Songs and Hymns for Proper 15C / Ordinary 20C / Pentecost +10 (August 18th 2019)

Isaiah 5:1-7
The promising vineyard that gives only wild grapes. God's frustrated.
  • Tune In / Online Resource / NCYC07: Forgive us now (Dave Brown). “As we forgive may we be healed, as we reach out….” An excellent ballad seeking forgiveness in a sinful world. Lyrics, sound sample and sheet music.
  • Recorded Music If you had a vineyard (SinĂ©ad O'Connor) Taken directly from this passage, this protest song is very moving. It's from the album "Theology". Video. 
  • Iona (Sent By the Lord) / MV066 Senzenina? / What have we done? (South African) This beautiful chant from South Africa asks the question that we often ask when things go wrong beyond belief. It's important to know what the song means when singing it. If you have some part-singers in your congregation, this would be particularly good. It's good to let people ask this question. It is also on the soundtrack for "The Power of One" so you could also play the recorded music if appropriate. Free sheet music (loads a pdf). Good for kids
  • Online Resource / BUC Song Project Why do we listen and fail to hear / Lament - for a people with a people with a dull heart (Shawn Whelan) This lament, and it's wailing ooooh would fit quite well with this passage. Free sheet music and lyricsGood for kids
  • SFFS 2169 / GtG445 / StF613 God How Can We Forgive (Ruth Duck) Good words of healing in the midst of broken relationships to the familiar tune LEONI. Lyrics (scroll down). New words to old tunes.
  • *PH437 / CP591 / W&R586 Our Cities Cry to You O God (Margaret Clarkson) Good words of helping to heal injustice in the world. Being the body of Christ. Sung to a very familiar hymn tune. Lyrics and tune sample. 
  • Tune In / Online Resource Our God who weeps (Kate Scull) Very simple folk-like tune and challenging and hopeful lyrics. "When death has taken those held dear"... Lyrics, sound sample and sheet music.
Psalm 80:1-2, 8-19
Another vineyard song – parallels to Isaiah but asks for God’s intervention “Restore us, O Lord of hosts. Let your face shine, that we may be saved”.
  • TiS 265 / AHB 193 / AoV1-174 / NCH116 / CH273 / UMH211 / VU001 / LBW034 / ELW283 / GA285 / HPP92 / GtG088 / PH009 / GC317 / GC(II)323 / G(3)395 / CP089 / CP(E) 32 / W&R154 / Cha119 / 82Hml-056 / Lau112 / StF280 / MP493 O come O come Emmanuel (Psalerolium Cantionum Catholicarum) A very well known ancient Advent carol. Most versions are pretty inclusive. Lyrics, sheet music. There are also two alternate versions (one by Sue Wickham and one by John Henson), set to the same tune, but with more modern lyrics and ideas. See the Facebook Group for lyrics. Oldy-but-a-goody. 
  • CH573 / UMH523 / GtG789 / PfAS061B / STB059 Jesus Savior Lord lo to thee I fly / Saranam Saranam (Daniel Niles) I think this would be an excellent song to sing, not only because the words are good and because the tune is simple and beautiful, but because we need to keep praying for the people of Sri Lanka. You could use just the refrain if you would like a short song - it works quite well on its own.  Story Lyrics & chords.
  • TiS 42 / GA047 Lord make us turn to you (Kathleen Boschetti) A simple refrain and mostly inclusive cantor part. We have sung this at Brunswick some years ago and it went very well. Don't forget that you can use these refrains with a reader if you don't have someone confident enough to cantor.
  • PfAS080C O Shepherd hear and lead your flock (Michael Morgan) Strong mournful and formal words to the rather Christmassy tune ST LOUIS. Lyrics. New words to old tunes.
  • Tune In: Longing for you (Elaine Loukes) A simple chant of longing for God. Free downloadable songbook. Good for kids.
