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Songs, Hymns & Music for Proper 7B/Ordinary 12B/Pentecost 4 (21 June 2015)

Thanks to everyone who answered my survey. I'm going through the process of compiling all your suggestions and kind words. Keep an eye out for subtle test changes in the next few months (like the bullet points below) while I prioritise changes to be made. To answer some concerns: please be reassured that this site will always be free of cost, and if I decide to take a break, it will only be after I've set up the new version of the site. Oh, and it seems that some of you have not yet found the Lectionary Index or the Scripture Index. They do exist! Just click on those titles in the green bar near the top of the page. Enjoy, Natalie

1 Samuel 17:(1a, 4-11, 19-23), 32-49 or 1 Samuel 17:57-18:5, 18:10-16 
David slays Goliath, bringing victory to the Israelites 
  • Traditional Only a boy named David This is fun and very old Sunday School song, which I think is still fun, especially with actions! Free sheet music (loads a pdf). Good for kids.
  • TiS 561 / AHB 467 / NCH494 / CH535 / LBW498 / A&M823 / CP(E) 621 / 82Hml-684 / Lau862 Who would true valor see / valour see (Bunyan) A lovely old hymn, with old-world imagery. I think it still works OK. TiS and NCH have inclusive language throughout. CH and CP(E) do not have inclusive language, even for humanity. I really like the tune MONK'S GATE. Particularly nice with light instrumentation. A violin / flute and a bodhran may be all you need for this. Inclusive lyrics (loads a Word document). Last time I sang this was at a Science Fiction Service.
  • *Iona (M&G, T1AU) / MV099 / GC(II)673 / G(3)763 / Lau996 Stand O Stand Firm (Cameroon) I love having an excuse to sing this simple and powerful song. Very easy for your congregation. You can make up cantor parts too “Oh my sisters…. Oh my brothers… Oh my children….” or you can name countries you are praying for in your intercessions. Good for kids. Scottish sound sample. Lead sheet.
  • *Online Resource Hear the message we now are proclaiming / El mensaje que hoy proclamamos This jubilant Colombian song of liberty and new life for the poor and suffering would fit well with this reading. This energetic song is not hard to sing, and if the congregation sings only the chorus, while a cantor sings the rest, they will be able to easily sing along by the 3rd verse without stress.  Free sheet music.
  • *ATW 463 / Iona (T1AU) / ELW721 / SFFS 2219 / A&M835 / GtG750 / GC(II)451 / G(3)528 / W&R296 / URW436 Goodness is stronger than evil (Tutu / Iona) Words from Archbishop Desmond Tutu. "Victory is ours, victory is ours, through him who loves us". Some congregations change the last line to "Compassion is ours, compassion is ours...". It depends on the context in which you sing it, I suppose. Sound sample. Good for kids.
Psalm 9:9-20
God does not forget the needy.
The songs listed for the 1 Samuel reading would be good for this reading.
  • Online Resource The holy heart of justice (Bruxvoort-Colligan) An inspiring, gentle song. This would be good sung by the musicians at first. "The helpless will not be forgotten". Lyrics, sound sample and sheet music. 
  • *TiS 617 / NCH413 / UMH517 / WoV736 / ELW626 / A&M605 / GtG818 / PH342 / W&R75 / SP164 / 82Hml-695 / Lau428 By gracious powers so wonderfully sheltered (Bonhoeffer / Pratt Green) Wonderful words by Bonhoeffer. Lousy tune. Words fit well to O Perfect Love if you find the tune too tricky. Can also be sung to BERLIN or INTERCESSOR. The 5th verse is omitted in some hymnals. Lyrics. 
  • CH175 / GtG628 Praise I will praise you Lord with all my heart / Je Louerai L’éternel (Fraysse) Good words; tune is a little schmaltzy, but easy to sing once heard.
  • PfAS009C Come sing to God with all your heart (Duck) Great words to the familiar tune MORNING SONG (but can also be sung to many other tunes). Lyrics (downloads Powerpoint slides). Sound sample.
  • GtG356 / PfAS009B Sing praise to God whose mighty acts (Daw) A good paraphrase of the Psalm; some words are quite strong, but so is the psalm. Tune is quite straightforward. Lyrics and sample sheet music.
  • *Iona (SBL) / MV068 / G(II)405 / GC581 / GtG578 / PfAS009A  Kyrie Guarany / On the poor, on the poor  (Sosa) A simple Kyrie from Paraguay; This is our current favourite at Brunswick. The English translation varies depending on the source (we don't sing On the Poor). Sound sample (track 12). Good for kids.  
