Songs, Hymns & Music for Proper 25C / Ordinary 30C / Pentecost +20 (October 23rd 2022)

Joel 2:23-32
Abundance after drought; The coming of the Spirit: prophecies, dreams, visions; salvation
  • Online Resource / Tune in A vision strong (Shawn Whelan) A rock song about being strong in vision and courage, including an optional verse about women's empowerment. "The victims of oppression call to us to sing their song". Lyrics, sound sample and free downloadable songbook. Cooler sound sample. Good for teenagers.
  • Online Resource / Tune in Alive in me (Sheree Anderson) Catchy boppy pop song about God's spirit within us and within the world. Good for kids.Lyrics, sound sample and free downloadable songbook.
  • Iona (Common Ground) / CH257 Singing we gladly worship the Lord together (Traditional Guatemalan) This song has a simple and energetic chorus with a great rhythm, and sings of us "sowing seeds of peace and love" in a troubled world. Sound sample & lyrics. Good for kids.
  • Online Resource / Tune in Come O God and visit us sick we pray / Your abundant life (Dave Brown) A joyful song "Lead us into your abundant life". Lyrics, sound sample and free downloadable songbook.
  • Online Resource / Tune in The desert will spring to life / Making things new (Sheree Anderson). A catchy pop song. Great for kids, and excellent imagery. Lyrics, sound sample and free downloadable songbook. Good for kids.
  • Online Resource / Tune in You in all our worries / All will finish well (Dave Brown) “In this world where injustice reigns, you are in the midst of pain”. Excellent words of reassurance in a difficult world. Lyrics, sound sample and free downloadable songbook
  • NCH495 / HPP443 / GtG761 / PH343 / W&R581 / Cha453 Called as partners in Christ's service (Jane Parker Huber) A good song of commitment - particularly good if you are commissioning people to new roles this week, and good for any other service too. Sung to a standard tune (BEECHER). Lyrics.
  • BUC Song Project At the centre of our lives we long for you (Dave Brown) "Come sustain us all" Particularly good if you are celebrating communion this week.
  • MV084 In you there is a refuge (Keri Wehlander) A simple quiet song. "In you there is a silence, in you our minds are clear. When all we hear is discord may your quiet draw us near". (Lyrics (search in the page). 
  • TiS 421 Where the Spirit is there's freedom (Per Harling) Fun and good. Can be sung with the congregation in two halves singing each part, which is not too hard once they have the hang of singing it in unison. Good for kids Lyrics.
  • TiS 547 / AHB 455 / AoV1-009 / NCH451 / CH465 / A&M595 / UMH451 / VU642 / WoV776 / ELW793 / HPP353 / GtG450 / PH339 / CP505 / CP(E) 386 / W&R502 / Cha595 / Srce70 / URW180 / 82Hml-488 / Lau970 / StF545 / MP051  Be thou my vision O Lord of my heart (8th century Irish) Most recent hymnals are fairly inclusive for this (older ones are not!). Note that the High King phrase has been changed in some hymnals because it is masculine, but it makes it a bit clunky when you get to "O Ruler of all", and High Kings were clan leaders, so maybe we could use the term "Chieftain" (which would be more accurate perhaps, and the term is used for both male and female clan leaders). Lyrics and sheet music. Oldy-but-a-goody.
  • TiS 672 / GA554 Lord of earth and all creation (Honor and Michael Thwaites) Good words seeking a better future for first and second peoples of Australia; can be a little nationalistic so check the lyrics. Two possible tunes. The newer tune is good, but challenging. If your congregation can't do a new tune this week, it can also be sung to WESTMINSTER ABBEY or PRAISE MY SOUL which are both very well known. Lyrics (split by words of mission and blessing, so keep looking for verse 3). New words to old tunes
  • CP517 / W&R503 O God your constant care and love (Glen Lanier) Quite good words about God's presence with us through our lives. Sung to a standard hymn tune. Lyrics
  • NCH263 / UMH539 O Spirit of the living God (Henry Tweedy) Excellent words of hope for a church that needs to turn to God and do things right. The tune in NCH (ST MATTHEW) is not one I'm familiar with, but it's pretty straightforward. UMH uses FOREST GREEN which is much better konwn. Lyrics and sound sample. New words to old tunes
  • NCH286 / ATE 218 / VU375 / WoV684 / ELW396 / HPP239 / GtG291 / PH319 / W&R326 / Cha249 Spirit spirit of gentleness (James Manley) Lovely, gentle song. Very easy to sing, but can get slow and ponderous if you're not careful. Lyrics  
Psalm 65
Deliverance, hope, God’s power over nature, rain and harvest
