Songs, Hymns & Music for Easter 3C (May 1st 2022)

Acts 9:1-6, (7-20)
Saul on the road to Damascus. Call.
  • AoV1-158 / GA438 Create a new heart Holy Lord / A new heart for a new world (Monica O'Brien / Trish Watts) Very simple melody, excellent words "Create a new heart Holy Lord, beckon our lives through your word, open our eyes to your call, United as one for your world". Sound sample and lyrics.
  • W&R584 / Cha454 Come Celebrate the Call of God (Brian Wren) Good words to a lilting intuitive tune. This song is written to recognise a commissioning or the gift of a particular person's call, but it can also be sung with "our" instead of "her" to make it a song for a whole congregation. Lyrics & sheet music.
  • ATOK 412 / Iona (SBL, Common Ground) / CH250 / MV212 / A&M482 / GtG747 / SFFS 2184 / Lau855 / StF239 Sent by the Lord am I / Sent out in Jesus name / Enviado soy de Dios (Traditional Cuban) Great rhythm, good words and not too hard to sing (provided you sing it a little slowly the first time!) I prefer the MV translation "Sent out in Jesus' name". Good for kids. Lyrics
  • CH683 / VU420 / A&M491 / GC(II)469 / G(3)546 / GtG295 / CP598 / W&R553 / SP156 / URW132 / Lau426 / StF402 Go to the world Go into all the earth (Sylvia Dunstan) Great words of sending out. Can be sung to a couple of different tunes. SINE NOMINE is the easiest and best known. Sound sample. Sheet music sample. New words to old tunes 
  • TiS 749 / AoV1-154 / AoVK-131 / ATE 305 / NCH360 / Iona (SBL, Freedom is coming) / CH800 / UMH497 / VU572 / WoV773 / ELW809 / GA493 / A&M481 / HPP340 / GtG746 / G(II)484 / GC677 / GC(II)674 / G(3)776 / W&R713 / Cha447 / SP234 / StF782 Send me Jesus / Thuma mina (South African) You all know this one, right? If you don't - it's great - simple, repetitive, and meaningful. Good for kids. Sheet music sample and lyrics. Youtube
  • AoV1-166 / UMH454 / VU371 / HPP354 / PH324 / GC(II)569 / G(3)651 / SP&P161 Open My eyes Lord help me to see your face (Jesse Manibusan) Very simple devotional song; different editions vary in how inclusive they are, so check. And yeah, don't get too mushy. Lyrics. Sound samples
  • Online Resource / BUC Song Project When the carpenter's on / Drive us out (Shawn Whelan) A spirited and lively song about being driven to new places by the Spirit. Free sheet music and sound sample.
Psalm 30
God turns mourning into dancing. Anger is but for a moment; Weeping may linger, but joy comes in the morning.
  • Emergent Psalter You have turned my lament into dancing (Isaac Everett) I really like this simple refrain - the chords really make it work. Sheet music (go to "downloads" tab).
  • CH683 / VU420 / A&M491 / GC(II)469 / G(3)546 / GtG295 / CP598 / W&R553 / SP156 / URW132 / Lau426 / StF402 Go to the world Go into all the earth (Sylvia Dunstan) Great words of sending out. Can be sung to a couple of different tunes. SINE NOMINE is the easiest and best known. Sound sample. Sheet music sample. New words to old tunes
  • PH181 / GtG805 Come Sing to God O Living Saints (Fred Anderson) Good, simple, inclusive, humble and realistic words based specifically on this Psalm. Sung to a well known hymn tune (I sing the mighty power of God). Many congregations choose to sing only the first and last verses; the middle two are much more challenging. Lyrics New words to old tunes
  • NCH433 / CH727 / UMH707 / VU703 / HPP474 / GtG250 / W&R515 / Cha638 In the bulb there is a flower (Natalie Sleeth) A simple song of hope symbolised in nature. Particularly good for those churches in colder Northern Hemisphere who have a while to go before Spring. Lyrics.
  • Iona (There is one among us) Lord you can turn all mourning into dancing (John Bell) An excellent simple refrain.  “Lord you can turn all mourning into dancing, evenings of grief to mornings of great joy”
  • URW255 You have turned our sadness into a joyful song (Elise Eslinger) A simple and joyful refrain with a read Psalm. 
  • TiS 647 / AoV2-012 / ATN 25 Comfort, comfort all my people (Robin Mann) Easy to sing, beautiful lyrics. Chorus is “Comfort, comfort all my people, with the comfort of my word. Speak ye tender to my people, all your sins are taken away”. Note that most sources only list 2 verses, but there are two additional (more challenging) verses you may wish to consider using written for the Christmas Bowl in 1988; thanks to Simon for alerting me to them. Lyrics (including additional verses), mp3 sample.
  • PfAS030D O choro pode durar / Though weeping and deepest sorrow (Simei Monteiro) The chorus is super-cool, with a driving rhythm (and a part for a triangle!). The verses will be best sung by a soloist, I think.
  • ATE 253 He turned my mourning into dancing (Unknown) This is not at all inclusive, but if you change the lyrics to make it addressed to God “You turned my morning into dancing”, it’s much much better.