  • W&R632 / Cha512 When Aimless Violence Takes Those We Love (Joy Patterson) Excellent words for a time of grieving violent death; this won't suit most congregations, but perhaps there is one who needs it this Advent. It's sung to the well known tune SURSUM CORDA. Lyrics. New words to old tunes.
  • *Emergent Psalter Restore us God (Isaac Everett) Another good refrain and read Psalm with instrumental backing. I'm still loving this book. Sheet music (refrain only, click on the Downloads tab)
  • Tune In / Online Resource Our God who weeps (Kate Scull) Very simple folk-like tune and challenging and hopeful lyrics. "When death has taken those held dear"... Free downloadable songbook.
  • *Online Resource Restore us (Richard Bruxvoort-Colligan) A hopeful contemporary song. This is simple enough for a congregation to sing the first time, I think, but if you're feeling less hopeful about the singing ability of your congregation, they could just join in on the VERY simple chorus! Lyrics, sound sample and sheet music.
  • *AoVK-29 Remember we are your people (Tony Barr) Simple three part chant "Remember we are your people, your people O God". This would work really well as a sung refrain during the prayer of confession. Sound sample. Good for kids. 
  • VU239 O great Spirit how I long to hear (Doreen Clellamin) Written by a First Nations Canadian woman, this very simple song would be best with a good hand-clapping rhythm or drumming.
  • StJ / G(II)346 / GC506 / GC(II)508 / G(3)586 You Are All We Have (Francis Patrick O'Brien) A nice refrain and good cantor parts. Somewhat formal. Sound sample, sheet music sample and a different sound sample. 
  • *NCH563 / MV143 / HPP260 / GC710 / GC(II)703 / G(3)811 / RS 636 / Cha684 / URW169 / Lau688 We cannot own the sunlit sky / Abundant life (Ruth Duck) I like these words full of hope for the future. I would prefer to sing it to the tune of "How can I keep From singing". LA GRANGE is the other option. Lyrics (downloads a pdf). New words to old tunes.
  • *Psalm Project (2010) Shout for Joy Turn and restore us (Richard Bruxvoort-Colligan) This is a little bit country. Very cool, and I think a younger congregation would probably pick this up fairly quickly. Sound sample.    
  • G(II)69 / GC74 The vineyard of the Lord (Michael Guimont) A very simple refrain and read or cantored Psalm. Sample refrain music and lyrics. Sound sample.
Alternative Hebrew Scripture: Jeremiah 23:23-29 
God is everywhere, and wants to be remembered; speak out!
  • MV048 I can feel you near me God / Jump for joy (Pat Mayberry) Good song for smaller kids about God being with us. I reckon you could get the kids to Jump in the chorus. Maybe it's a bit too happy clappy for some? Lyrics (scroll down) Good for kids.
  • Iona (Enemy of Apathy) / A&M466 / SP223 / StF654 / MP940 The love of God comes close (Iona) A good song of God's forgiveness. Simple melody. Lyrics. Very slow music sample.
  • TiS87 / VU862 / GtG028 / PH248 / PfAS139D You are before me, Lord, you are behind (Ian Pitt-Wilson) Excellent words, set either to the chant-like tune SURSUM CORDA or the Scottish tune HIGHLAND CATHEDRAL. The words are directly from the Psalm and are very beautiful. Lyrics.  New words to old tunes.
  • ATOK 320 / NCH351 / VU645 / StJ / WoV770 / ELW732 / SFFS 2051 / HPP516 I Was There to Hear Your Borning Cry (John Ylvisaker) A song of God’s presence in all stages of life. Very simple tune to sing. This always makes me think of Center Church on-the-Green in New Haven, CT, where I first came across it. Lyrics, and a nice (slow) sound sample.
  • God of My Breathing (Richard Bruxvoort-Colligan). Excellent words to a well-known hymn tune. Sample and lyrics. 
Psalm for the Jeremiah reading: Psalm 82 
God as judge, desiring justice. 
