggle with the idea of glorifying suffering, but this recognition of the beauty of Christ's scars will be helpful to many. Sound sample and purchase options 
  • CH390 Open are the gifts of God (William Vanstone) Older style lyrics, that say a lot about the gift of a love that gives and gives and gives and gives. Sung to a traditional older tune (SONG 13).
  • CH386 Lifted high on your cross (Ian Cowie) The tune seems a little too jolly for these words, which move beyond the sorry of Good Friday and point to healing and recreation. The tune  may be known by your congregation (PULLING BRACKEN). I guess you would just play it slowly.
  • Recorded music A Love Supreme (John Coltrane) Since I first heard it, I have thought that it would be awesome to play this suite while people reflect on the cross. Or, since it's 30 minutes long, just Part 1 (Acknowledgement) which is almost 8 minutes long, and includes Coltrane chanting the words "A love supreme". You need a congregation that likes this type of music, or at least, is willing to listen to it thoughtfully. Youtube with the entire suite. And just as I was thinking "Man, that seems like something that St. John the Divine in NYC would do" I found this... *sigh... Just look at the service! 
  • GtG217 On a barren hilltop (Christopher Webber) A song about atonement and victory over evil, to a familiar tune (KINGS'S WESTON). Maybe best sung by a soloist in this context. New words to old tunes.
What will you be singing? Please add a comment below.

Songs, Hymns and Music for Maundy Thursday (29 March 2018)

Exodus 12:1-4, (5-10), 11-14
The sacrifice and eating of the Passover lamb
 Agnus Dei
  • *Online Resource O Christ, Lamb of God (Richard Bruxvoort-Colligan) A more modern Agnus Dei, with Christ sharing our weakness. Lyrics and sound sample.
  •  *Sing Alleluia / Fresh Sounds 041 Jesus Lamb of God (Betty Pulkingham) This is one of my absolute favourite Agnus Deis (what's the plural of Agnus Dei?). A little bit of the tune. Good for kids. 
  • *ATAR657 Jesus, lamb of God (Robin Mann) A nice new Agnus Dei. Quite simple to sing.
  • Online Resource Lamb of God you take away the sins of the world (Jane Southwick Cool) A very simple and beautiful Lamb of God. Sheet music (look for the PDF symbol) and lyrics
  • *ATAR648 Lamb of God you take away the sin of the world (Kevin Keil) A simple and quite lovely extended Agnus Dei, with extra verses of Morning Star, God with Us, Prince of Peace…
  • *Iona (CAYP) / SP228 / URW413 / StF790 Lamb of God you take away the sin of the world (John Bell) I really like this one. A simple, and quite meditative overlapping cantor and response. It will need to be taught, but it will not take long for people to pick it up. Keep it slow.   
  • AoV1-196 / GC171 / GC(II)152 / RS 329 Jesus, Lamb of God (Agnus Dei) (Marty Haugen) from the Mass of Creation, so particularly good if you are using that entire setting. Sound sample and lyrics. 
  • GC213 / GC(II)319 / RS 469 / URW414 Jesus Lamb of God (Michael Joncas) from his Psallite Mass. Sheet music sample. 
  • GtG603 Lamb of God (Paul Vasile) This is really nice; will need to be taught. Jazzy chords! Sheet music preview.
  • GtG604 Lamb of God (Robert Farlee) A nice simple Agnus Dei   
  • *TiS 705 / Iona (Common Ground, EoA) / W&R282 / SP320 / StF234 / Lau610 Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sin (John Bell) A simple Agnus Dei. Best if you can manage to get all four parts involved.  
  • GC(II)174 Jesus Lamb of God (Agnus Dei) (Richard Proulx) A simple chant. Cantor and response. 
  • AHB 448 Holy most holy Lamb of God (Daniel T Niles) Funky Philippino tune. Yeah, something groovy in the AHB! 
  • Music by Heart 06 Lamb of God (Robinson McClellan) A simple, and quite lovely call and response. This would be very easy to sing even if new, provided you have a good song leader. Good for kids. 
  • CH778 Lamb of God you take away (Fride Gustafsson) A very simple Agnus dei. Easy to sing.  
  • Lau1011 Lamb of God (Belmont) (Christopher Walker) A very simple and beautiful meditative Agnus Dei.  Sound sample 
  • GC(II)318 / G(3)392 O Lamb Of God (Robert Batastini) Quite lovely and soothing call-and-response Agnus Dei. Sound sample. Lead sheet. 
  • STB129 Lamb of God (Wu) An unusual Agnus Dei set to a Taiwanese tune. Will need to be taught  
  • WoV621 Lamb of God you take away the sin of the world (Marty Haugen) A canon. In 3/4. Seems quite nice and simple. 