  • Tune In / Online Resource You in all our worries / All will finish well (Dave Brown) “In this world where injustice reigns, you are in the midst of pain”. Excellent words of reassurance in a difficult world. Sound sample and downloadable songbook.
  • NCH085 / SFFS 2082 / Cha623 / ZSS105 Woke Up This Morning (African-American Spiritual) A great Spiritual. If you don't have one of these sources, you can just make it up from this video.... This could be a good Sunday to make use of those choir stalls; could even get the kids to write their own lyrics... Surreal version here.  Good for kids.
  • TiS 181 / AoV2-032 / GC(II)497 / G(3)577 / CP589 Come O God of all the earth / Sing Out Earth and Skies (Marty Haugen) A very joyful song for cantor and congregation, or small group and congregation; this is a big favourite in our church. Sheet music, lyrics and sound sample.
  • CH683 / VU420 / A&M491 / GC(II)469 / G(3)546 / GtG295 / CP598 / W&R553 / SP156 / URW132 / Lau426 Go to the world Go into all the earth (Sylvia Dunstan) Great words of sending out. Can be sung to a couple of different tunes. SINE NOMINE is the easiest and best known. New words to old tunes Sound sample. Sheet music sample.
  • VU166 / SFFS 2210 Joy Comes with the Dawn (Gordon Light) Lovely words. The verses are very straightforward; it might be helpful to teach the chorus because there's a couple of jumps. Lyric slide show!
  • AoVK-125 / ATW 489 Turn our sadness upside down (Leigh Newton) Good for kids, and adults too. Simple tune, but not so simple that it’s boring. Lyrics (search in the page for "sadness"). Good for kids.
  • PfAS030B I will praise you O Lord (John Bell) A lovely simple Psalm response - this one will work well sung as a response to the Psalm, or sung on its own where appropriate in the service. Works in Spanish too, and is Good for kids. 
  • PfAS030C All with joyful expectation (Michael Morgan)  Good celebratory words of resurrection and hope of new life. The tune YISRAEL V'ORAITA is very similar to LEONI, but has a significant change in the last line. Be aware! Lyrics and sound sample.   New words to (almost) old tunes
  • Beneath the Noise You alone are my God (Nick Randall) A lovely simple song with two verses and chorus based on Psalm 62 and Psalm 30. Quiet and reflective.
Revelation 5:11-14  
All those angels singing “Worthy is the Lamb” etc etc etc
  • TiS 753 / StS034 / R185 / ELW525 You are holy you are whole (Per Harling) A fun and joyous latin-rhythmed song; can also be sung with two parts at the same time. Lyrics in English.Good for kids.
  • TiS 671 / AoV2-121 Made in God's Likeness (Patricia Lewis / Alister Spence) Excellent Australian imagery. This is one of my very favourite songs. It is not difficult if you have a good musician at the helm. If it is new to your congregation, they will be able to join in on the verses by the time you get to the 3rd one. The change in tone with the verse really lifts this song. Lyrics and sound sample. 
  • CH131 / Srce587 / MP924 Salvation belongs to our God (Adrian Howard / Pat Turner) This is a bit hand-wavy for me, but it is a really good praise song and very popular. Lyrics
  • GtG068 Heaven opened to Isaiah (Rwandan) A very simple and joyful song from Rwanda that takes up John's vision and refers back to Isaiah's earlier vision. You could also just use the chorus on its own. "Holy, holy, you are holy, every angel voice proclaims; All the earth reflects your glory, every tongue sings out your praise" 
  • TiS 181 / AoV2-032 / GC(II)497 / G(3)577 / CP589 Come O God of all the earth / Sing Out Earth and Skies (Marty Haugen) Another big favourite. Sheet music, lyrics. Sound sample. 
  • TiS 187 / AoV2-130 / CH149 / StS122 / A&M539 / SP247 Let all creation dance (Brian Wren) I just love the imagery of this one, and it's a very joyous and familiar hymn tune too. Lyrics. 
  • TiS 72 / AHB 42 / NCH27 / CH146 / UMH101 / LBW550 / A&M637 / HPP36 / GtG327 / PH229 / CP344 / CP(E) 431 / Cha49 / PfAS117C / 82Hml-380 / StF075 From all that dwell below the skies (Isaac Watts) A very old hymn, known by many, which is entirely inclusive in its language for God, save for one Lord which you can replace with God if you like 'cos it's Public Domain! Oldy-but-a-goody. Lyrics and sheet music.
  • TiS 720 / AHB 295 / aoVK-85 / AoV2-046 / ATOK 319 / NCH236 / Iona (Many & Great, There is one among us) / CH345 / VU958 / StJ / SFFS 2026 / HPP571 / GC(II)261 / G(3)329 / W&R005 / Cha041 / ZSS76 / SP324 / PfAS150G / URW370 / Lau178 Halle halle hallelujah (Traditional Caribbean) A good Alleluia would work well for this passage, particularly since it's the Easter season, and I think this one is particularly excellent – simple, great for kids, good rhythm; PfAS uses it as a Psalm refrain, which is a lovely idea, and you could maybe do a reading of this with a refrain. Sure. Why not? Good for kids. Sound sample (with a super jazzy piano AND VERSES!). And a more standard arrangement.
