Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Songs, Hymns & Music for Advent 2C (6 December 2015)

I have also prepared a list of General Advent Songs that you may find helpful for the season. 

Malachi 3:1-4
One will come to prepare a way; One who purifies will come.
  • *MV011 / StS007 / GtG091 / GC(II)338 / G(3)405 Come, come Emmanuel / Advent gathering song (Chepponis) The simple chant is quite lovely, and the cantor soars beautifully. It could be quite formal if you like. Can work as a chant without the cantor part; you could choose particular cantor verses for each week, or even make up your own, which is what we've done at Brunswick. At other times of year it can be used with the Cantor for confession. Slow sound sample. Sheet music sample.
  • *Tune In / NCYC'07: Forgive us now (Brown) This is one of the best songs seeking forgiveness that I know. "As we forgive, may we be healed”. An excellent ballad about healing and forgiveness for a whole community. Lyrics, sound sample, and songbook.
  • *TiS 712 / AoV2-021 / ATE 269 / The tide has turned songbook Create in me / us a clean heart O God (Hannah) Good. A big favourite in our congregation. We're sang this every week of Lent this year. Lyrics and (slightly odd) sound sample.
  • TiS 407 / AHB 320 / NCH292 / CH596 / UMH420 / VU382 / StJ / LBW488 / A&M236 / GA432 / HPP227 / GtG286 / PH316 / GC800 / GC(II)800 / CP649 / CP(E) 174 / W&R461 / Cha254 / Srce81 / URW167 / 82Hml-508 / Lau302 Breathe on me Breath of God (Hatch) An older style hymn. Good words seeking the spirits gifts of new life, purity and unity with Christ. If you sing this version, it can be sung to a lovely simple, and quite intuitive Celtic tune (ST COLUMBA). If you sing this version, it can also be sung to HAMPTON, TRENTHAM, or DURHAM. That was a little bit complicated, but hopefully you can work it out. Oldy-but-a-goody. 
  • *AoV1-143 Light Of Christ, light flaming bright (Zaragoza) Simple chant. "Light of Christ, light flaming bright, burn in my heart holy fire"; you could easily make this plural if you wish. Good for kids.
  • Taizé / UMH207 / VU10 / StS014 / GtG095 / GC336 / GC(II)330 / G(3)400 / W&R174 / Cha121 Prepare the way of the Lord (Berthier) A lovely simple round. Sheet music and clunky sound sample. Good for kids.  
  • *AoV2-164 / GA475 / G(II)327 / GC467 / GC(II)477 / G(3)557 / StF413 Send down the fire of your justice (Haugen) This one is usually sung near Pentecost, but I think it could work quite well with this reading too, particularly if your congregation already knows it. Lyrics and lead sheet. Sound sample.
  • Recorded music: The Trumpet Child (Over the Rhine) From the album The Trumpet Child. We used this song a fair bit in Advents past. For those who have not heard it, it's really worth a couple of listens. You can watch a video and read lyrics of the song here.
Alternative Reading: Baruch 5:1-9 
The hope of a time of glory and righteousness for Israel
This makes me think of all those gospel "crown of glory" type songs, which don't seem quite right...
  • G(3)408 Like a Bird that spreads her wings (Dufner) I think this song could fit quite well; gathering all God's people together, and the anticipation of Advent. Lyrics and lead sheet.
Luke 1:68-79 
Zechariah’s prophecy for John the Baptist before his birth. The call to prophecy. John is born and lives in the wilderness. Waiting.
  • *Tune In: Longing for you (Loukes) A simple chant of longing for God; "Call to us lead us on". Sound sample, lyrics.
  • AoV2-089 / Taize / MV086 / SFFS 2156 Give peace to every heart / Da Pacem Cordium (Berthier) A good, simple Taize chant. Sound samples, sheet music (not cantor lines though)
  • *ATFG 514 Emmanuel Carol / God of light we are waiting for you This is a lovely simple song, and easy to pick up I think.
  • *Iona (M&G) / CH359 / MV033 / ZSS54 / StJ / GtG127 / ELW253 / GA293 / SFFS 2085 / G(II)276 / GC370 / GC(II)364 / G(3)429 / CP368 / W&R402 He came down that we may have love / Jesus came bringing us hope (Traditional Cameroon) The translation in "More Voices" (Jesus came bringing...) seems particularly appropriate for Advent. A lovely simple song - you can make up words and have a lot of fun with this if you also use some drums. Lyrics and sound samples. Good for kids. 
  • *NCH110 / G(II)561 / GC775 / GC(II)5 / G(3)103 / Lau008 Now bless the God of Israel who comes in love and power (Duck) Good words of salvation based directly on this passage. Sung to the familiar tune FOREST GREEN. Sound sample. Sheet music and lyrics. New words to old tunes
  • TiS 284 / VU901 / ELW552 / W&R158 / GtG109 / Cha135 / URW012 / 82Hml-444 Blessed be the God of Israel / O Bless the God of Israel (Perry) Good words of Christ as the fulfiller of the prophets who will set God's people free From fear and darkness. Be aware that some versions (like TiS) use exclusively masculine language for God. URW and Chalice are inclusive. Set to the simple tune MERLE'S TUNE. New words to old tunes 