  • *MV028 / StJ / FFS25 / GC(II)507 / G(3)587 / STB255 God of the Bible / Fresh as the morning (Shirley Murray) Good words. I particularly like the tune by Alonso (MV and Gather hymnals), as the chorus is really joyous. I think this song would be a really good "fit" for our congregation. Good for kids (Alonso tune). Lyrics, sheet music sample. Sound sample.
  • Iona (M&G) / CH267 Blessed be God blessed be God for ever (Salvador Martinez) Beautiful words to a beautiful, but tricky Philippino melody, unless you have a Philippino congregation, in which case it's just a familiar folk tune (DANDASOY). This would be great to ask a small group to sing, if you have some good singers in your congregation. Works nicely with a guitar.
  • TiS 657 / CH263 / VU700 / A&M559 / AA50 / CP(E) 447 / Cha656 / SP242 God of freedom God of justice (Shirley Murray) Powerful lyrics. Can be sung to either TREDEGAR (new, but not too hard) or PICARDY (very familiar) or RHUDDLAN. Lyrics and sheet music. New words to old tunes 
  • AoV1-083 / GA036 / GtG763 / G(II)46 / GC48 / GC(II)33 / G(3)047 / PfAS082B / URW257 / Lau892 The Lord Hears the Cry of the Poor (James Foley) The chorus for this makes a very good refrain for this Psalm, as set in PfAS. Sound sample and lyrics (including verses).  
  • Emergent Psalter You are gods all of you (Isaac Everett) A very different verse to focus on in this simple refrain. Sheet music (refrain only).
  • Online Resource Real justice for the earth (Richard Bruxvoort-Colligan) Funky refrain! This would be great - use a cantor for the verses, or use the refrain on its own. There is also a call and response section, which is most appropriate for US-based congregations. Recording, video, lyrics and link for sheet music.
Hebrews 11:29-12:2
More people living by faith even to the point of getting sawn in half! Since we’re surrounded by such a cloud of witnesses, let’s get on with it.
  • NCH497 / SFFS 2208 / GtG741 / PH354 / G(II)508 / GC707 / GC(II)684 G(3)780 / CP513 / ZSS141 Guide my feet while I run this race (African American) An excellent civil rights era song. Would work well as a meditative prayer for guidance or as an uplifting call to action at the end of the service.You could also make up your own lyrics. Lyrics. Good for kids.   
  • NCYC09 Stories of faith calling us to explore / Stories of Hope (Rob Hanks / Phil Newton) Not easy, but the words are great. Best to get someone to sing it - perhaps during the offering?
  • AoVK-28 / ATOK 376 Faith hope and love (Trish Watts) This is so easy, and so cool. If you have some groovy musicians, this can even be a very funky rock song. Very easy, and great for kids and non-readers. Good for kids
  • Online Resource / Tune in We are the dream that's longing / Jesus is waiting (Dave Brown) An honest catchy rock song about our hesitation to follow and Jesus not only waiting, but continuing to work and change the world. A good sending-out song. Lyrics, sound sample and sheet music.
  • *SFFS 2129 / HPP322 / W&R344 / Cha344 / Srce2-244 / MP272 I Have Decided to Follow Jesus (Traditional) Good simple traditional chorus. This Australian video from Perth has some nice chords. 
  • TiS 643 / UMH206 / StJ / WoV649 / GtG377 / ELW815 / G(II)352 / GC508 / GC(II)513 / G(3)593 / W&R248 / 82Hml-490 I want to walk as a child of the light (Kathleen Thomerson) A very simple and lovely song. Lyrics here.
  • Online Resource / Tune In Hail the fisherfolk (Dave Brown) A bluesy litany of the saints, including the fishermen of yesterday and the fisherfolk of today. Lyrics, sound sample and sheet music.
