Songs, Hymns & Music for Advent 4B (20 December 2020)

More Advent songs appropriate for these readings: listed here.

2 Samuel 7:1-11, 16 
David’s house and God’s house.
  • CH198 / MV001 / HPP550 / A&M365 / GtG301 / GC753 / GC(II)741 / G(3)850 / SP176 / URW058/ Lau458 / StF409 Let Us Build a House / All are welcome (Marty Haugen) This song has wonderful lyrics of hope for what a Christian community can be like, and a chorus that joyfully says “All are welcome, all are welcome, all are welcome in this place”. Sheet music sample. Sound sample.
  • Brunswick Song Project Take this space (Dave Brown / Matthew Lees / Julie McKinnon) This song was written for the opening of our updated church space and it would be good to sing it again this week. Sound sample.
  • ATW 487 Make your home in me (Fay White). The chorus is simple, but the verses are somewhat tricky (maybe get a soloist to sing the verses). “If you fly to the point of the day’s sunrise or westward across the sea, if you travel to the uttermost ends of the earth, there I will be; Make your home in me as I make my home in you. I am everywhere that you can be. Make your home in me”. Sound sample (a solo version which makes it sound trickier...). Lyrics.
  • SongSelect In my father's house (Paul Somerville) A great song of unity, with an inspiring, and very singable chorus. Lyrics and sound sample (if you have a license). Good for older kids & teenagers.
  • Online Resource Here's a new day (Helen Wiltshire) Great words about the sacred space that we meet in, and our connections to each other. Sheet music online.
  • Iona Lullaby Lullaby God comes tomorrow / Advent Lullaby (John Bell) Just gorgeous. This could also be sung by a (clever) congregation, or the congregation could sing one part, accompanied by a choir, or (clever) pianist. I like the idea of God waiting for birth, or for a home to be built. Sound sample  
Luke 1:46b-55
The magnificat! Yay! The magnificat!
  • CH291 When out of poverty is born (Kathy Galloway) An excellent set of words for Advent that reflects on God's good news for the poor and the strength of Mary's faith. Set to the familiar tune KINGSFOLD. Lyrics (downloads PDF) New words to old tunes
  • MV120 / StS124 / R245 / ELW723 / HPP88 / GtG100 / G(II)376 / GC556 / GC(II)527 / G(3)622 / PfAS075B / URW018 My soul cries out with a joyful shout (Canticle of the Turning) (Rory Cooney) This is my favourite Magnificat! No, really!! "Could the world be about to turn?" It's sung to a folk tune (STAR OF THE COUNTY DOWN). Lyrics & Sheet music samples. New words to old tunes 
  • MV134 There was a child in Galilee / Dreaming Mary (Janet Gadeski) This is a thoughtful, imaginative song of Mary, which would be best sung by a soloist, with the words made available for the congregation to ponder. Lyrics (scroll down past the videos, but make sure you watch the "Parody of a Modern Worship Service" video on the way down)
  • A&M185 / GC(II)362 / G(3)434 / SP069 Dark is the night / Sing Alleluia (Francis Patrick O'Brien) Excellent and simple Christmas song which reflects the magnificat and the happiness of Jesus’ parents. I especially like the last verse “Hope for the poor, release for the captive, Love for the outcast, light for weary eyes; Word that brings life, embracing humanity, Jesus, companion be born into our lives”. It would be particularly good for a Christmas eve service. The chorus would also work very nicely on its own. Lead sheet and lyrics. Sound sample.
  • W&R172 For Ages Women Hoped and Prayed (Jane Parker Huber) This is one of those "Coming, but already here songs" of Advent, and could be sung at other times of year, too. Thought-provoking words about what it may have been like for Mary to bear Christ. Lyrics. Set to VOX DILECTI, but could be sung to other tunes. It fits New Britain (the tune for Amazing Grace) quite nicely. New words to old tunes
  • GA250 / StF060 My soul rejoices / Canticle of Mary (Owen Alstott) A simple, formal hymnlike Magnificat. Lyrics and pretty slow sound sample
  • TiS 172 / NCH119 / UMH198 / VU899 / GtG099 / PfAS1042 / Cha130 My soul gives glory to my God (Miriam Therese Winter) Simple and beautiful words to a simple and beautiful tune. Inclusive lyrics. Lyrics (plus lyrics to lots of other magnificats). Scroll down and look for "ecumenical". New words to old tunes
  • Online resource Magnificat (Bruce Harding) A fun magnificat, using the Latin phrase “Magnificat amina mea deum”. I think our musicians would like this one! Sound sample. Free sheet music.