  • Cha137 Blessed be the God of Israel / Song of Zechariah (Perry) Single line refrain of the above, sung with a responsive reading.
  • PH601 / WoV725 / PfAS1032 / URW010 Blest be the God of Israel (Song of Zechariah) (Daw) A simple and inclusive paraphrase to the well-known hymn tune KINGSFOLD (TiS 262). Lyrics and sheet music. New words to old tunes 
  • *TiS 279 / AHB 212 / SFFS 2091 / HPP158 / GC487 / GC(II)494 / CP632 / Lau107 The King of glory comes the nation rejoices (Jabusch) Fun and energetic song to a traditional Israeli folk melody. A good processional. Lyrics. Good for kids. 
  • *AoV1-061 / ATOK 355 / GtG359 / SFFS 2194 / G(II)521 / GC723 / GC(II)707 / G(3)814 / ZSS110 / SgTJ1035 Freedom is coming (South African) Excellent and lots of fun, especially if you have a keen African-style drummer in your congregation. It's really worth teaching the parts to your congregation before the service. It can get a bit confusing for the congregation otherwise. Sample sheet music. Good for kids. 
  • *Tune in: We are the dream that's longing / Jesus is waiting. An honest catchy rock song about our hesitation to follow and Jesus not only waiting, but continuing to work and change the world. A good sending-out song. Sound sample, lyrics and songbook available here. 
  • *TiS 688 Come to be our hope O Jesus (Marachin) This is a really fun Latin American song from the World Council of Churches Assembly in Canberra. It's not easy the first time, but once you've heard it, it's very catchy. The words are really excellent, despite a slightly clunky translation. It would be worth teaching to your congregation! Good for kids.
  • *TiS 265 / AHB 193 / AoV1-174 / NCH116 / CH273 / UMH211 / VU001 / LBW034 / ELW283 / GA285 / HPP92 / PH009 / GC317 / GC(II)323 / G(3)395 / CP089 / CP(E) 32 / W&R154 / Cha119 / 82Hml-056 / Lau112 / StF180 / MP493 O come O come Emmanuel (Psaleroilum Cantionum Catholicarum) A very well known ancient Advent carol. Most versions are pretty inclusive. Lyrics and sound sample. There are also two alternate versions (one by Sue Wickham and one by John Henson), set to the same tune, but with more modern lyrics and ideas. See the Facebook Group for lyrics. Oldy-but-a-goody. 
Philippians 1:3-11
See suggestions for Malachi reading above, also.
  • *ATOK 320 / NCH351 / VU645 / StJ / WoV770 / ELW732 /SFFS 2051 / GtG488 / HPP516 / W&R680 / Cha075 I Was There to Hear Your Borning Cry. (Ylvisaker) A song of God’s presence in all stages of life. Very simple tune to sing. This always makes me think of Center Church on-the-Green in New Haven, CT. Lyrics, and a nice (slow) sound sample.
  • *TiS 217 / AHB 148 / NCH43 / CH519 / UMH384 / VU333 / A&M721 / LBW315 / ELW631 / A&M721 / GA463 / HPP48 / GtG366 / PH376 / GC622 / GC(II)613 / G(3)641 / CP485/6 / CP(E) 516 / W&R358 / Cha517 / Srce457 / URW100 / 82Hml-657 / Lau801 / StF503 / MP449 Love divine all loves excelling (Wesley) Can't possibly sing this song too often! A beautiful classic song and most hymnals use a very inclusive version of this hymn, even the AHB! "Joy of heaven" *sigh*, so lovely! Lyrics and sound sample. You may also like to give Rend Collective Experiment's version a listen (hard to sing, but nice for listening). Oldy-but-a-goody. 
  • CH159 / A&M715 / CP(E) 81 / W&R70 / SP289 / Srce439 / Lau942 / StF470 / MP428 Lord for the years your love has kept and guided (Dudley-Smith) Very traditional, but good words. Some lack of inclusive language in some versions. Sung to a well-known hymn tune (O PERFECT LOVE). Lyrics and sound sample. New words to old tunes    
  • *AoV2-055 / G(II)513 / GC711 / GC(II)716 / G(3)806 May we find richness / Harvest of Justice “Gather with patience for those who have nothing. Leave them your riches, and you will receive.” Sample sheet music, lyrics and a plodding tune sample. 
  • *NCH089 / 82Hml-009 Awake awake to love and work (Studdert-Kennedy) This song is one of my all time favourites. Easy to sing and wonderful words of getting up and getting going in doing what's needed with hearts full of love. I especially like the 3rd verse. Sung to the familiar tune MORNING SONG. Older-style lyrics. New words to old tunes
  • *ATOK 390 / GGives1 Put on love every day, never hide your love away (Walker) A fun song for kids; very catchy and it makes everyone smile! Fits well with this reading about being overflowing with love. Good for kids.
Luke 3:1-6
John the Baptist. I love the start of Luke's version of this story. It's like "Here's all these important men, but the word of God came to this ordinary guy out in the wilderness". This theme continues next week, so I will suggest the same tunes again - this gives you the opportunity to learn something new.
