Lectionary Suggestions for June 8th 2008 (Proper 5A / Ordinary 10A / Pentecost +4)

Genesis 12:1-9:  

Abram and Sarah’s travels and the promise of the future. 

  • Iona / G(II)503 / GC701 / RS818 God it was who said to Abraham.... Familiar tune, words of Abraham, Sarah and others in salvation history. "God it was who said to Abraham "Pack your bags and travel on!". 
  • ATOK403 / AoV(1)137 / GC(II)286 God of Abraham, lead us (Farrell)  
  • ATOK402 God has chosen me AT348 / HSNW / GC692 Sing Hey for the Carpenter (Iona)  
  • NCYC95(?) We will love (We will walk with you at the edges) 
  • NCYC07 Labyrinth (Chalson / Winton) A beautiful song about walking with God through all times. "To the heart of all that's sacred and to the margins we will walk the path with you". Excellent words. Not easy for a congregation, but if you have good musicians, they can sing it as a prayer for the congregation. 
  • NCH 20 God of Abraham and Sarah – excellent words, straightforward tune. Salvation history in one song with a focus on Jusice, healing, courage. Fits well with all themes for this week. If you would like an alternative (well known) tune, NETTLETON works quite well and is just about every hymnal.  
  • TiS 547 / AHB 455 / NCH451 / HPP353 / VU643 / HPPS339 Be thou my vision  
  • TiS 125 / AHB 53 / NCH24 / HPP24 / GC544 / HPPS 488 The God of Abr’am praise (The lyrics are most inclusive in the NCH).  
  • Tune in: Cover us with love. Challenging lyrics to listen, and see where God is leading us. Lyrics and sound sample available here.  
  • Tune in: May you go well (into paths still unknown). Easy tune, and strong words. Would work well as a benediction. Lyrics and sound sample available here.  
  • Taize: The kingdom of God is justice and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit, come now and open in us the gates of your kingdom. One of the more upbeat Taize songs.  
  • TiS 671 / AoV(2) 121 Made in God’s likeness. "called to create a new world for the Lord" Excellent Australian images. 
  • TiS 569 / AHB 478 / NCH18 / HPP432 / VU651 / HPPS281 Guide, me, O thou great Jehovah  

Psalm 33:1-12  

Praise God. God is just. God created the earth, sea and heavens. Happy are those who trust in God. 

  • TIS 742 One God, one living God. We've not sung this for a while at Brunswick.  
  • Any song that praises God as creator. There are so many - some of the last few posts have listed some creator / cosmic praise songs.  

Romans 4:13-25  

The promise to Abraham came through his faith. Belief even in the face of impossibility.  

  • SFFS 2196 / HPP489 / G(II)414 / GC590 / GC(II)583 We walk by faith, each step by faith.  
  • ATOK 376 Faith, Hope and Love (Trisha Watts)  
  • AOVK Give us courage (Trisha Watts)  
  • TiS 691 Faith will not grow from words alone  
  • SFFS 2235/TiS 666 / ATOK 409 / AoV(2)113 / NCH526 / HPP153 / G(II)357 / VU646 We are marching in the light of God (Siyahamba)  
  • GC(II)651 Size Bambelela (Never Give Up). An excellent African chant. Would be fun to get a few singers together to sing the parts to this. Free sheet music (for non-profit use only) available from the World Council of Churches here. Sound sample from GIA publications here.  

Matthew 9:9-13, 18-26 Jesus calls Matthew and dines with tax collectors and sinners. Healing of the centurion’s daughter and the bleeding woman. 

  • TIS 693 Come as you are, that's how I want you  
  • TIS 665 / VU 117 / Iona Jesus Christ is waiting  
  • TIS 737 / Iona Lord Jesus Christ, lover of all 
  • TiS 749 / ATE 305 / NCH 360 / HPP 340 / G(II)484 / VU572 / GC677 / GC(II)674 Send me Jesus (Thuma mina)  
  • SFFS 2130 / ATOK 413 / HPP317 / G(II)510 / VU567 / GC700 / GC(II)687 Will you come and follow me (The Summons)
  • TiS 477 / Iona Jesus calls us here to meet him  
  • ATA 200 / VU639 One more step along the world I go  
  • TiS 638 / NCH175 / HPPS380 O Christ, the healer, we have come  
  • Tune In: Invitation - “when we hear the invitation, will we lay our burdens down?”. A Cuban beat, and feminine God-imagery. Sound sample and lyrics here. Lyrics and sound sample available here.  
  • Tune in: Jesus is waiting; hopeful song of Jesus calling us to bigger things. Lyrics and sound sample available here. NCH 545: There was Jesus by the water. Paraphrase of the healing story. Would be good sung by a soloist – a storytelling song, not a congregational worship song, really.
  • Recorded music Hem of his garment (Sam Cooke) This song is a fun way of hearing this story. Lyrics. Sound sample.

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