  • Iona (T1AU) / CH790 O Lamb of God (John Bell) St Bride setting. Nice; will need to be taught before you use it. It's a little bit tricky.
  • The word became a song Jesus Lamb of God (Robin Mann) Quite simple. Good for communion.
  • Recorded music Agnus Dei There are very very many classical versions of the Agnus Dei. It might be nice to play a recording while communion is distributed, or while people light candles for their prayers. Some favourites: Agnus Dei set to Samuel Barber's Adagio; I also like Palestrina. And Dunstable.
Psalm 116:1-2, 12-19
A vow to the Lord, and lifting the cup of salvation…?
  • GC109 I Will Walk in the Presence of God (Gary Daigle) A simple lilting refrain. Inclusive verses. This could maybe be used as a chant on its own. Sheet music & lyrics. Sound sample. 
  • Linnea Good Psalm 116 (Linnea Good) is particularly beautiful and simple “I love you God; I know you listen. You listened on the day I cried. When I called out to you in anguish, you were my presence and my guide”. Unfortunately, I'm not sure how to access this if you don't already have a copy. Good for kids.
  • PfAS116D I love the Lord who heard my cry (Isaac Watts)  This uses just the first line of the old Watts hymn, with inclusive language, as a Psalm refrain. Nice.  Oldy-but-a-goody.  
  • URW311 I love you Lord you hear my cry (Isaac Watts) A simple song with two verses, or you could use it as a Psalm refrain with the text read by a leader. It would be pretty amazing if you can sing it in 4 parts, I reckon. The 2nd verse could be quite appropriate on its own during intercessions. 
  • TiS 71 / VU617 / G(II)97 / GC108 I will walk in the presence of the Lord (Richard Proulx) A beautiful cantored Psalm. The refrain is very simple. Doesn’t make sense without the cantor. 
  • *Taizé / TiS 741 / AoV1-017 / ATE 282 / LBW368 / ELW407 / GA431 / SFFS 2200 / GtG471 / G(II)410 / GC586 / GC(II)566 / G(3)666 / W&R484 / Srce519 / URW390 / Lau929 / PfAS013A / PfAS102A / MP908 O Lord hear my prayer (Jacques Berthier) A simple and very well known Taizé chant. Works well during intercessions. You could read the Psalm between repeats of this chant, or just use as a chant as is. Sheet music samples. Good for kids  
  • TiS 709 / Taizé Chuyo chuyo (Jacques Berthier) A Korean hymn, appropriate for an intercession response. Not hard for non-Koreans! means "Lord hear us".  
  • TiS 727 / SiS361 / ATE 208 / CH121 / AA70 / PfAS022F In the presence of your people (Brent Chambers) A good Yiddish tune - lots of fun for kids and adults. Good to get fast and dance around on this one, but maybe not for your typical Maundy Thursday service. Good for kids. Or you could try:*VU745 In the presence of your people (Chambers - refrain only) Refrain only for singing with a reading of a different Psalm, but it would also work for this one.
  • GC(II)755 / G(3)864 O the weary world is trudging / The trumpet in the morning (Rory Cooney) Song of release of prisoners and the trumpet's blast. Sound sample. Lead sheet.
1 Corinthians 11:23-26 and John 13:1-17, 31b-35
The words of institution;
You might also like to look at the Communion songs page.
  • *Praise for all Seasons I Remember (David Brown) Our musicians sang this in 2014 while people are moving in to the space for communion "I remember a man who came for his last meal, ate it with a group of friends and it changed the world".
  • *ATAR658 Jesus, you are the bread we long for (Bernadette Farrell) Excellent communion song, with 5 verses about God being bread and wine for those who starve and thirst; themes of healing, restoration and justice. Very straightforward flowing melody. We sang this not long ago, and it is really beautiful. It would be good to sing it again. Lyrics (in an order of service)
  • *ATAR659 The night of his betrayal / Remember now my children (John Ylvisaker) A good simple song of the words of institution. Will be easy to sing
  • *WoV701 / ELW487 / URW119 What Feast of Love (Dolores Dufner) Very poetic devotional language about Christ as the bread, light and wine. Sung to GREENSLEEVES. Maybe better as a solo initially so people can just listen to the beauty of the words. Perhaps sung during distribution of communion, or a song to sing while thinking about the prepared table? New words to old tunes 
  • *AoVNG15 Bread of Life (Michael John Poirier) A nice gentle song. Would be good for distribution of communion. Particularly good for Maundy Thursday. Our musicians sang it a couple of times in the last few years, and it was just lovely. I think we could just do it again!
