Songs and Hymns for Epiphany 8A (Roman Catholic readings - February 26th 2017)

Isaiah 49:8-16a
Cosmic praise; God being faithful in times of difficulty
  • ATW 422 / NCYC'99 And you sun and moon and stars (Canticle of Daniel) (Don Stewart) This is a big favourite in our congregation. It has wonderful energy and excellent lyrics.
  • TiS 100 / AHB 3 / NCH017 / CH147 / UMH62 / VU217 / LBW527 / ELW835 / A&M532 / GA395 / HPP261 / GtG020 / PH455 / GtG015 / GC534 / GC(II)523 / G(3)611 / CP(E) / 250 / W&R23 / Cha022 / 82Hml-400 / Lau694 / StF099 / MP007 All creatures of our God and King (Francis of Assisi) A good classic sing! Hymnals vary a LOT in their translations and verses included. Using only Alleluia Alleluia or "Sing your praises" as some hymnals do, eliminates the "Oh praise him" which makes it annoyingly male exclusive. NCH has "To you, O God, all creatures sing" and eliminates all kingly language. ELW has "All creatures worship God most high". Lyrics and sound sample. Oldy-but-a-goody.
  • TiS 152 / NCH4 / UMH89 / VU232 / LBW551 / ELW836 / HPP22 / GtG611 / PH464 / GC529 / GC(II)520 / G(3)614 / CP425 / W&R59 / Cha002 / URW065 / 82Hml-376 Joyful joyful we adore thee Note that this hymn is not always very inclusive. I prefer more modern translations (e.g. TiS, VU, NCH, GC(II) ). Older version lyrics and tune sample. Oldy-but-a-goody.
  • VU888 / LBW558 / ELW731 / GtG026 / PH458 / RS681 / CP358 / W&R642 Earth and All Stars Fun words of cosmic praise. An easy hymn-like tune. I really like the "boiling test tubes" bit, although this verse is not in all hymnals. Lead sheet. Sound sample.  
  • TiS 187 / AoV2-130 / CH149 / StS122 / A&M539 / SP247 Let all creation dance I just love the imagery of this one, and it's a very joyous and familiar hymn tune too. Lyrics  New words to old tunes
  • AoV1-019 / CH151 / GA397 / G(II)340 / GC493 / GC(II)498 / G(3)575 / W&R039 All You Works of God (Haugen) Joyful cantor and response. If your musicians have any energy left after Christmas, they might enjoy playing with this. Probably good for kids. Lead sheet and lyrics. Silly sound sample.  
  • PH274 O God of Earth and Space (Parker Huber) Terrific words by Jane Parker Huber to a well known Jewish hymn tune (LEONI). "Wherever freedom reigns, where sin is overthrown, Where justice fused with mercy rules, there you are known. Give us the courage clear, to make the earth a home, For all to live in harmony, in Christ’s shalom." Highly recommended. lyrics. New words to old tunes 
  • TiS 181 / AoV2-032 / GC(II)497 / G(3)577 / CP589 Come O God of all the earth / Sing Out Earth and Skies (Haugen) A very joyful song for cantor and congregation, or small group and congregation; this is a big favourite in our church. Sheet music, lyrics and sound sample.
  • TiS 72 / AHB 42 / NCH27 / CH146 / UMH101 / LBW550 / A&M637 / HPP36 / GtG327 / PH229 / CP344 / CP(E) 431 / Cha49 / PfAS117C / 82Hml-380 / StF075 From all that dwell below the skies (Watts) A very old hymn, known by many, which is entirely inclusive in its language for God, save for one Lord which you can replace with God if you like 'cos it's Public Domain! Oldy-but-a-goody. Lyrics and tune samples.   
  • AoV1-114 / ELW388 / HPP376 / G(II)430 / GC608 / GC(II)596 / G(3)683 / W&R430 / Lau964 You shall cross the barren desert / Be not afraid (Dufford) Beautiful words. Well known (at least, the chorus). Verses may be tricky. Lyrics.  
  • ATW 435 / NCYC'99 Like the woman of old / Wellsprings A favourite song in our congregation about going to the "Wellsprings of life"and finding Jesus there. Picks up themes of tiredness, broken hearts and weariness, but makes the point that it's worth the effort. It's not specifically related to this reading, but would probably work quite well
  •  TiS 184 / Iona (HSNW) When trouble strikes and fear takes root (Iona) Good English folk melody. May be a little tricky if unfamiliar, but it is used for other hymns. Sound sample (from - a great resource for small congregations lacking musicians) 
  • *TiS 262 When pain and terror strike by chance (Wren) Excellent words to a very familiar folk tune. (KINGSFOLD) 
  • Tune In: You in all our worries / All will finish well (Brown) “In this world where injustice reigns, you are in the midst of pain”. Excellent words of reassurance in a difficult world. Sound sample, lyrics and songbook. 
  • Tune in Can you see God? (Lees). A good song of imagining God in various situations. Good for older kids “Can you see God in a world that’s unfair?” Sound sample, sheet music sample and songbook. 
  • Tune In: Cover us with love. (Loukes) A challenging song about seeing the world’s problems and seeking the courage to change it. Sound sample, sheet music sample and songbook. 
