Songs, Hymns & Music for Lent 2C (17 March 2019)

Genesis 15:1-12, 17-18  
God makes a covenant with the childless Abram; God’s faithfulness
  • SiS414 / ATA 153 / GtG059 / Srce686 / PfAS105B The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases (Edith McNeill) Can be a mushy favourite, and the language is not inclusive in older versions; PfAS uses “God’s mercy never comes to an end”. PfAS uses it as a sung response to a Psalm. Older style lyrics & chords. Oldy-but-a-goody.
  • Iona (LFB) / G(II)503 / GC701 / RS818 / StF464 God It Was who said to Abraham (John Bell) Easy tune. Good story words. Note that God is masculine; I think this has been addressed  in more recent editions of Love From Below. Lyrics and sheet music. Slow sound sample.
  • GtG042 / PH251 Your Faithfulness O Lord Is Sure (Joy Patterson) Very simple paraphrase of this Psalm, sung to the familiar traditional tune WINCHESTER NEW. This is a paraphrase of Psalm 145 that fits very well for this passage. New words to old tunes.  
  • Online Resource The God of Sarah praise (David Bjorlin) A broadening of the traditional song "The God of Ab'ram Praise" to include Sarah and Hagar. Set to the traditional melody LEONI. Sound sample, sheet music and lyrics sample and purchasing options. New words to old tunes   
  • NCYC09 Stories of faith calling us to explore / Stories of Hope (Rob Hanks / Phil Newton) Not easy, but the words are great. Best to get someone to sing it - perhaps during the offering?
  • AoV1-137 / ATOK 403 / GA306 / G(II)286 God Of Abraham lead us (Bernadette Farrell) I love this energetic call and response with the response "Lead us to your kingdom". Don't try to sing all 17 verses! Choose what you like... You can sing with a cantor and response, or you could split your congregation in the middle doing half and half, or you could just have people singing all the way through. Lyrics (downloads a pdf). Good for kids.
  • *Unknown source Nothing is impossible with God (Unknown) I found this ridiculously happy song, and I think you only need to change one word to make it one I would like. I think our kids would just really love this..... Anyone know where it's from? Youtube of some ridiculously happy and wholesome kids singing it. Good for kids
Psalm 27 
God is our strength in times of trouble; longing for God
  • Online Resource Be the light (Craig Mitchell / David MacGregor) I really like these words - the chorus is "Christ be our light Whom shall we fear? Deep in the night Spirit, draw near". I think this would be quite straightforward for a congregation to pick up. Lyrics and sheet music.
  • BUC Song Project Searching alone / Safe (Julia Potter & Elaine Loukes) This is a lovely simple and reassuring song. BUC only so far...  
  • CH487 Come let us seek our God’s protection (Tom Colvin & the people of Ghana) A lovely call and response; would work well after a prayer of confession. 
  • *MV217 Hey ney yana (Brooke Medicine Eagle) This Native American song could be great, sung accompanied with just a drum "I walk in beauty, yes I do, yes I do". Sounds nice on flute too, I think. Good for kids.
  • *TiS 16 / AoV2-073 / GA028 / Sing Allelulia 28 Do not be afraid I am with you (Christopher Willcock) Excellent cantor and refrain. Refrain would work well with a reader also. GA has a nice descant line. Lyrics and sound sample.
  • ATE 212 Hush now for I am your God (Carol Littlemore) Lyrics (downloads a PowerPoint presentation).
  • NCH Psalter 27 Do not forsake me O God of my salvation (Lee Dengler) A very simple, and pretty cool Psalm refrain.
  • PfAS027E My God is my light (Julie Howard) A nice and very simple Psalm refrain.   
  • URW252 Find us, searching God, wherever we hide (Larry Peacock) A beautiful prayer based on the Psalm. No music. Maybe you could write some.
