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Kyrie Eleison / Lord have mercy

Slower Kyries 
  • TiS 729 / HSNW Jesus Christ, Son of God have mercy upon us A very very simple call and response chant.
  • GC(II)137 / G(3)192 Kyrie (Mass of Creation) (Haugen) Nice refrain, and the cantor verses seem quite good as well. Refrain could be used on its own. Can be sung in both English and Greek. Sound sample. Sheet music sample.
  • Iona (T1AU) / CH777 / MV067 / URW411 Kyrie Eleison (Bell) A simple call and response Kyrie with an optional vocal or keyboard drone.
  • Iona (SBL) / MV068 / G(II)405 / GC581 / MV068 Kyrie Guarany / On the poor, on the poor  (Sosa) A simple Kyrie from Paraguay; We sang this at Brunswick on Ash Wednesday last year. The English translation varies depending on the source (we didn't sing On the Poor). Sound sample (track 12). Good for kids.
  • TiS 736 / AoV2-095 /ATOK 392 / CH776 / Iona (M&G) / UMH483 / VU946 / WoV602 / GA133 A&M372 / GtG579 / G(II)272 / GC272 / GC(II)249 / PfAS051J / SP184 / Cha298 / URW412 / Lau519 Kyrie Eleison (Russian / Ukrainian) Very simple and beautiful Kyrie. Given current world events, it might be a good time to sing this. Often used. It is very easy to teach the bass part to the men in your congregaton (even those who think they can't sing!). Sheet music sample. Good for kids. 
  • *TiS 734 / ATOK 379 / Iona (M&G) / MV070 / GA134 / PfAS051K / SP183 / URW410 Kyrie Eleison (Ghana / Reindorf) Another common favourite. Again, easy to teach your men the bass drone.
  • Music by Heart 23 Lord have mercy (Everett / Snodgrass) Good for prayer of confession; will need a little time to teach the two congregational parts.
  • STB043 Lord we did not live up to your teachings / Amra tomar adesh rupe (Shaha) A Bengali Kyrie. The translation is good, and quite challenging. This will need to be taught; it could be sung in Bengali, because (like a Kyrie) it's repetitive. 
  • *TiS 735 / AoV1-002 / ATE 238 / UMH484 / VU945 / HPP573 Kyrie kyrie eleison / Kyrie 1 (Taize / Berthier) Probably the simplist Kyrie out there. There are cantored verses; it's also nice as a repetitive chant on its own. Sheet music and sound samples.
  • Online resource Kyrie (Bayles / Dodd) A good responsive Kyrie with heartfelt prayer. Free sheet music here.
  • FFS13 E te Ariki (Lord have mercy) (Render) A Maori Kyrie to a beautiful relaxed tune. Needs to be sung in Maori, and this would not be hard.
  • TiS760 / GC(II)209 Kyrie Eleison (Mass of Remembrance) (Haugen) A nice simple Kyrie with or without Cantor part. Sound sample. Sheet music.
  • CH648 Lord have mercy (MacMillan) Simple minor key Kyrie. Written in English
  • MV069 Kyrie Eleison (Kervin) A very simple Kyrie chant. Sheet music and quite formal sound sample.
  • Music by Heart 38 Kyrie Eleison / Mercer Kyrie eleison (Haskel) A lovely layered Kyrie that can be taught during the worship service (3 layers).
  • Music by Heart 39 Kyrie eleison / on five notes (Haskel) Another lovely layered Kyrie that can be taught during the worship service. I think I like this one just a little better (4 layers).
  • *Iona (Love and Anger) / StS067 / PfAS051G (Alternate Refrain 1) / STB120  Have mercy on us Lord / Khudaya rahem kar (Pakistan) A nice alternative, and can be used as a refrain to the Psalm. It would be nice to get your congregation to sing something from South Asia. Also works well in English, but it would be better to sing it in Urdu. Sound sample
  • PfAS051G (Alternate Refrain 2) Lord have mercy have mercy upon us / Nkosi Nkosi yiba nenceba (South Africa) A simple Kyrie that can be used as a Psalm refrain.
  • SP&P050 Jesus Son of David have mercy on me (Schmidt) A simple, repetitive song which starts with "Jesus Son of David Have Mercy on Me". A good alternative to a Kyrie.
  • STB299 Chuyo ulirul / O Lord please have mercy on us from the Christian Conference of Asia.   
  • STB123 O Lord Our God / Ya Tuhanku (Indonesia) (Javanese melody) A very simple and quite lovely Kyrie based on a Javanese melody.  
  • STB124 Lord have mercy / Uru bayo (Ekka) Kyrie A Kyrie from India in the Kurukh language. It doesn't really work in English. This will need to be taught.
  • PfAS051I Lord Have Mercy (Brumm) A simple call and response Kyrie. Good for kids if you sing it with some energy.
  • *SP&P100 God tender and just (Fowler) A very simple refrain to use during a prayer of Confession. It's not a Kyrie, but the intention is the same.  
  • STB119 Kyrie Eleison / Tuhan Kasihani (Christian Tamaela) This is quite lovely, based on a melody from the Maluku (Moluccas) Islands, and has a written drumbeat to go with it. It will need to be taught. It would be best to sing this in Bahasa - it's not hard! 
  • STB121 Kyrie Eleison / Chu ah kiu Li lin-bin goan (adapt: I-toh Loh) This Kyrie is based on a Saisiat melody by I-toh Loh, and is quite lovely with both parts singing together. Will need to be taught, but it's quite simple. Would be great to sing in Taiwanese if you have someone who can help with the pronunciation. 
  • STB299 Chuyo ulirul / O Lord please have mercy on us (Geonyong Lee) This Korean language Kyrie is written as a call and response, but the melody is not repeated (only the words), so it will need to be taught. There is no alternative language. Good for congregations with a number of Korean-speaking members. 
  • STB300 Swamin wahanse (Sri Lanka) This Kyrie is in Sinhala only. Good to know about if you have a number of Sinhalese congregation members.
  • STB301 Kurie Elaison (South India) This Kyrie from the Syriac Liturgy uses a traditional South Indian liturgical melody, so will need to be taught. The pronunciation of Kyrie Eleison is slightly different, but is not hard. 
  • STB302 O Lord Your Mercy Show (Vietnam)  [Lyrics] (Vietnam) This Vietnamese Kyrie can be sung in Vietnamese or in English and starts with a call and response.
  • Recorded music Kyrie Eleison (Hildegard / Braslavsky) A lovely recording of this very old Kyrie. Listen.
Energetic Kyries
  • ATA 119 / SFFS 2127 Come and See / Kyrie (Marilyn Houser Hamm) The first verse of this is based on the Gospel of John, but the chorus is a simple and energetic Kyrie with a lovely descant that could be used on its own.

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