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Sanctus / Holy Holy & Communion Settings

Some Holy Holies
  • *TiS 761 / GA124 Holy holy holy Lord God of power and might (Smith) This is the Holy Holy we used to sing each week for Communion at Brunswick.
  • *AoV1-196 / WoV619a / GA097 / GtG565 / GC(II)288 / GC166 / G(II)144 / G(3)198 / Lau490 Holy Holy Holy Lord, God of power (Haugen) (Communion response) On of my favourite Holy Holies; from the Mass of Creation Sheet music and sound sample (search for the song number). We have sung this occasionally.
  • *TiS 764 / ATOK 380 / SFFS 2256 Holy holy holy Lord (Iona community) Holies and Hosannas in an excellent two part call and response. The two parts overlap a little bit, so will need to be familiar, or introduced carefully if not familiar to your congregation; this has become a favourite at Brunswick.  Good for kids.
  • *GtG593 Holy holy holy holy (Poole) Energetic, groovy, and with a KEY CHANGE! Will need to be taught, but would be fun. A bit bluesy. Sheet music.
  • *GtG596 You are holy you are whole (Harling) An adaptation of a well known song - the last few lines have been changed to say "Sing Hosanna in the highest, sing Hosanna, sing Hosanna to our God"; makes it much more like a Sanctus! Original lyrics in English, Spanish, Swedish and a sound sample. Good for kids. 
  • *WoV616a / A&M418 / GtG552 / G(3)367 Holy Holy Holy Lord (Land of Rest) A lovely Holy Holy, sung to the lilting American folk melody "Land of Rest". Sound sample.
  • *GtG556 Holy holy holy Lord (Roberts) A simple flowing and inclusive Holy holy. Peaceful. 
  • *Worldmaking.net Holy Holy Holy One A more energetic Holy holy. Sound sample, lyrics and theology here.
  • *Music by Heart 40 Holy holy holy Lord / Mercer Sanctus (Haskel) A simple tune (JEFFERSON, from Southern Harmony) for standard Sanctus words.
  • *Iona Holy Holy Holy Lord (Bell / Maule) St. Bride; this call and response version of the Sanctus is very energetic. It will need to be taught more than once, but I think it's pretty cool. Sheet music.
  • AoV1-173 Holy Holy Holy Lord (Chung Ham) Simple chant. "Holy holy holy Lord; praise and honour are yours, for you alone are worthy to receive the glory and praise."
  • TiS 722 / Taize Holy holy holy Lord / Sanctus Dominus II (Taize) A good opportunity to use a cantor and invite the congregation to chant the ostinato. This would be a simple way of bringing some of the "wonder" to your congregation if you have a capable cantor (it's not that hard really!) 
  • STB129 Lamb of God (Wu) An unusual Agnus Dei set to a Taiwanese tune. Will need to be taught, and sounds best in Taiwanese.
  • GtG559 Holy holy holy Lord (Harling) Majestic and joyful.
  • STB128 Holy Holy Holy God (Indonesia) (Sukamto) Holy holy A Sanctus from Indonesia, based on a traditional melody. It works best in Bahasa.  
  • *WoV617a /  GtG562 / G(3)364 / Lau576 Holy Holy Holy Lord (Schubert) Peaceful and gentle. From Schubert's Deutsche Messe. 
  • GtG592 Holy Holy Holy Lord God of power (Vasile) Energetic and a bit jazzy.  
  • TiS 763 / ATFG559 Holy holy holy Lord God of power (Farrell) A nice quiet variation.
  • GC(II)192 Holy Holy Holy Lord (Beneath the Tree of Life) (Haugen) A good Holy holy. Sheet music and sound sample (search for "beneath the tree")
  • GC(II)198 Holy Holy Holy Lord (Do this in memory of me) (Haas) Another good Holy holy holy Sheet music and sound sample (search for "do this in memory")
  • AoV2-081 Holy Holy Holy Lord of power and might (Bell/Maule) This is also good, but I can't remember what I liked about them.
  • GC(II)182 / G(3)375 Holy holy holy Lord God of power and might (Janco) A nice joyful (or majestic) Sanctus depending on how you do it. From the Mass of the Angels and Saints, which is altogether lovely. Sound sample. Lead sheet.
Full sets of Communion Responses 