  • TiS 611 / AHB 543 / NCH436 / UMH577 / VU686 / LBW415 / ELW705 / A&M648 / HPP456 / PH420 / GtG307 / CP577 / CP(E) 448 / W&R569 / Cha464 / 82Hml-594 / StF682 / MP192 God of Grace and God of Glory (Harry Fosdick) A song about being courageous and wise. There are many possible tunes and many sets of words to this hymn. NCH has the most inclusive words, but TiS and AHB are okay too. They don’t hold back in verse 3. Chorus: “Grant us wisdom, Grant us courage, for the facing of this hour”. Don’t know about everyone else, but I know best the tune AHB 543 (ii). One version of the lyrics. New words to old tunes  
  • *CH573 / UMH523 / GtG789 / StB059 Jesus Savior Lord lo to thee I fly / Saranam Saranam (Daniel Niles) I think this would be an excellent song to sing, not only because the words are good and because the tune is simple and beautiful, but because we need to keep praying for the people of Sri Lanka. Sheet music.
  • G(II)406 / GC482 I Need You to Listen (Marty Haugen / Francis Patrick Sullivan) A simple and very beautiful Psalm and response. The words to this are very lovely. Lead sheet. Sound sample.
  • *MV175 May we but wait (Will Petricko) Beautiful and simple two line song. Would be good as a response to the Intercessions. 
  • AoV1-139 O God Nothing Can Take Us from your love (Christopher Walker) Good refrain. Good verses. Cantor and congregational response. Sound sample. 
  • * Open unto me light for my darkness (Richard Bruxvoort-Colligan). Good for a more contemplative service. Sound sample and lyrics.
  • Taizé / TiS 747 / ATE 214 / Iona (M&G) / GtG842 / PfAS027A / URW393 The Lord is my light, my light and salvation (Communauté de Taizé) A simple and very popular Taizé chant. Note that this is really easy on recorder if you have a kid in your congregation who is learning it. Good for kids. Youtube.    
  • Taizé / CH276 / VU22 / GtG090 / ELW262 / GA283 / A&M053 / G(II)256 / GC332 / GC(II)340 / G(3)406 / CP094 / W&R166 / PfAS037B / SP28 / URW396 / Lau088 Wait for the Lord (Jacques Berthier) Wait for the Lord whose day is near, wait for the lord, keep watch, take heart. A lovely simple Taize chant. Sheet music, translations and sound samples. 
  • *AoVNG71 / Taize / G(3)682 I am Sure I Shall See (Communauté de Taizé) One of the more upbeat Taize chants. Sheet music, translations and sound samples. 
  • Iona (M&G, T1AU) / MV099 / GC(II)673 / G(3)763 / Lau996 Stand O Stand Firm (Cameroon) I love having an excuse to sing this simple and powerful song. Very easy for your congregation. You can make up cantor parts too “Oh my sisters…. Oh my brothers… Oh my children….” or you can name countries you are praying for in your intercessions. Good for kids. Scottish sound sample. Lead sheet. 
  • Psalm Project (Sharing the Road) / SP&P140 All of My Life (Richard Bruxvoort Colligan) Lovely chant-like verses and chorus. I think this would be good to do. Available here.
  • VU753 / AA117 / A&M773 / SP306 Safe in the hands of God / Safe in your hands O God (Michael Perry) Good paraphrase of the Psalm. Tune will need to be played through at least once before the congregation join in. Lyrics.   
  • VU754 God is my light and saving health (Jeremiah Clarke) Quite straightforward psalm response (just part of the very long original song) and responsive psalm.
  • ATFG563 / NCYC'03 / The Red Book How long must we cry out? (Robin Mann) This is a big Brunswick favourite, great for young people in particular. BUC liturgists please note that we have not sung this since 2010! "Teach me to do what is right, walk in the darkness, trust in the light and may love be the path I walk upon". Good for teenagers.
  • TiS 547 / AHB 455 / AoV1-009 / NCH451 / CH465 / A&M595 / UMH451 / VU642 / WoV776 / ELW793 / HPP353 / GtG450 / PH339 / CP505 / CP(E) 386 / W&R502 / Cha595 / Srce70 / URW180 / 82Hml-488 / Lau970 / StF545 / MP051  Be thou my vision O Lord of my heart (8th century Irish) Most recent hymnals are fairly inclusive for this. Note that the High King phrase has been changed in some hymnals because it is masculine, but the hymn is based on an ancient story of St. Patrick refusing to follow the High King Logaire, and choosing instead the "High King of Heaven". Lyrics and tune. Oldy-but-a-goody.
  • New Zealand Praise Saviour I heard your voice gently say (David Burt) Lovely words. I do not have a copy, so I cannot comment on the tune. Thanks to Margaret Garland for suggesting this. Lyrics are below in the comments, or here (scroll down). 