  • Online Resource / MV144 / SP&P073 Like a healing stream (Bruce Harding) Gentle folksy ballad with a lot of water imagery - healing stream, gentle rain, river strong and mighty sea. Would need to be introduced, but would catch on pretty quickly, I think. Free sheet music.
  • PfAS065C Your paths overflow with plenty (Ray Makeever) Ridiculously simple one line Psalm refrain, and the words are so nice! 
  • NCH766 / CH767 / Songs for Liturgy 88 / CP324 / GtG590 / PfAS148G Hallelujah hallelujah (Dumisami Maraire) A simple and joyful Alleluia in 3/4 in 3 parts. This one is particularly good if you can get all three parts going. It's pretty straight forward, and catchy. PfAS uses it as a Psalm refrain for Psalm 148, so you could do that, or sing any alleluia you like as a refrain for this Psalm. Good for kids  Sound sample 
  • TiS 119 / AHB 40 / NCH012 / UMH152 / VU231 / HPP39 / GtG032 /  PH288 / W&R31 / Cha064 / 82Hml-398 / Lau684 / StF107 / MP293 I sing the almighty power of God / We sing the mighty power of God (Isaac Watts) I really like this old hymn, especially sung to ELLACOMBE, but it can also be sung to FOREST GREEN. VU, NCH and Chalice have inclusive language, but other hymnals (like TiS and AHB, are not).  Lyrics and sheet music.  Oldy-but-a-goody.
  • STB166 Picture the rugged landscape (Lim / Park) This is beautiful and provides a Korean understanding of this passage; may need some explanation of the different perspective. Lyrics in English and Korean. Best sung by a soloist. 
  • TiS474 / AoV1-012 / ATAR595 / CH623 / SFFS 2236 / HPP553 / A&M363 / GtG401 / G(II)539 / GC839 / GC(II)743 / G(3)848  / CP465 / W&R649 / Cha284 / SP175 / URW054 / Lau475 Here in this place new light is streaming / Gather us in (Marty Haugen) Excellent words, very well known. “Nourish us well and teach us to fashion lives that are holy and hearts that are true”. Lyrics, sound samples, sheet music.
  • MV163 River running in you and me (Ian Macdonald / Gordon Light) Terrific words with lots of river imagery, a song of the spirit, and of challenge when times are hard. If this is not familiar, just get a soloist to sing it while the congregation joins in the last line "River run deep, river run free". The verses are not metrical, so it will take more time to sing them with confidence. Lead sheet and chords.
  • Recorded Music Come One Come All (Malcolm Gordon) A delightful song of welcome "Come one, come all ot life that's whole; Come one, come all to love that's full". Sound sample and purchase options.
  • TiS 690 / CH259 / A&M557 / StS115 / SP237 / Srce54 / StF693 / MP806 Beauty for brokenness hope for despair (Graham Kendrick) Themes of healing from personal and universal suffering and an emotive chorus. “Refuge from cruel wars, havens from fear, cities for sanctuary, freedoms to share, peace to the killing-fields, scorched earth to green; Christ for the bitterness, his cross for the pain”. It's a bit schmaltzy. Video.
  • TiS 647 / AoV2-012 / ATN 25 Comfort, comfort all my people (Robin Mann) Easy to sing, beautiful lyrics. Chorus is “Comfort, comfort all my people, with the comfort of my word. Speak ye tender to my people, all your sins are taken away”. Lyrics, mp3 sample.
  • Emergent Psalter The fields are clothed with grain (Isaac Everett) A good quality sung refrain. The author also suggests using this Psalm as a grace. Nice idea. Sheet music sample (Click on "Downloads" tab).
  • TiS 755 / ATA 196 / CH804 / VU884 / SFFS 2278 / A&M484 / HPP219 / GTG080 / CP662 / W&R710 / SP82 / Srcs830 / URW449 / Lau878 / STF487 / MP796  You shall go out with joy / The trees of the field (Steffi Karen Rubin / Stuart Dauerman) This is a good hand clappy foot stomping song. Fun. Lyric video. Good for kids.  
  • ORAiY Dumiyah (Richard Bruxvoort-Colligan) A simple chant-like refrain to encourage quiet reflection. Sound sample.
  • TiS 100 / AHB 3 / NCH017 / CH147 / UMH62 / VU217 / LBW527 / ELW835 / A&M532 / GA395 / HPP261 / GtG020 / PH455 / GtG015 / GC534 / GC(II)523 / G(3)611 / CP(E) / 250 / W&R23 / Cha022 / 82Hml-400 / Lau694 / StF099 / MP007 All creatures of our God and King (Francis of Assisi) A good classic sing! Hymnals vary a LOT in their translations and verses included. Using only Alleluia Alleluia or "Sing your praises" as some hymnals do, eliminates the "Oh praise him" which makes it annoyingly male exclusive. NCH has "To you, O God, all creatures sing" and eliminates all kingly language. ELW has "All creatures worship God most high". Lyrics and sheet music. Oldy-but-a-goody.  
  • CH227 / PfAS065A The earth is yours O God (Michael Saward) A simple hymn paraphrase of this Psalm. To the tune ROSSLEIGH. LyricsNew words to old tunes
  • Online Resource The River of God (Richard Bruxvoort-Colligan) A call and response song. Lyrics, sound sample.