  • *Taizé / TiS 741 / AoV1-017 / ATE 282 / LBW368 / ELW407 / GA431 / SFFS 2200 / GtG471 / G(II)410 / GC586 / GC(II)566 / G(3)666 / W&R484 / Srce519 / URW390 / Lau929 / PfAS013A / PfAS102A O Lord hear my prayer (Berthier) A simple and very well known Taizé chant. Works well during intercessions. You could read the Psalm between repeats of this chant, or just use as a chant as is. Sheet music samples. Good for kids.
  • TiS 47 / AHB 46 / AoV1-175 / NCH25 / CH161 / UMH117 / VU806 / LBW504 / ELW806 / GA459 / A&M746 / HPP1 / GtG687 / PH210 / GC614 / GC(II)588 / G(3)688 / CP528 / CP(E) 537 / W&R84 / Cha067 /  Srce2-441 / URW200 / 82Hml-680 / PfAS090B / Lau955 O God our help in ages past (Watts) A good solid very well known hymn! The surprising thing about this one is that the language is inclusive for God in most sources. Not all sources are inclusive for humanity, so check. Lyrics and sound sample. 
  • *Iona (LFB) / Lau930 Listen Lord (Iona / Bell) Beautiful chant-like chorus, can be used on its own or as a response, or used with the verses. Good to use for the intercessions. 
  • NCH Psalter009 You O God have not forsaken those who seek you (Kirkland) A slightly tricky, but joyous refrain and chanted Psalm. Lead with confidence!
Psalm for the 2nd Samuel Reading: Psalm 133 
How good it is when kindred live in unity. Oil running down the beard and dew on mountains. 
  • *Singing from the Lectionary Exclusive! Behold how good and Oh how pleasant(Noelle Damico) A beautiful chant that I remember every time I read this Psalm; I have an old photocopy of it and Noelle has given me permission to post it here, complete with my husband's guitarist scribbles. It can be sung as a simple chant, or sung with a responsive bilingual reading of the Psalm (Spanish/English) or really any way you like. You can access the file here. Please let Noelle know if you use this (revdamico_at_gmail.com). Good for kids.
  • *Emergent Psalter How good it is (Everett) A good 3/4 swung Psalm refrain to a read Psalm. Sheet music (response) here.
  • *NCH Psalter How pleasant to live in unity (Jeong) A simple Psalm refrain for a chanted or read Psalm. 
  • *Online Resource The blessing of life forevermore (Bruxvoort-Colligan) A joyful song, with a simple refrain. I think this would work well either by using the chorus as a Psalm refrain, or by using both the chorus and verses intersected with a reading of the Psalm. The verses would be better sung by a soloist initially. I think the refrain would also be great sung more uptempo with some solid gospel harmonies... at least, that's what's happening in my head. Lyrics, sound sample and sheet music.
  • *VU856 / CH90 / StJ / R212 / ELW649 / SFFS 2231 / GtG397 / Cha292 / Cha764b / PfAS133D O Look and Wonder / Miren que bueno (Pablo Sosa). An energetic refrain, and verses are a paraphrase of the psalm. Lots of fun. Chalice also has it arranged as a Psalm response with reading if you prefer. Sample sheet music and sound sample here (bilingual).
  • GtG398 / PfAS133C How very good and pleasant (Boertje) This is sweet; perhaps a little mushy. I think older congregations would quite like this chorus. Sound sample
  • PfAS133B Behold how good and delightful (Traditional Puerto Rican) A simple short song in English and Spanish sung to a traditional Puerto Rican tune.
  • Cha764a Unite us God unite us in your everlasting love (Anon) Simple sung response, and responsive reading. 
  • *CH198 / MV001 / HPP550 / A&M365 / GtG301 / GC753 / GC(II)741 / G(3)850 / SP176 / URW058/ Lau458 Let Us Build a House / All are welcome (Haugen / TWO OAKS) This song has wonderful lyrics of hope for what a Christian community can be like, and a chorus that joyfully says “All are welcome, all are welcome, all are welcome in this place”. Sheet music sample. Sound sample.
  • AoVK-113 Thank you O Lord for this world of ours (Barr) A good kids song in two parts.  Good for kids.
  • Psalm Project: Sharing the Road (Bruxvoort-Colligan) A cool rock song based on the Psalm with an excellent chorus. Sound sample, lyrics, theology and songbook available here. Good for kids.
  • Linnea Good In unity God blesses us (Bauman / Good) Simple refrain  
  • *G(II)525 / GC727 / SP244 / URW335 How Good It Is, what pleasure comes (Duck) Good words celebrating the joy of a faithful community. Sung to a familiar shape note tune. Lyrics and sample sheet music. Midi file of tune.