  • CH683 / VU420 / A&M491 / GC(II)469 / G(3)546 / GtG295 / CP598 / W&R553 / SP156 / URW132 / Lau426 / StF402 Go to the world Go into all the earth (Sylvia Dunstan) Great words of sending out. Can be sung to a couple of different tunes. SINE NOMINE is the easiest and best known. Sound sample. Sheet music sample. New words to old tunes   
  • CH159 / A&M715 / CP(E) 81 / W&R70 / SP289 / Srce439 / Lau942 / StF470 / MP428 Lord for the years your love has kept and guided (Timothy Dudley-Smith) Very traditional, but good words. Some lack of inclusive language in some versions. Sung to a well-known hymn tune (O PERFECT LOVE) in some books it is set to a different tune, which is also nice but may be less familiar. Lyrics and sound sample (of a different tune). New words to old tunes    
  • TiS 749 / AoV1-154 / AoVK-131 / ATE 305 / NCH360 / Iona (SBL, Freedom is coming) / CH800 / UMH497 / VU572 / WoV773 / ELW809 / GA493 / A&M481 / HPP340 / GtG746 / G(II)484 / GC677 / GC(II)674 / G(3)776 / W&R713 / Cha447 / SP234 / StF782 Send me Jesus / Thuma mina (South African) You all know this one, right? If you don't - it's great - simple, repetitive, and meaningful. Good for kids. Sheet music sample and lyrics. Youtube  
  • ATOK 412 / Iona (SBL, Common Ground) / CH250 / MV212 / A&M482 / GtG747 / SFFS 2184 / Lau855 / StF239 Sent by the Lord am I / Sent out in Jesus name / Enviado soy de Dios (Traditional Cuban) Great rhythm, good words and not too hard to sing (provided you sing it a little slowly the first time!) I prefer the MV translation "Sent out in Jesus' name". Good for kids. Lyrics.
  • TiS 470 / CH742 / UMH708 / WoV689 / LBW26 / ELW264 / A&M308 / GtG732 / CP(E) 227 / W&R531 / Cha476 / SP116 Rejoice in God’s saints today and all days! (Fred Pratt Green) Great words about all the different saints and the importance of remembering them. The 2nd verse which mentions "some carry the gospel through fire and through flood" may be particularly appealing. Works well to the tune PADERBORN, but would be even simpler sung to LAUDATE DOMINUM which would be more familiar. Lyrics and sheet music. New words to old tunes.   
Luke 12:49-56
Christ comes, not to bring peace, but to bring division. Now Jesus is angry. Vs 49 is pretty full-on!
  • TiS 387 / CH416 / UMH318 / VU158 / LBW363 / ELW389 / A&M199 / GtG246 / PH108 / CP(E) 140 / W&R312 / 82Hml-182 / Lau272 / StF297 Christ is alive Let Christians sing (Brian Wren) Excellent words of Christ's saving, and still relevant grace. A couple of tunes are offered in different hymn books. I prefer TRURO. Lyrics and sheet music.  New words to old tunes.   
  • AoV1-021 / ATOK 402 / StS114 / G(II)488 / GC682 / GC(II)669 / G(3)761 / Lau858 God Has Chosen Me (Bernadette Farrell) Energetic, and great words of justice. Can be rocky or smooth, however you like it. LyricsGood for kids. 
  • Tune in / Online Resource We are the dream that's longing / Jesus is waiting (Dave Brown) An honest catchy rock song about our hesitation to follow and Jesus not only waiting, but continuing to work and change the world. A good sending-out song. Lyrics, sound sample and sheet music.
  • Tune In: Our God who weeps (Kate Scull) Very simple folk-like tune and challenging and hopeful lyrics. "When death has taken those held dear"... Lyrics, sound sample and sheet music.
  • GA474 Whence comes this fire (Christopher Willcock) I quite like this one and it is based directly on the first verse of this passage. I'm not sure how it works with a congregation. I would do with with a small vocal group and cantor first. Sound sample. 
  • TiS 674 / Iona (Common Ground, Heaven Shall Not Wait) / A&M562 / CH253 / SP245 Inspired by love and anger (John Bell / Graham Maule) Powerful lyrics, simple English folk tune. Lyrics (search for "inspired") 
What will you be singing? If it's something I've not thought of, let me know in the comments below!
Written at home in Fitzroy. 


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