Modernised & fully inclusive words
*FFS33 Holy Holy Holy (Cecliy Sheehy) Simple tune and inclusive words that retain a beautiful formality, solemnity and grace, with a matching Eucharistic Acclamation, Great Amen and Agnus Dei.
*GtG551-555 / G(3)367 Land of Rest Setting (Proulx) A lovely set of responses, including a Kyrie, Sanctus, Eucharistic Acclamation, Great Amen, and Agnus Dei, arranged to the lilting American folk melody "Land of Rest". Very simple! Sound sample. Lead sheet.
Online Resource Casa del Sol Communion Responses (Newell / Poole) A set of responses with significantly altered words, in a folk style. This uses a cantor and a two-part congregation plus guitar and drum. Sound and score samples, and purchase options.
*MV203-205 Kingsfold Communion Set (Kervin) A set of communion responses with altered and inclusive language (Sanctus, Memorial Acclamation, Great Amen) to a simple and well known English tune (Kingsfold) which is really similar to another English tune (Star of the County Down). Tune sample. Lyrics (downloads an order of service that you'll need to search through).

More traditional words
*G(3)194-202 / GtG565-568 Mass of Creation (Haugen) (Communion response) The responses from this mass are beautiful and majestic at moments. It requires strong leadership as each section has a different (albeit related) melody; note that the Sanctus is listed above because it's in many resources and is just excellent! You could easily use just the Sanctus, Acclamation and Amen Full sound sample (youtube). Score.
GC233-240 / GtG562-564 Deustche Messe (Schubert, arr. Proulx) Easy to sing. A quiet and restful set of responses. A slow version on youtube.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Gloria! Gloria!

Here's a list of some favourite Glorias:
  • *ATOK 318 / Iona (SBL) / CH762 / MV036 / WoV788 / SFFS 2033 / URW403 Glory to God / Gloria di dios (Peru) Good fun. Great for kids - call and response. SFFS has a good Trinitarian formula for it. Sheet music. Lyrics and a slightly strange sound sample.
  • *TiS 773 / ATW 431 / CH760 GA291 / G(II)199 / GC(II)253 / W&R240 / Cha034 / URW380 Glory to God / Gloria Gloria (Taize) The refrain is excellent - joyous, simple, a round. Everything. The verses aren't so fabulous, so I would just use the refrain. Good for kids. Sheet music and sound samples.
  • *TiS 775 / ATOK 317 / Iona (M&G) / VU895 / GtG584 Glory glory glory glory be to God on high (Sosa) A simple Gloria.
  • *Iona (TI1AU) / MV038 Glory to God / Nzamuranza (Mozambique / Matsikenyiri) Simple African call and response song. 
  • CoC20 Gloria (Bray) A pretty majestic gloria in 4 part harmony.  
    CoC21 Gloria (Gibson) This Latin gloria could be sung as a simple chant, a 3-part canon or a four part chorale!
    GC(II)190 Glory to God in the highest (Beneath the Tree of Life) (Haugen) Communion response A good joyful Gloria. Just needs a word substituion for "his people" to "God's people". The sound sample actually does that and it still works well. 
  • MV124 Glory to God in the Highest (Trinidad) A good simple Gloria from the Carribean Conference of Churches.
  • STB019 Glory be to You O God / Joy Probhu tomari joy (Bangladesh) (Shaha) A happy song from Bangladesh. The tune will need to be taught, but it's not difficult and the words are quite simple in English. The first phrase could be sung in Bengali if you would like to include some language other than English, but don't want to learn a lot of words in another language. 
  • STB127 Glory to God in the highest (Ekka) Gloria A Gloria from India. If you are unfamiliar with Indian melody lines, it would be helpful to find someone to sing it for your first. It's also in Kurukh language, which is one of the indigenous languages of India. It doesn't work so well in English.

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