Philippians 3:17-4:1 
I think this says that greed is not good, and we should have our mind on higher things
  • Iona (M&G, T1AU) / MV099 / GC(II)673 / G(3)763 / Lau996 Stand O Stand Firm (Cameroon) I love having an excuse to sing this simple and powerful song. Very easy for your congregation. You can make up cantor parts too “Oh my sisters…. Oh my brothers… Oh my children….” or you can name countries you are praying for in your intercessions. Good for kids. Scottish sound sample. Lead sheet.
  • *TiS 547 / AHB 455 / AoV1-009 / NCH451 / CH465 / A&M595 / UMH451 / VU642 / WoV776 / ELW793 / HPP353 / GtG450 / PH339 / CP505 / CP(E) 386 / W&R502 / Cha595 / Srce70 / URW180 / 82Hml-488 / Lau970 / StF545 / MP051  Be thou my vision O Lord of my heart (8th century Irish) Most recent hymnals are fairly inclusive for this. Note that the High King phrase has been changed in some hymnals because it is masculine, but the hymn is based on an ancient story of St. Patrick refusing to follow the High King Logaire, and choosing instead the "High King of Heaven". Lyrics and tune. Oldy-but-a-goody. 
  • UMH438 / VU416 / A&M476 / CP467 / CP(E) 430 / W&R718 / StF550 / Lau861 / MP159 Forth in thy name O Lord I go (Charles Wesley) Timeless words about committing all our works to God. I like this hymn best played lightly and joyfully with a simple drum beat as a kind of minstrel tune, rather than a hymn. The old fashioned words seem to make a lot more sense to me that way. Some hymnals (including TiS) have sensitively modernised the words. Lyrics and sheet music... Oldy-but-a-goody.
  • *NCH497 / SFFS 2208 / GtG741 / PH354 / G(II)508 / GC707 / GC(II)684 G(3)780 / CP513 / ZSS141 Guide my feet while I run this race (African American) An excellent civil rights song. Would work well as a meditative prayer for guidance or as an uplifting call to action at the end of the service.You could also make up your own lyrics. Lyrics. Good for kids.   
  • ATA 200 / CH530 / VU639 / A&M757 / CP(E) 548 / URW109 / StF476 One more step along the world I go (Sydney Carter) A good fun kid's song from Sydney Carter which many of their parents will remember. "And it's from the old I travel to the new, keep me travelling along with you". Lyrics and sheet music. Good for kids.
Luke 13:31-35 
Christ laments a city who has turned her back on her people; he long to comfort them and predicts that he will go, to return as the one who comes in the name of the Lord
  • Tune In / Online Resource Our God who weeps (Kate Scull) Very simple folk-like tune and challenging and hopeful lyrics. Reference recording, lyrics and songbook. 
  • Online Resource Blessed is the One (Bruce Harding) A good song, which will need to be taught at first, or might be nice to sing to the congregation by the musicians. Sound sample, sheet music available.
  • *VU270 Dear Mother God your wings are warm (Janet Wootton) Good images of God as mother, and a call for us to also embrace the needy; the tune is not known and will need to be taught. Could also be sung to PERFECT LOVE, I think. New words to old tunes  
  • ELW341 / SFFS 2187 / G(II)549 / GC759 / GC(II)752 / G(3)857 / W&R627 / Cha471 / Lau675 Now it is evening / At evening (Fred Pratt Green) A song of justice and caring for others who are lonely, hungry in the city. The set tune is really good and simple, but it can also be sung to BUNESSAN. Mostly makes sense for evening services only, but maybe it could work in the morning…? Lead sheet. Sound sample. New words to old tunes
  • MV214 May God's sheltering wings (Judith Snowdon) A nice simple blessing and benediction, which may be sung about a feminine or a masculine God. 
  • *MV091 Cradle me in your arms (Bruce Harding) A simple assuring chant in times of suffering. Sound sample. Sheet music sample. Purchase online. 
  • FFS09 Christ of the sad face (Shirley Murray) Christ weeps for the city, the earth. A longing for peace. Lyrics and an alternative tune 