Alternate Hebrew Scripture: Sirach 35:12-17  
Give to God generously. God hears those who pray in need.
  • NCH562 / AA127 / Cha381 Take my gifts and let me love you (Shirley Murray) Good words about giving God ourselves, our goods, our money. Can be sung either to the set tune by Colin Gibson (TALAVERA TERRACE) which is a little bit tricky, or the more well known tune HOLY MANNA. A good offering song. Lyrics. New words to old tunes
  • Taizé / TiS 741 / AoV1-017 / ATE 282 / LBW368 / ELW407 / GA431 / SFFS 2200 / GtG471 / G(II)410 / GC586 / GC(II)566 / G(3)666 / W&R484 / Srce519 / URW390 / Lau929 / PfAS013A / PfAS102A / MP908 O Lord hear my prayer (Jacques Berthier) A simple and very well known Taizé chant. Works well during intercessions. You could read the Psalm between repeats of this chant, or just use as a chant as is.Sheet music samples. Good for kids
  • CH763 / MV193 God bless to us our bread (Traditional Argentinian) A lovely simple grace for meals and for communion. More Voices has Spanish and French lyrics as well as English. "God bless to us our bread, and give bread to all those who are hungry, and hunger for justice to those who are fed. God bless to us our bread". This would be very appropriate if you are celebrating communion this week. Sound sample. Good for kids
Alternate Alternate Hebrew Scripture: Jeremiah 14:7-10, 19-22 
Come on God, listen to us, we know you're here!
  • ATFG563 / NCYC'03 / The Red Book How long must we cry out? (Robin Mann) This is a big Brunswick favourite, great for young people in particular. "Teach me to do what is right, walk in the darkness, trust in the light and may love be the path I walk upon". Good for teenagers. Lyrics. Lyric video.
  • AoVK-29 Remember we are your people (Tony Barr) Simple three part chant "Remember we are your people, your people O God". This would work really well as a sung refrain during the prayer of confession. Sound sample. Good for kids.
  • Online Resource / Tune In / NCYC '07 Forgive us now (Dave Brown). “As we forgive may we be healed, as we reach out….” An excellent ballad seeking forgiveness in a sinful world. Lyrics, sound sample and free downloadable songbook.
  • Iona (LFB) Listen Lord (John Bell) Beautiful chant-like chorus, can be used on its own or as a response, or used with the verses. Good to use for the intercessions. Sound sample.
  • Taizé / TiS 741 / AoV1-017 / ATE 282 / LBW368 / ELW407 / GA431 / SFFS 2200 / GtG471 / G(II)410 / GC586 / GC(II)566 / G(3)666 / W&R484 / Srce519 / URW390 / Lau929 / PfAS013A / PfAS102A / MP908 O Lord hear my prayer (Jacques Berthier) A simple and very well known Taizé chant. Works well during intercessions. You could read the Psalm between repeats of this chant, or just use as a chant as is. Sheet music samples. Good for kids 
Psalm for the Sirach or Jeremiah readings: Psalm 84:1-7
How lovely is your dwelling place; longing for God; Happy is everyone who trusts in God
  • Online Resource / Tune In Longing for you (Elaine Loukes). A simple chant of longing for God. Free downloadable song book, sound sample and lyrics
  • MV119 God our protector (Steve Bell) Simple chant "God our protector, keep us in mind, always give strength to your people. For if we could be with you one day in time it is better than a thousand without you" Could be used between a reading of the Psalm, or on its own with or without an instrumental bridge, and I think it would be good for kids. Sound sample (Youtube).
  • NCH600 / VU800 / G(II)620 / 82Hml-517 How lovely is your dwelling (Jean Janzen) Beautiful words; sources vary in the tune for this. A well known hymn tune that is a possibility is ES IST EIN' ROS (Lo how a rose here blooming). A more contemporary tune by John Foley can be heard here. New words to old tunes
  • G(II)72 / GC77 Happy Are They (Thomas Porter) A simple refrain with cantored (or read) verses. The refrain also works as a round. "Happy are they who dwell in your house, O Lord". Sound sample. Sheet music. The refrain on its own would be good for kids.
  • MV092 Like a Rock (Linnea Good) A lovely simple song (with actions!) from Linnea Good. Great for kids. Video with multiple languages.
  • Beneath the Noise How lovely is your dwelling place (Nicholas Randall) A lovely contemplative setting of this Psalm. The congregation could join on the refrain while a soloist sings the verses. Note to BUC: I have this book, published by Creative Ministries Network in St Kilda.
  • Online Resource / Tune in The God that I Know (Sheree Anderson) A beautiful ballad with female and male images of a loving, embracing God. “He comes with his arms open wide, a sheltering place I can hide”. If this is not familiar to your congregation it would be a good song for a soloist. Free downloadable song book, sound sample and lyrics.