  • *GtG207 Sharing Pascal bread and wine / Shadows lengthen into night (Mary Louise Bringle) Maundy Thursday A great song for a Tenebrae service, with the chorus "Shadows lengthen into night", but could work for other services too.  
  • *CH763 / MV193 God bless to us our bread (Frederico Pagura / Traditional Argentinian) A lovely simple grace for meals and for communion. More Voices has Spanish and French lyrics as well as English. "God bless to us our bread, and give bread to all those who are hungry, and hunger for justice to those who are fed. God bless to us our bread". Sound sample (Track 1). Good for kids.
  • *ELW466 / FFS38 / SFFS 2255 / GtG533 In the singing in the silence (Shirley Murray) Lovely words, simple tune in FFS; there are quite a few tunes to this. Lyrics and single-use only downloadable PDF.
  • NCH344 / Iona (Enemy of Apathy) / GA385 / G(II)611 / Lau638 The time was early evening (John Bell) Great words to a familiar Celtic folk tune. We used to sing this one often on Maundy Thursday; would be good to revisit it. "Oh the food comes from the baker, the drink comes from the vine..." 
  • ATW 472 / NCYC'99 As we take this bread (Jane Dyson) A lovely simple communion chant. Good for kids. 
  • *TiS 538 / AoV2-093 Feed us now Bread of life (Robin Mann) One of my favourite communion songs. Simple to sing, and beautiful simple theology. “Piece of bread, cup of wine, Lord this food is good”. Lyrics
  • VU458 / AA017 / W&R276 Christ let us come with you (Shirley Murray) Tune in AA is  simple, but not familiar. Good song for Maundy Thursday and the last week of Lent. Lyrics and sheet music
  • *GtG498 Loaves were broken words were spoken (Herman Stuempfle) Communion Excellent words for communion sung to the familiar tune BEACH SPRING. Lyrics (downloads a pdf that you will need to scroll through) New words to old tunes 
  • TiS 707 / Iona (Common Ground, LFB) / A&M429 / SP214 / StF576 Bread is blessed and broken (John Bell / Graham Maule) Very simple. Good for distribution of communion; not all versions are inclusive. Lyrics. 
  • *TiS 536 / AHB 453 / VU130 / GtG202 / PH094 / CP(E) 130 / W&R275 / Cha385 / Lau248 / StF569 An upper room did our Lord prepare (Fred Pratt Green) I really love this song, but we have not sung it much, even though it's so easy and lovely. Lyrics. New words to old tunes 
  • *TiS 357 / ATA 147 When his time was over the palms lay where they fell / When our life began again (Robin Mann) Beautiful and mournful. Lyrics. 
  • *BUC Song Project Harvest our love (Dave Brown). This song is just perfect for every communion service ever. It would be good to sing this again, because it's been a while. Jazz. 
  • *TiS 737 / Iona (Common Ground, HSNW, T1AU) / A&M516 / SP142 / URW427 / Lau437 Lord Jesus Christ lover of all (John Bell) A beautiful and simple chant. Note that some versions (T1AU at least) have a beautiful 4 part harmony arrangement with excellent moving parts in the lower registers. Would work well during intercessions or during times of movement in the service. 
  • ATA 135 / VU132 Bitter was the night (Sydney Carter) Lyrics based on Peter's denial of Christ. Lyrics and sheet music. 
  • Iona (T1AU) / Cha430 Lo I Am With You to the end of the world (John Bell) Simple repetitive verses, in a nice minor key. Sheet music (pdf). 
  • ATOK 397 / Iona (LFB) / CH658 / VU462 / A&M426 / GtG428 / CP610 / Cha391 / SP211 / StF575 Before I take the body of my Lord / These I lay down (John Bell) A pre-communion confession. Lovely tune which is easy to sing. Lyrics.
  • Taizé / TiS 714 / AoV1-125 /ATE 270 / CH661 / UMH628 / VU466 / WoV709 / ELW472 / GtG527 / GA205 / A&M442 / G(II)588 / GC838 / GC(II)806 / G(3)941 / RS928 / CP063 / W&R697 / Cha414 / SP229 / URW379 / Lau633 / StF583 Eat this bread drink this cup (Robert Batastini) Excellent, particularly if you have a capable cantor. Some resources say "Come to him and never be hungry", but others have "come to me / trust in me".  
  • *ATW 478 / Iona (T1AU) / CH799 / A&M469 / G(3)951 / SP230 / URW420 This is the body of Christ (John Bell) A very simple and gentle chant for distribution of communion "This is the body of Christ, broken that we may be whole; This cup, as promised by God, true to God's word, cradles our Lord: food for the good of the soul." Note, I did a sneaky little lyric change there... see if you can find it. 