  • HiOS101 My heart is leaping (Marion Kitchingman) Good words, and a joyful tune.  
  • Taizé / Iona (T1AU) / StS012 / GA545 / GC(II)522 / G(3)630 / PfAS1018 Magnificat “Magnificat amina mea dominum” (Jacques Berthier) To be honest, I think it’s kind of funny to sing “Magnificat” as a lyric, but maybe that's just me. There are also alternative English lyrics (Sing out my soul), which are good if your congregation thinks singing in Latin is quirky. A catchy and happy Taize chant. Sheet music, sound samples, and English translation.
  • CH141 / A&M548 / SP250 / URW077 / StF114 Oh the life of the world is a joy and a treasure (Kathy Galloway) This is not a Magnificat, but holds some similar concepts! Good inclusive words about God's presence in "the life of the world" (nature, seasons, childbirth, justice). The tune is a simple Celtic-style melody. Lyrics.  
  • VU323 Maker of the sun and moon and mother of the earth (Peter Sharrocks) Wonderful inclusive words, and a beautiful tune, that for me sounds a lot like "Lord Jesus Christ, Lover of All" so melodically ties Advent in with Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. You may like to sing it this Sunday and leave the last verse until Christmas day. Highly recommended. Lyrics
  • Online Resource Christmas come close (Shirley Murray) Excellent words, sung to a simple hymnlike tune with some really beautiful images about difficult things and the hope that Christmas brings. A sad song, but with plenty of hope. Sheet music and lyrics.
  • ATAR639 / GC(II)782 / Lau338 My Soul Proclaims your Greatness O God (from Holden Evening Prayer) (Marty Haugen) Nice, simple to sing. Sheet music sample (you'll need to scroll through). Lyrics (where it says "Magnificat".
Alternative to the Magnificat: Psalm 89:1-4, 19-26
God’s steadfastness and promise to David
  • Online Resource I will sing of your love, love, love (Christopher Grundy) This is just so joyfully happy, and very catchy. "I will sing of your steadfast love for as long as I live". Sheet music for purchase and sound sample. Good for kids  
  • TiS 46 / AoV2-96 / GA518 My peace be upon you for ever / I will sing forever of your love, O Lord (Christopher Willcock) A very nice paraphrase of the psalm. The refrain is very simple and inclusive and can be used for either a read or cantor-sung Psalm. “My peace be upon you forever, my love be within your heart, my Spirit will keep you safe all your days”. This is also in New Song in an Ancient Land Vol 1 (in the Liturgy Library at BUC). Lyrics and sound sample.
  • ATE 216 / Iona (SBL) / CH126 / StJ / ELW555 / PH472 / G(II)365 / GC527 / RS 671 / CP417 / W&R15 / StF042 O sing to the Lord / Cantai ao Senhor / Cantad al Señor (Traditional Brazilian) A good, fun and simple song that is easy to learn in Portuguese or Spanish too; note that not all versions are inclusive. Some versions have multiple verses. Sheet music samplesGood for kids
  • AoV1-080 / ATA 150 / GtG276 / G(II)384 / GC538 / GC(II)544 / G(3)607 / URW296 / Lau697 Sing a New Song Unto the Lord (Dan Schutte) Good, joyous words and a simple joyous tune. It is not inclusive in all sources. Lead sheet and lyrics. Sound sample.
  • Emergent Psalter Blessed be God forever Amen and amen (Isaac Everett) An excellent simple refrain. Sheet music (refrain only - click on the "download" tab).
  • PfAS089B Forever I will sing (Marty Haugen) Simple Psalm refrain. 
  • MV147 God help us to treasure (John Oldham) Lovely words asking God to help us to just pay attention and remember how wonderful life is. Simple tune. Lyrics (scroll down).