2 Corinthians 6:1-13
Now is the day of salvation. Paul et al suffer much, but although seen as imposters, they are true.
  • *TiS 607 / AoV2-126 / ATN 95 / CH528 / VU684 / StJ / A&M725 / SFFS 2171 / HPP406 / GtG753 / G(II)524 / GC726 / GC(II)721 / G(3)828 / CP(E)519/ W&R587 / Srce 462 / Lau898 Make me a channel of your peace (Temple). Lovely. Nice if you can just start a capella...  Youtube video of Sinead O'Connor singing it and lyrics and MIDI file.  
  • *CH527 / A&M717 / SP290 / 82Hml-593 Lord make us servants of your peace (Quinn) A nice alternative to "make me a channel of your peace". This is sung to the very familiar tune "O Waly Waly". It is also sung in the plural (us and we rather than Me and I), which is nice too. Lyrics can be found here.
  • *TiS 414 / NCH294 / CH616 / UMH192 / VU582 / HPP134 / PH433 / GC550 / CP(E) 198 /  W&R133 / Cha257 There's a Spirit in the Air (Wren) A good song of getting the business of following Christ done. Speaking out, caring for others, being changed. Hymnals vary in the tunes they use. I like the TiS tune, which I tend to think of it in 6/8 instead of 6/4. Lyrics and a sample of one tune that you could use.  
  • NCH495 / HPP443 / GtG761 / PH343 / W&R581 Called as partners in Christ's service (Beecher) A good song of commitment - particularly good if you are commisioning people to new roles this week, and good for any other service too. Sung to a standard tune. 
  • *WoV659 O Sun of Justice / Jesu Dulcis Memoria (Plainsong) I really like these words. They can also be sung to TALLIS CANON if you get nervous about Plainsong. 
  • *ATOK 390 Put on love every day, never hide your love away (Walker) A fun song for kids; probably hard to fit into a solemn Ash Wednesday service, though!  Good for kids.

    Mark 4:35-41
    Jesus calms the stormy waters
    • *CH570 / UMH512 / W&R495 / Cha629 / ZSS164 When the storms of life are raging (stand by me) (Tindley) A good gospel song. It also fits very well with the Goliath reading "Lord, who never lost a battle, stand by me". Hymnals have a range of translations. Sound sample and lyrics. We sing it pretty upbeat. I am going to suggest this song for next week's gospel reading as well, so it might be worth teaching this week! Good for kids (unless you sing it like Elvis).
    • MV153 Body Mind and Spirit (Motum) A lovely gentle song about Christ as abundant life, resting within us stilling the stormy water. Easy to sing, and quite beautiful.
    • UMH476 / GtG185 / PH373 Lonely the Boat / Kahm Kahm hahn Born Sanaoon (Helen Kim) Simple Korean melody to this storytelling song. I would only sing the first 3 verses, although others may find the last two meaningful as well. Lyrics
    • TiS 728 Jesucristo reina reina ya This fun chorus from Argentina is just lots of fun, and our congregation hasn't sung it for a while. Good for kids.
    • FFS53 Out of the storms and seabirds' calling (Gibson) The song is about people who travelled across the seas to establish a church in New Zealand, but it would work for Australia too. "Out of the storms and seabirds' calling, far from the islands of their birth, leaving an old world half behind them, seeking new paradise on earth, voyagers all, they sailed the future, settled and made this place their home".
    • *Traditional Put your hand in the hand (MacLellan) This is that song from the 60s that has been recorded by lots of people (even Elvis)! Last time we sang this, our congregation LOVED it. They even clapped! Here's the original recording by Anne Murray (youtube).
    • Recorded Music Into the Deep (Malcolm Gordon) Based directly on this passage "Even the wind and the waves will listen to your voice, oh speak your love and your grace and calm the storm within". Sound sample and purchase options.
    • *BUC Resource Bring me home (Anderson) I'm not sure where to find this reflective song that Sheree wrote in 2006, but I think it would be really great to sing again.
    • *Recorded music Storm (Lifehouse) This song could be very helpful, played for a congregation going through difficult times. I usually prefer songs that are more communal than personal, but hey... this would be really helpful for teenagers, I reckon. Youtube with lyrics 
    • Cha181 The Storm Is Strong (Dunstan) Simple story telling hymn. Lyrics. Note that this congregation has split the verses to be sung partly by the leader and partly by the congregation.
    • R263 / GtG184 / ELW794 Calm to the waves (Bringle) I like these words, and the tune is simple. Lyrics. Tune sample.
    • ATAR670 Calm the storm (Rundman) Good kids' song based on this passage. Good for kids.

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