  • Iona (Enemy of Apathy) He comes in the gathering gloom (John Bell)
  • *CH484 / UMH579 / WoV666 / ELW358 / A&M169 / PH353 / CP442 / CP(E) 133 / W&R55 / SP57 / URW087 / StF499 Great God Your Love Has Called Us Here (Brian Wren) Good words to a standard hymn tune (MELITA). Gathering, confession, response, communion, and sending out all in one hymn. This is a good all-rounder. New words to old tunes
  • STB297 Broken communion tore you apart (Junchol Hong) A simple and solemn Korean chant, including a section that is just hummed; the two sections could be sung at the same time. Can be sung in English or Korean.
Songs for foot-washing:
  • TiS 640 / AHB 561 / ATE 310 / NCH498 / UMH432 / VU593 / WoV765 / ELW708 / HPP446 / GtG203 / PH367 / G(II)296 / GC409 / GC(II)429 / G(3)505 / CP504 / W&R273 / Cha600 / URW116 / 82Hml-602 / Lau241 / StF249 Jesu Jesu fill us with your love / Kneels at the feet of his friends (Tom Colvin & people of Ghana) Lyrics. Good for kids 
  • On the road Mystery of servant love (Ross Langmead) Excellent song, with much feeling about Christ's suffering, death, and servanthood. 
  • Recorded Music The basin and the towel (Michael Card) Excellent lyrics about how this story lives again every time we "wash the feet" of others. You could play the song, or ask your musicians to sing it. Thanks to Pam Purdin in the Facebook group for suggesting this song. Lyrics. Youtube. Sheet music. 
  • GC(II)431 / G(3)507 Jesus our teacher and our Lord / So you must do (Marty Haugen) A nice song for the musicians to sing during foot-washing; it's not so easy. Lead sheet. Sound sample.
  • Taizé / CH801 / MV170 / StJ / GtG205 / WoV665 / ELW642 / SFFS 2179 / GC408 / GC(II)430 / G(3)500 / CP553 / W&R399 / Cha523 / URW394 / StF783 / Lau244b Live in charity / Ubi Caritas (Jacques Berthier) Usually sung in Latin, but can also be sung just as beautifully as "Live in charity and steadfast love, live in charity; God will dwell with you." Sheet music and sound samples for practice. Good for kids.   
End of service:
  • *BUC Song Project In Darkness (for Maundy Thursday) (Julia Potter) A lovely chant that can be sung as a round. It will need to be taught; once you get it, it's mesmerising.  
  • *Iona (The courage to say no) / CH371 / StS085 Lay down your head Lord Jesus Christ (John Bell / Graham Maule) This song would be good for the end of a Maundy Thursday service, particularly if sung simply by a soloist if it is not familiar to your congregation. "What lies ahead we fear to guess… Lay down your head and, by your side, we'll sleep and stay".We sang this a couple of years ago. 
  • Iona (T1AU) / Cha430 Lo I Am With You to the end of the world (John Bell) Simple repetitive verses, in a nice minor key. 
  • Taizé / AoV2-088 / ATOK 395 / CH793 / VU950 / ELW348 / GA325 / A&M172 / SFFS 2198 / GtG204 / W&R286 / SP61 / Lau249 / StF780 Stay with me / Bleibet hier (Jacques Berthier) A very well known chant. Sheet music and sound samples. 
  • Iona / VU33 Watch, watch and pray (John Bell) This Advent chant also has lyrics for Maundy Thursday 
  • Taizé / ATE 287 / WoV667 / GA321 / G(II)298 / GC411 / GC(II)433 / G(3)502 Stay here and keep watch (Jacques Berthier) Not very well known, but very good for the end of Maundy Thursday. Most would use "Stay with me, remain with me", but this is a nice alternative. 
  • Taizé / CP194 / URW392 Stay with us / Bleib mit deiner Gnade / Night will soon fall (Jacques Berthier) Another good one from Taize. The phrase "Night will soon fall" is particularly appropriate for Maundy Thursday. Sheet music and sound samples. 
  • VU182 Stay with us through the night (Walter Farquharson) Simple and gentle sorrowful, but hopeful song.
  • AoV2-024 / URW407 Holy Darkness (Schutte) Beautiful words based on John of the Cross. Might want to use a cantor if this is not familiar to your congregation. URW has only the refrain. Lyrics and sound sample.
Share your ideas - what will you be singing? What did you sing this year? Post a comment below.