  • TiS 647 / AoV2-012 / ATN 25 / STB184 Comfort comfort all my people (Mann) This is one of my all time favourite songs. Easy to sing, beautiful lyrics. Chorus is “Comfort, comfort all my people, with the comfort of my word. Speak ye tender to my people, all your sins are taken away”. Lyrics and mp3.
  • *TiS 270 / AHB 199 / NCH115 / CH334 / VU20 / LBW548 / ELW842 / A&M046 / GtG096 / PH010 / G(II)260 / GC321 / 322 / GC(II)344 / G(3)418 / CP103 / CP(E) 34 / W&R156 / 82Hml-076 / Lau094 / StF182 / MP538 On Jordan's bank the Baptist's cry If you would like inclusive lyrics, have a look at the New Century Hymnal’s version. If you’d like a groovy tune, check out AHB 199(ii) / GC322 – ST JOHN BAPTIST by Gary Lewis Miles and Betty Pulkingham. This is an excellent, fun tune. You can even combine the words of NCH115 with AHB199(ii) for the best of both worlds. But WINCHESTER NEW is also very good, and easy to sing if you don’t have a congregation full of people who grew up in the 60s and 70s. Lyrics and tune sample (Winchester New). Oldy-but-a-goody. 
  • *Seeds of Faith Prepare the Way For Love (Bruxvoort-Colligan) A good song for kids. Sound sample and lyrics. BUC people, I have this book. Good for kids. 
  • *StS008 / SFFS 2089 / GtG163 / PH409 / StF189 Wild and Lone the Prophet's Voice (Daw) Excellent, challenging words. I prefer this sung to ABERYSTWYTH which is well known and easily accessible. Lyrics and sheet music. New words to old tunes
  • Online resource: Down by the Jordan (Winfrey-Gillette). Good inclusive words to the familiar tune LOBE DEN HERREN. Lyrics. New words to old tunes
  • Taizé / UMH207 / VU10 / StS014 / GtG095 / GC336 / GC(II)330 / G(3)400 / W&R174 / Cha121 Prepare the way of the Lord (Berthier) A lovely simple round. Sheet music and clunky sound sample. Good for kids.  
  • *Online Resource:  Prepare the way of the Lord (King / Lowery) An upbeat song, good for kids and teenagers, I think. The verses are kind of wordy, but they're good words. Free sheet music. The verses follow the traditional advent themes of peace, hope, joy and love, so you could also sing it every Sunday of Advent. Good for kids. 
  • *VU010 Prepare the way of the Lord (Burkhardt) A lovely simple round in 6:8. "Prepare the way of the Lord! X2 Make a straight path for him, make a straight path. Prepare the way of the Lord!" You can split into 6 groups for this one! What fun! Good for kids. 
  • Online Resource Prepare the way of the Lord (Council) A nice setting for a choir. Free sheet music. 
  • *?Recorded Music: Prepare ye the way of the Lord - Godspell (Schwarz / Tebelak) This is still a great call to worship for this Sunday. You know, the movie is really dated, but the scenes seem kind of fresh again, at least, for this song, except maybe for that nurse's uniform. Get that gospel choir going if you have the sheet music. Track it down! Youtube.  
  • *?Recorded Music: Prepare ye the way of the Lord (Smith) Love the Aussie accent in the readings for the Intro to this. I wish they had used TaikOz for the drumming.... ah that would have been something amazing.... I really like the excitement of the intro, and the song is just a chorus really. Maybe I just like those jangly U2-esque guitars. "Come on, church". Cracks me up. But it's very inspiring. Youtube. 
  • *TiS 288 / Iona Not the powerful not the privileged (Bell) Note that the lyrics are masculine for God in one instance in the 4th verse. The lyrics are great though, so perhaps balance this song with some feminine imagery elsewhere in the service! The tune is not difficult. Lyrics (scroll down). 
  • *AoVK-50 / ATW 430 Come let us praise our God / A voice is heard (Trisha Watts) Excellent and energetic. Good for kids. 
  • *Tune In: Dare to Dream (Loukes) A great song about having a vision for the future, being lead by the light of Bethlehem’s star. If you don’t have a copy of Tune In yet, there’s time to get it before Christmas! Sorry about that shameless promotion there.... Sound sample, lyrics and songbook.
Got any ideas of your own for any of these readings? Please add them in the comments below!


Linda said...

Loving the new version of O come O come Emmanuel - one of my favourite tunes and as I'm doing pulpit supply at the moment the congregation is likely to have sung it last week - but this week is communion so it's very appropriate. thanks!

Darren Wright said...

hey Nat
would you like a copy of the music book for trumpet child?
i got two with the CDs I ordered a year or two back...

Lectionary Singer (Natalie Sims) said...

Hey Darren, that would be awesome! I'll track you down and email address details....
BTW - good job on the Magnificats website!