  • Tune In: Father of Earth, Mother of Sea (Brown) A good latin-rhythmed song that seeks Christ’s presence. Lyrics and a sample 
  • AoV1-089 / GA472 / Lau796 I will never forget you my people (Landry) Simple, reflective song. Very easy.
  • StF033 O Lord we are always in your presence (Philip Jakob) A lovely chant, best if you can sing it in parts. Slightly mushy tune. "O Lord we are always in your presence, in you we live and move and have our being. You hold us in the palm of your hand. And you lead us to your glory. 
Psalm 131
Curiously short Psalm about God providing calmness and quiet. Some authors suggest it means a child that has just been breastfed, not a weaned child, which is how the NRSV translates it (which makes the Psalm very curious indeed).
  • PfAS131C Srce430 Like A Child that is quieted is my soul (Loretta Ellenberger) A lovely simple refrain. It will work well just with the melody, but there are also some beautiful set harmonies that you could include if you have the singers.  
  • CH089 / PfAS131D For you the pride From my heart is banished (John Bell)  I love this. Excellent words for those who struggle to put their pride and ambition to one side, sung to the lovely tune THE ISLE OF MULL). The Isle Of Mull  
  • AoV1-085 / GtG474 / PfAS131E / Lau453 Like A Child Rests / As a child rests in its mother's arms (Christopher Walker) Simple refrain; works well on its own and the verses are good. This is a big favourite at Brunswick Uniting.
  • TiS 82 In you, Lord, I have found my peace (Willcock) Excellent cantored Psalm with a very simple chant-like refrain that could easily be used on its own or with the Psalm being read if you have no cantor. The paraphrase of the psalm is very straightforward. 
  • Linnea Good You have calmed and quieted my soul. A fairly straightforward simple chant. I personally prefer TiS 82, but they are both good. 
  • CH716 / VU374 / FFS10 / SFFS 2128 / W&R477 / Cha575 Come and find the quiet centre (Murray) A good song for the beginning of worship. I would prefer to sing this to one of the more traditional melodies offered (Tune 1 in FFS) or BEACH SPRING (TiS 493). New words to old tunes 
  • Tune in The God that I Know (Anderson) A beautiful ballad with female and male images of a loving, embracing God. “He comes with his arms open wide, a sheltering place I can hide”. If this is not familiar to your congregation it would be a good song for a soloist. Sound sample, sheet music sample and songbook.
  • AoV2-054 / Iona (T1AU, LFB) / MV077 /  GtG414 / SFFS 2057 / G(II)438 / GC618 / RS 736 / SP&P111 / PfAS046D / URW409 / Lau909 / StF019 Be still and know that I am God (Bell / Maule) This simple chant is beautiful. Works as a round or in unison. Good for kids.  
  • ATOK 311 / CH754 / GA401 Be still and know that I am God and there is none beside me (Iona) A good alternative. I like the 2nd verse especially "I am the one who calls you my friends, and there is none beside me". CH doesn't have the 2nd verse. 
  • ATN 9 / NCH743 / CH755 / W&R450 / Srce68 / StF018 / MP048 Be Still and Know (Anon) This is the old classic. Sources vary in the verses they have and the level of inclusiveness in the lyrics.  
  • FFS04 Be still my heart (John Murray) A good opening to worship. With two possible simple tunes. "Be still my heart, my mind, my busy world that I may hear God's word". 
  • Cha763a Drop thy still dews of quietness till all our strivings cease (Whittier) Simple sung response, and responsive reading 
  • CH089 For you the pride from my heart is banished (Bell) A challenging version of this Psalm, to the folk tune The Isle Of Mull. Lyrics, sheet music. 
  • AoV2-049 My Soul Is At Rest (Watts) This is just completely beautiful. It is also on Trisha's album "Invokation".
  • Taizé / GtG814 / CP563 / PfAS062D In God alone my soul can find rest and peace / Mon ame se repose (Berthier) A beautiful healing chant from Taize. Words and music and sound samples for learning the parts  Good for kids. 
  • GA519 / Lau950 My soul is longing for your peace (Deiss) This is quite nice. Cantor and refrain. 
  • Cha763b O Tender mother listen to your child (Markham) Simple sung response, and responsive reading 
  • SP329 / Srce522 / URW330 O Lord My Heart Is Not Proud (Rizza) A lovely gentle song. Maybe best for a choir or group of musicians, but could be sung by the congregation if taught. Lyrics
1 Corinthians 4:1-5
Do not judge, leave it to God.
  • ATW 459 I don't believe in a God up in the sky / God Version 1.0 An excellent rock song about how we think about God. Lyrics and mp3.
  • TiS 674 / Iona (Common Ground, Heaven Shall Not Wait) / A&M562 / CH253 / SP245 Inspired by love and anger Powerful lyrics, simple English folk tune (SALLY GARDENS). Lyrics (search for "inspired") New words to old tunes  
  • MV147 God help us to treasure (Oldham) Lovely words asking God to help us to just pay attention and remember how wonderful life is. Simple tune.