John 21:1-19
Disconsolate disciples go fishing and Jesus shows them where to fish. He feeds them fish and bread – the recognise him. He says Feed my sheep a lot.
I always want to eat fish and chips for lunch, at the beach, on this Sunday. 
  • Online resource: Peter said “I’m going fishing” (Carolyn Winfrey Gillette). Story telling song that ends in a call to the congregation. Sung to the well known tune BEECHER. Could be sung as a response to the sermon, or as a final song. Sheet music, lyrics etc. New words to old tunes
  • Iona (Heaven shall not wait / The courage to say no) James and Andrew, Peter and John / The Miraculous Catch (John Bell and Graham Maule) A story-telling song, set to SCARBOROUGH FAIR. Would be a good way to present the story to your congregation. This song kind of annoys me that the women who followed Christ have become girls, but if you use a more recent edition of it, they have fixed that. Thanks to Noodle Thrower for throwing this one out for me to catch. New words to old tunes
  • MV199 / HiOS148 / GtG537 When at this table I receive a blessing (Shirley Murray) Particularly appropriate if you are celebrating communion this week. Excellent, strong words of communion and the different prayers that we may bring to the table. HiOS has a slow 3/4 minor key tune from Colin Gibson which is quite lovely, and MV and GtG have a different tune by Jane Marshall which is also really good; it can be found here with the lyrics. David MacGregor also offers this tune. I like them all. For Brunswick, I would choose the Jane Marshall tune.   
  • BUC Song Project Drive us out (Shawn Whelan) A spirited and lively song about being driven to new places by the Spirit.
  • FFS61 The grace of God has appeared (Cecily Sheehy)A simple short song. Would be great if you can have SATB singers on the parts, but will also work with just the melody. "The grace of God has appeared, bringing salvation to all". 
  • Tune In / Online Resource Hosanna (Dave Brown) A melancholy song that resolves with forgiveness. Not easy to sing, but good for your musicians to sing for the congregation. Sound sample, lyrics and free downloadable songbook. 
  • TiS 477 / Iona (LFB, Common Ground) / CH510 / StJ / GA529 / A&M450 / CP059 / SP218 / URW056 / StF028 Jesus calls us here to meet him as through word and song and prayer (John Bell) Good words and a rollicking or gentle Celtic tune (depending on how you play it!). Don't get too gentle though, or it is very hard to sing. Notice that there should not need to be a breath after EVERY line! Lyrics (downloads PDF) 4th verse (not in TiS, but in Iona sources) leads to communion. “Jesus calls us to confess him Word of life and Lord of all, sharer of our flesh and frailness saving all who fail or fall”. 
  • ATOK 413 / Iona (HSNW) / CH533 / VU567 / StS039 / A&M510 / ELW798 / GA502 / SFFS 2130 / HPP317 / GtG726 / G(II)510 / GC700 / GC(II)687 / G(3)790 / CP430 / CP(E) 622 / W&R350 / URW060 / Lau877 / StF673 Will you come and follow me / The Summons (John Bell) A classic. Don't sing it too slowly or it really drags and takes forever! Lyric
  • Online Resource / Tune In Hail the fisherfolk (Dave Brown) A bluesy litany of the saints, including the fishermen of yesterday and the fisherfolk of today. Sound sample, lyrics and free downloadable songbook.
  • Brother Jesus right beside me (Richard Bruxvoort-Colligan) This is a great rock song, good for little kids and for older kids too. Lyrics and a very silly sound sample that IMHO does no justice to the song at all. We really rock it. Great for kids!
  • ATW 509 / CH435 You hear the lambs a-cryin' (African-American) I don't think this one would be easy to sing as a congregational song, but it's really lovely to be sung to the congregation. 
  • Online resource A miracle on the sea (Lynn Shaw Bailey & Becki Slagle Mayo) This is a fun song for a kid's choir, which would also work for a mixed choir. These kids are so darn cute. You can purchase it here. 
  • SFFS 2137 / StF674 Would I Have Answered When You Called (Hermann Stuempfle) Excellent challenging words of our hesitance to follow, to a familiar tune (KINGSFOLD) Lyrics (different tune). An interesting article about itNew words to old tunes
  • TiS 242 / AHB 183 / AoV1-018 / ATN 27 / CH404 / UMH261 / VU352 / A&M667 / HPP163 / GtG157 / PH302 / G(II)481 / GC708 / GC(II)689 / G(3)796 / CP(E) 468 / W&R118 / Lau765 / StF247 I danced in the morning / Lord of the Dance (Sydney Carter) Lyrics and tune sample. “I danced to the fishermen, to James and John….”. You all know this one, right? Good for kidsOldy-but-a-goody.
What songs will you be singing? Let me know - especially if it's something I've not listed here - by adding a comment.