  • VU267 / W&R20 / A&M711 / SP288 / Lau897 / MP419 Like a mighty river flowing (Michael Perry) Lovely words of the presence of God in nature. Lyrics
  • NCH008 / 82Hml-372 Praise to the living God (Curtis Beach) Excellent, intelligent words for an opening hymn. This is really quite wonderful, but only the NCH version is inclusive. Sung to a very familiar hymn tune too (DIADEMATA).  Lyrics New words to old tunes
  • Online Resource / Cry Hosanna How lovely is thy dwelling place (Jonathan Asprey) This is just gorgeous - set to the traditional tune "The homes of Donegal". Two very different versions available here (choral in the first link, and folky in the second). Lyrics, sample sheet music, and sound sample. Youtube. Thanks Mike for this suggestion.
  • PfAS084D Almighty Lord how lovely is that place (Stephen Starke)  Good newer words, set to the majestic tune SINE NOMINE. New words to old tunes
2 Timothy 4:6-8, 16-18
Timothy finishes up and everyone has deserted him, but he's still pretty upbeat because God will rescue him
  • TiS 411 / AHB 328 / NCH266 / UMH537 / VU194 / A&M633 / CP658 / CP(E) 425 / W&R331 Filled with the Spirit's power (John Peacey) Excellent inclusive words to a very well known hymn tune. I prefer it sung to WOODLANDS. New words to old tunes Lyrics and sheet music.
  • Brother Jesus right beside me (Richard Bruxvoort-Colligan) This is a great rock song, good for little kids and a favourite of much older kids too. Lyrics and a sound sample that IMHO does no justice to the song at all. We really rock it. Great for kids!
  • CH570 / UMH512 / W&R495 / Cha629 / ZSS164 When the storms of life are raging (stand by me) (Charles Tindley) A good gospel song. It also fits very well with the Goliath reading "Lord, who never lost a battle, stand by me". Hymnals have a range of translations. Sound sample and lyrics. We sing it pretty upbeat. I am going to suggest this song for next week's gospel reading as well, so it might be worth teaching this week! Good for kids (unless you sing it like Elvis).
  • BUC Song Project Do not worry I am with you / The Promise (Elaine Loukes) A simple song "Like a best friend, I am holidng you. I am here, you're not alone."
Luke 18:9-14
The proud pharisee and the humble and contrite tax collector. 
A Kyrie would also fit very well with this reading.
  • TiS 681 Lord let me see see more and more (Ross Langmead) An excellent song - kind of long with 5 verses, but very simple lyrics on some quite tricky themes. The tune is very natural to sing as well. Lyrics.
  • MV127 I saw the rich ones (Pat Mayberry) This is simple to sing and a great song for kids “But with God the world is turned upside down. The poor are embraced and the lost they are found. Let’s work for a world where all people are free. Where it’s good to feel good about God loving you and me”. Lyric video. Good for kids
  • TiS474 / AoV1-012 / ATAR595 / CH623 / SFFS 2236 / HPP553 / A&M363 / GtG401 / G(II)539 / GC839 / GC(II)743 / G(3)848  / CP465 / W&R649 / Cha284 / SP175 / URW054 / Lau475 Here in this place new light is streaming / Gather us in (Marty Haugen) Excellent words, very well known. “Nourish us well and teach us to fashion lives that are holy and hearts that are true”. Lyrics, sound samples, sheet music.
  •  W&R383 If My People’s Hearts Are Humbled (Claire Cloninger) This song is a new one to me, but the lyrics are good, and it is sung to either ODE TO JOY or LOVE DIVINE, both very well known tunes, so easy to use even if new. Lyrics. New words to old tunes
  • TiS 728 Jesuchristo Reina reina ya! A fun Latin American song. It's particularly fun if someone is brave enough to yell out a "call" at the start of each verse. Sound sample (slightly different lyrics). Good for kids.
  • GtG794 / PH390 O Savior in This Quiet Place (Fred Pratt Green) Honest, open words of coming to God in prayer. Traditional, and simple hymn tune.  Also, see the comments below for a recent adaptation that you may prefer. Older style lyrics. New words to old tunes  
  • Liturgy for the Whole Church p174 The tax collector and the pharisee (Susan Bock) A dramatic reading for two people. 
  • CH493 / UMH352 / HPP411 / Cha579 / StF523 It's Me It's Me O Lord / Standing in the Need of Prayer (African-American) A well known spiritual; good for prayers of confession or a time of personal reflection. Thank you Jean Webb for this suggestion! Lyrics & sheet music.
Have some ideas you'd like to share? I'd love to hear them, and so would other readers - add a comment below!