  • HPP28 / GtG023 / PH285 / W&R24 / URW083 God You Spin the Whirling Planets (Jane Parker Huber / AUSTRIAN HYMN) Excellent words to a very familiar tune (TiS 772). Really good for the final hymn or response to the sermon. Lyrics.  
Matthew 6:24-34 
You cannot serve God and money. Live in the moment. Do not worry.
  • TiS 674 / Iona (Common Ground, Heaven Shall Not Wait) / A&M562 / CH253 / SP245 Inspired by love and anger (John Bell) Powerful lyrics, simple English folk tune (SALLY GARDENS). Lyrics (search for "inspired") New words to old tunes   
  • TiS 613 / AHB 546 / ATOK 405 / CH166 / LBW469 / ELW765 / A&M713 / SFFS2197 / HPP265 / GtG683 / GC578 / GC(II)560 / G(3)663 / CP506 / CP(E) 507 / W&R469 / URW179 / 82Hml-482 / Lau969 / StF526 / MP882 Lord of all hopefulness Lord of all joy (Jan Struther) Excellent straightforward Irish tune (SLANE), and beautiful words. Would be a good choice for the final song. New words to old tunes
  • *Taizé / TiS 739 / AoV2-041 / ATOK 404 / VU290 / GA269 / SFFS 2054 / GtG820 / G(II)451 / GC639 / GC(II)626 / G(3)733 / CP568 / W&R421 / URW388 / Lau947 / LUYH444/ VF088 Nothing Can Trouble / Nada te turbe (Theresa of Avila / Taizé) Excellent and quite well known Taizé chant. Spanish lyrics are not too hard for non-Spanish speakers. Sheet music, sound samples, lyrics and translations. Good for kids. 
  • ATOK 414 / Iona (LFB, Common Ground) / CH501 / GA485 / A&M788 / G(II)480 / GC673 / GC(II)655 / SP311 / StF513 / Lau850 Take this moment, sign and space (John Bell) A fairly well known favourite. Simple melody and beautiful words. Lyrics (includes a very skinny picture of Jesus). 
  • NCH341 Great Spirit God the things which are yours (Dakota hymn) Good solid lyrics of God's provision. Would work well with a strong drum beat. Native American hymn. An alternate translation to "Many and Great".
  • Protest and Praise / Online Resource When our daily bread (David Bjorlin / Benjamin Brody) Turn away from the news and reflect on the beauty of God's creation and God's care for even the smallest part of it. Lyrics, sheet music and sound sample and purchasing options.
  • TiS 745 / AoV1-048 / ATN 34 / SiS96 / CH641 / UMH405 / VU356 / WoV783 / GA456 / HPP370 / PH333 / GtG175 / GC615 / GC(II)600 / CP458 / W&R349 / Cha354 / Srce593 / StF254 / 82Hml-711 / MP590 Seek ye first the kingdom of God (Lafferty) A classic. Versions vary widely in the inclusiveness of their versions. A tip: GA, WoV and VU have all made this gender inclusive for God by simply replacing "his righteousness" with "God's righteousness". And "We do not live by bread alone". Words from Theresa of Avila.
  • Taizé / CH276 / VU22 / GtG090 / ELW262 / GA283 / A&M053 / G(II)256 / GC332 / GC(II)340 / G(3)406 / CP094 / W&R166 / PfAS037B / SP28 / URW396 / Lau088 Wait for the Lord (Berthier) Wait for the Lord whose day is near, wait for the lord, keep watch, take heart. A lovely simple Taize chant. Sheet music, translations and sound samples.   
  • MV126 Are you a shepherd? (Duck) Good and joyous. Shepherd, teacher, parent images.
  • TiS 182 / AoV2-010 / NCH11 / CH134 / VU268 / GtG760 / SFFS 2047 / HPP13 / CP395 Bring many names beautiful and good (Wren) This is a beautiful song, but it's very long (especially if sung too slowly). Try singing one verse unison, then one women, one men, then all together again, to keep people interested in what they are singing. Lyrics  
  • Recorded Music Living in this moment (Martine Locke) This song would work really well if you’re able to find a copy, or if you bought a cassette way back in 1993 (like I did) and didn’t lose it (like I did). I wish I could find it because I still remember it and listening to her sing this in some shearing shed in South Australia.... 
  • Recorded Music Don't worry be happy (Bobby McFerrin) I’m serious. I’m sure this is the first song most of us think of when this reading comes up – there must be a creative way of using this. One reader told me that she used it in her congregation as people came in... I like it! 
  • NCH34 / Iona (SL) / CH138 / SgTJ1065 Nourished by the rainfall the earth can come alive / Flowers of every colour now raise their heads in pride / As the rain is falling / Alabanza (Badillo) Complex words, but a simple repetitive tune. Inclusive, earthy. Great for a temperate Springtime. There are quite a few different English translations of this Puerto Rican song. I particularly like the version in Church Hymnary / Hymns of Glory Songs of Praise. midi sample.
  • Iona (SBL, Common Ground) / Lau781 Look and learn From the birds of the air  (Na / Bell) A lovely song translated from the Korean by John Bell. Lyrics, sound samples and sheet music. Thanks to Paul Weary for this suggestion.

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