Jane Hessdorfer said...

Re: Would I Have Answered When You Called -- I initially had trouble trying to figure out how the lyrics would fit into the tune Forest Green -- The word wrapping on the verses of the link are a bit off but I also found them on and it all makes sense now! Thanks for sharing this one -- suggests the tune Kingsfold and that will likely how I set it when we try it as Kingsfold is a personal favourite of mine.

The Rev. Dr. Darryl E. Dech said...

Whatever happened to the song, "Fisherman Peter"? I know the song but I can't seem to find it anywhere. I know it's out of date, but it's still a good song for kids.

Eileen W Deming said...

"Would I have followed..." is also in "The Faith We Sing" (United Methodist) #2137, to Kingsfold.

Jay C. Treat said...

The link for the lyrics of "Jesus calls us here to meet him" didn't work, but I found the words in a Word doc at the following web address.

I may also use the more traditional "Jesus Calls Us O'er the Tumult".

Andrew Prior said...

Lord you have come to the sea shore. Cesario GabarĂ¡in It's on the album Pescador De Hombres (I downloaded the track from Google Music.) The words are all over the net:

Lord, you have come to the seashore
Neither searching for the rich nor the wise,
desiring only that I should follow
O Lord, with your eyes set upon me,
gently smiling, you have spoken my name;
all I longed for I have found by the water.
At your side, I will seek other shores.... etc

Anuj Minj said...

Halle Halle Hallelujah