First written in Fitzroy, updated in Florida on my last overseas trip before COVID19, then in Fitzroy again.


Jennie Gordon said...

Hi Natalie - thanks again for your great work! I loved the idea of "O Saviour in this quiet place' - but found it a little dusty - so I brushed it off and this is what I found (with some imagery from the Joel reading)...

“O Saviour, in this quiet place”
Author: Fred Pratt Green,
alt – Jennie Gordon

Scripture: Luke 18:9-14
Theme: Life in Christ
Meter – 86 86 (eg: St ANNE)

1. O Jesus, in this quiet place,
where anyone may kneel,
with hope we come to ask for grace,
believing you can heal.

2. When pain of body, stress of mind,
destroys our inward peace,
in prayerful stillness, may we find
the blessing of release.

3 Have mercy on us, gentle friend,
take all that makes us stray,
bring light into our dark, so we
can humbly walk your way.

4. Upon our thirsty, searching souls
pour out your living streams
refresh our lives with visions bright
and plant your wildest dreams.

5. You hear our prayers and bid us rise
and lift our eyes to see
our oneness in your endless love
now and eternally.

Jane Hessdorfer said...

Jennie Gordon - I really like your adaptation above

Unknown said...

Hi: Your suggestions for October 27, 2019/Psalm 65 list "You Shall Go Out with Joy/The Trees of the Field" as CP772. It is in fact CP662.


Jean Webb said...

Two thoughts for the Luke passage. "Just as I Am" and the spiritual
"Standin' in the Need of Prayer." I chose the latter because I thought the former was a bit too old-fashioned for our congregation, but it tugs at my heartstrings from my childhood, and I thought it might work in some congregations.

Anonymous said...

Standing in the Need of Prayer

Lectionary Singer (Natalie Sims) said...

Thanks Brian! I have updated the reference to CP662 - it was wrong on every entry in this website, so it took a while! Thanks so much for pointing this out.

Lectionary Singer (Natalie Sims) said...

Thanks for your suggestions Jean. I also grew up with "Just as I am", but like you suspect it is a bit too old-fashioned for my congregation! I've listed Standing in the need of prayer though. That's a great idea!

Jacqui Hansson said...

Jennie Gordon, I like your adaptation too. May we use it on Sunday at Kingston U.C. Tas please? (Say hi to Arnie)