  • TiS 666 / AoV2-113 / AoVK-126 / ATOK 409 / NCH526 / Iona (Common Ground, Freedom is Coming) / CH516 / VU646/647 / WoV650 / ELW866 / A&M483 / SFFS 2235 / HPP153 / GtG853 / G(II)357 / GC513 / GC(II)516 / G(3)594 / Cha442 / SP235 / Srce737 / StF483 / MP954 We are marching in the light of God / Siyahamba / Caminando (South African) A very popular chorus, with possible alternate verses, depending on your source. Sometimes people get anxious about the word "marching", but remember that this song comes from apartheid-era South Africa, where people were protesting so that they could vote in their own country. And the marching is toi-toing, much less militaristic than what you may imagine. Very cool Youtube choral version. Good for kids.
  • PfAS089D Forever we will sing (Michael Morgan / Martin Tel)  Very straightforward paraphrase. Formal old tune (GENEVAN 89).  New words to old tunes
  • NCH29 / Iona (SBL) / GC538 / G(II)385 Let heaven your wonders proclaim (John Bell) This simple folk tune style tune has good, inclusive words. NCH and Iona books have a lovely arrangement for the verses, but it can also be sung in unison; especially nice with guitar if you have a guitarist in your congregation.
Romans 16:25-27
A convoluted blessing
Sorry, no particular suggestions for this one.

Luke 1:26-38 
The annunciation. 
Some of the songs suggested for the Magnificat (above) would also be appropriate.
  • Online Resource Hey Mary! (Malcolm Gordon & Sam Gordon) A lovely children's song about the annunciation. It captures the surprise and the universality of God's arrival to each of us. Youtube and sheet music.  
  • CH291 When out of poverty is born (Kathy Galloway) An excellent set of words for Advent that reflects on God's good news for the poor and the strength of Mary's faith. Set to the familiar tune KINGSFOLD. New words to old tunes. Lyrics (PDF). 
  • Seeds of Faith I Bring You Good News (Richard Bruxvoort-Colligan) This is a great little song for kids “Mary, Mary do not be afraid. I bring you good news, good good news!”. Very simple and fun. Nice sound sample (with kids singing!) and lyrics/theology. Good for kids.
  • GA445 / G(II)421 / GC597 / GC(II)581 / G(3)676 I Say "Yes," Lord / Digo "Sí," Señor (Brenda Pena) A simple song which speaks of sticking with God through good times and bad. Lyrics and sample sheet music. Sound sample. 
  • Online Resource / TiS 287 / CH287 / GtG101 / StS011 / GC(II)768 / G(3)876 No wind at the window (John Bell) Wonderful words to the familiar Celtic tune COLUMCILLE that focus on Mary's decision to say "Yes" to God. Very easy to sing. Works well for Advent and Christmas. Sheet music sample (with lyrics) and purchasing options. Sound sample. Lyrics.
  • GC(II)781 O Mary of Promise (Steven Warner) A lovely song to a gentle tune. This will probably be too Marian for some.  Lyrics and leader sheet. Sound sample.
  • TiS 658 / AoV1-090 / ATE 296 / CH251 / UMH593 / VU509 / WoV752 / ELW574 / GA496 / A&M494 / HPP541 / GtG069 / PH525 / G(II)492 / GC(II)671 / G(3)777 / CP(E) 470 / W&R559 / Cha452 / Srce328 / Lau865 I the Lord of sea and sky / Here I am Lord (Dan Schutte) Song of God searching for us and our response. Very slow sound sample. Lyrics and sample sheet music. Good for kids.
  • G(II)563 / GC781 / GC(II)777 / G(3)458 I Sing a Maid (Michael Joncas) This telling of the role of Mary would be good sung by a soloist during part of the service, although some may find it too strongly Marian. The tune will be known to Australians as “with my swag all on my shoulder”. Lyrics, sheet music and (slow!) sound sample.
  • G(II)506 / GC(II)676 / G(3)794 There Is a Mountain / I am for you (Rory Cooney) Lovely words, but probably too tricky for a congregational song. Good words about God speaking through the flame with the words "I am for you". Could be sung with a few less verses than written, if you like.
  • Poem The angel and the girl are met (Edwin Muir) A beautiful transformative poem about the meeting of Mary and Gabriel. 
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Breath of Heaven, typically sung by Amy Grant is a beautiful solo or duet that speaks to Mary asking God to "hold her together" and cover her with Holiness.

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