  • Taizé / GtG814 / CP563 / PfAS062D In God alone my soul can find rest and peace / Mon ame se repose (Jacques Berthier) A beautiful healing chant from Taize. Words and music and sound samples for learning the parts  Good for kids.
  • VU584 Through the heart of every city (Sylvia Dunstan) Challenging words about caring for all God's people, particularly in the city. Tune is a quite straight forward hymn tune. 
  • *MV126 Are you a shepherd? (Ruth Duck) Good and joyous. Lots of images of God: shepherd, teacher, mother, father. A catchy chorus. Good for kids. 
  • Tune In / Online Resource The God that I know (Sheree Anderson) A ballad drawing on God’s strength and comfort; not easy if unfamiliar. Lyrics, sample and songbook.
Alternate Gospel Reading Luke 9:28-36, (37-43a)
Transfiguration story
  • ATFG555 / NCYC03 Open your eyes / See Yourself (Robin Mann) “see yourself in the one who’s shining on the hill”. Puts the transfiguration in the context of a whole lot of other New Testament stories. Excellent newer song; verses are a little tricky. Good for kids 
  • STB298 You are full of Light Lord Jesus (Syriac Liturgy) transfiguration A simple song from South India. It's very beautiful - the tune will need to be taught. Probably simplest to sing it in English. 
  • SFFS 2153 / GC(II)770 / G(3)878 / Cha182 Transform Us as you, transfigured (Sylia Dunstan) Good words to the familiar and quite meditative hymn tune  PICARDY (TiS 497). New words to old tunes Lyrics and a pretty amazing painting 
  • TiS474 / AoV1-012 / ATE 295 / CH623 / SFFS 2236 / HPP553 / A&M363 / GtG401 / G(II)539 / GC839 / GC(II)743 / G(3)848  / CP465 / W&R649 / Cha284 / SP175 / URW054 / Lau475 Here in this place new light is streaming / Gather us in (Marty Haugen). Excellent words, very well known. “Nourish us well and teach us to fashion lives that are holy and hearts that are true”. Lyrics and sheet music samples. 
  • CH355 / VU210 / HPP81 / GtG274 / GC(II)525 / G(3)628 / CP630 / W&R99 / URW098 You Lord Are Both Lamb and Shepherd (Sylvia Dunstan) Beautiful words. Can be sung to many tunes. I like it to PICARDY or WESTMINSTER ABBEY. Sound sample, lyrics and sheet music sample here. New words to old tunes.
  • NCH182 / VU104 / SFFS 2103 / HPP147 / GtG191 / CP166 / W&R245 We have come at Christ's own bidding (Carl P Daw Jr) Excellent lyrics that bring the images of the transfiguration to the faith of today. Sung to the familiar and very lovely tune HYFRYDOL (TiS 517). Lyrics. Tune sample. New words to old tunes.
  • AoV2-103 / AoVK-115 / G(II)514 / GC712 / GC(II)715 Holy Ground (Brenda Pena) I love the energy and passion in this song and the vision of the heavens embracing the earth. I especially like the “Do you believe in freedom? Yes we do Lord! Do you believe in justice? Justice for all!” call in the middle. Bilingual English/Spanish song. Good for kids. Sound and sheet music samples
  • ATFG 541 What is this scene? (David Froemming / Leigh Newton) A good story telling song. Not too difficult for the congregation to sing on a first attempt, but it will need a brief “teaching time” for the melody. You could also ask the musicians to present as part of the offering. The words are great.
  • TiS 255 / CH135 / VU434 / CP018 O laughing Light O first-born of creation (Sylvia Dunstan) A slightly more modern version of the Phos Hilaron. Words are good but the tune in TiS (ADRIAN) is a little tricky.
  • URW432 Radiant light divine (Rufino Zaragoza) This is pretty lovely. A nice chant based on the Phos Hilaron.  
  • Online Resource Seeing Jesus (Bruce Harding) A simple chant, needs at least 2 of the parts. Sample PDF, and available for purchase here
  • NCH183 / GtG193 Jesus take us to the mountain (Jaroslav Vajda) A very positive transfiguration hymn that asks good questions and provides some good challenges and clearly looks onward to Good Friday. Lyrics. 
  • TiS 268 / AHB 224 / AoV1-170 / NCH132 / CH320 / UMH246 / VU59 / LBW039 / ELW267 / GA295 / HPP107 / PH040 / GtG134 / GC343 / GC(II)353 / G(3)437 / CP154 / CP(E) 57 / W&R179 / Cha143 / Srce399 / 82Hml-100 / Lau156 / StF330 / MP393 Joy to the world The Lord is come (Isaac Watts) So, this was not actually written as a Christmas carol (read the lyrics: no baby Jesus), and I think it would work well for Christ the King Sunday and Transfiguration, so maybe it's worth a go! Oldy-but-a-goody.    
  • TiS 234 / AHB 390 / A&M281 / GC778 / GC(II)771 / G(3)877 / CP167 / CP(E)248 / VU103 / LBW89 / ELW315 / Lau209 How good Lord to be here / Tis Good Lord to Be Here (Joseph Robinson) Good solid words and a good solid tune (I like CARSLISLE best). I like the ending “But since you bid us leave the mount, come with us to the plain”. Oldy-but-a-goody. 
  • NCYC07 You shine (Kent Crawford) A good song, with an excellent chorus "You shine over us, you shine through us, so let your light shine on around the world". Definitely for the more youthful congregation. It would also work to play the CD from NCYC07 if you don't have a band of musicians. Good for teenagers. 
  • ATW 447 Thank you Jesus for ordinary miracles (Robin Mann) Fun and joyful. "Up in a cloud in the air"! Lyrics. Good for kids. 
  • Recorded Song Little Lights (Punch Brothers) This track from a recent Punch Brothers album sings of the desire of remaining in a transcendent place, but needing to return to reality - it made me think of the transfiguration, even though it's not written about it... I particularly like the line "guide us back to where we are from where we wanna be"... Lyrics. Sound.  
  • Recorded Song Transfiguration (Sufjan Stevens) I love this song. Lyrics. Here’s a video of him performing it live here on youtube, which is a bit more eclectic than the studio recording. Note: if playing recorded songs in worship, it's a really good idea to provide lyrics to the congregation either in a handout or using projection. Last year Daniel Broadstock sang it at our church. It was amazing...
  • Liturgy for the Whole Church (p69) The transfiguration (Susan Bock) A narrated skit. If you have this book, or access to it, this would be good to do.
  • Lau215 / Online Resource Transfigure us O Lord (Bob Hurd) Really excellent words. Maybe better for a soloist. Thanks to the anonymous reader who suggested this. Sound sample & purchase options. Lyrics
  • Online Resource Transfigure me (Christopher Grundy) I particularly like the chorus of this, that could be used as a sung response. The verses are also good. Youtube recording (rough, but gives you an idea). Sheet music. Free Bulletin Insert
  • Online Resource Transfiguration (Black Hatted) This song picks up on the disciples' desire for Christ to stay. Lyrics and sound sample. Instructional video for guitarists.  Thanks to Tim Larson for this suggestion. 
Got any ideas of your own for any of these readings? Please add them in the comments below! 


Anonymous said...

Quite a number of good hymns and songs Natalie. Thank you very much indeed. I often look at your site. A great help for preparation of services. God bless you.

Opoho Church said...

Hi Natalie

For Psalm 27 there is a hymn called 'Saviour I heard your voice gently say' and it is in New Zealand Praise - a NZ hymnbook.
Words are beautiful - contemplative tune. Can be heard here:

Words and Music: David Burt, NZP, B11

Saviour, I heard your voice gently say:
Seek you my face, come walk child with me;
Lord Jesus Christ, your face will I seek,
my heart replies in worship to you.

Hear, O my God, when I call with my voice,
have mercy upon me and answer my cry.
In your sweet presence my heart will rejoice
to your tender call my heart will reply.

Hide not your face far from me, O God,
and turn not your servant in anger away.
My constant help have you been till today
so do not forsake me or leave me, O God.

In your great mercy, teach me your way
and out of your paths let me never depart.
Wait on our God, be of courage, I say,
and God's loving-kindness will strengthen your heart.

Margaret Garland Dunedin NZ

Jennie Gordon said...

Dear Mother God your wings are warm (Janet Wootton) - great words and could also be quite powerful sung to LONDONDERRY AIR. Thanks again for your great resource Natalie, blessings, Jennie