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Songs, Hymns, Music for Proper 6B/Ordinary 11B/Pentecost 3 (14 June 2015)

Thanks to everyone who answered my survey. I'm going through the process of compiling all your suggestions and kind words. Keep an eye out for subtle test changes in the next few months (like the bullet points below) while I prioritise changes to be made. To answer some concerns: please be reassured that this site will always be free of cost, and if I decide to take a break, it will only be after I've set up the new version of the site. Oh, and it seems that some of you have not yet found the Lectionary Index or the Scripture Index. They do exist! Just click on those titles in the green bar near the top of the page. Enjoy, Natalie

1 Samuel 15:34-16:13
Ruddy and handsome David is anointed. God doesn't see as we see.
  • *TiS 681 Lord let me see see more and more (Langmead) A prayer to see, hear, care, learn and love with God. Very straightforward to sing. It can get a bit "ploddy". Might be a good idea to use different instrumentation, alternate women and men for a verse or two and definitely use an a cappella verse! If you don't do this often, I can't recommend highly enough the odd verse without accompaniment in a hymn with more than 4 vereses. It helps the congregation to hear each other. Sound sample and sheet music.
  • *AoV1-021 / ATOK 402 / StS114 / G(II)488 / GC682 / GC(II)669 / G(3)761 / Lau858 God Has Chosen Me (Farrell) Energetic, and great words of justice. Can be rocky or smooth, however you like it. Good for kids. Sound sample and lyrics.
Psalm 20 
God answers us in our time of need and gives us victory...
  • *Taizé / TiS 741 / AoV1-017 / ATE 282 / LBW368 / ELW407 / GA431 / SFFS 2200 / GtG471 / G(II)410 / GC586 / GC(II)566 / G(3)666 / W&R484 / Srce519 / URW390 / Lau929 O Lord hear my prayer (Berthier) A simple and very well known Taizé chant. Works well during intercessions. You could read the Psalm between repeats of this chant, or just use as a chant as is. Sheet music samples. Good for kids. 
  • TiS 47 / AHB 46 / AoV1-175 / NCH25 / CH161 / UMH117 / VU806 / LBW504 / ELW806 / GA459 / A&M746 / HPP1 / GtG687 / PH210 / GC614 / GC(II)588 / G(3)688 / CP528 / CP(E) 537 / W&R84 / Cha067 /  Srce2-441 / URW200 / 82Hml-680 / PfAS090B / Lau955 O God our help in ages past (Watts) A good solid very well known hymn! The surprising thing about this one is that the language is inclusive for God in most sources. Not all sources are inclusive for humanity, so check. Lyrics and sound sample. 
  • NCH Psalter Psalm 20 A lovely chanted Psalm. The refrain is "Answer us, O God, when we call".
  • PH169 / W&R445 In the Day of Need (Warren) A good simple paraphrase of the Psalm to a very hymny tune.
  • *AoV2-070 / ATW 496 / MV090 / StJ / G(3)719 Don't be afraid (Bell) Excellent. I love this song of reassurance. "Don't be afraid, my love is stronger. My love is stronger than your fear". This song can be used as a response to intercessions. Good for kids.
  • Iona (LFB) / Lau930 Listen Lord (Iona / Bell) Beautiful chant-like chorus, can be used on its own or as a response, or used with the verses. Good to use for the intercessions.
  • Online Resource (and BUC Church folders) Turn an ear to me O Lord / Answer when I call (Foley) This is based on Psalm 102, but I think it will also fit with this Psalm. Sound sample. Online purchase options.

Alternative Hebrew Scripture:  Ezekiel 17:22-24
God will plant a little bit of a tree and it will become tall, and a place of shelter, etc; 
Some of the songs suggested for the Mark reading (below) will also fit.
  • *StS116 I saw a tree by the riverside / The Tree Song (Ken Medema) A great kid’s song about roots growing down to the water, and leaves growing up to the sunshine, and bearing fruit, and all that great stuff. Good for kids. Lyrics.
  • *Linnea Good Strong as living trees A lovely haunting chant. Good for kids and adults alike.
  • *TiS 755 / ATA 196 / CH804 / VU884 / SFFS 2278 / A&M484 / HPP219 / GTG080 / CP772 / W&R710 / SP82 / Srcs830 / URW449 / Lau878 You shall go out with joy / The trees of the field (Dauerman) This is a good hand clappy foot stomping song. Fun. Good for kids.

Psalm for the Ezekiel reading Psalm 92:1-4, 12-15
The righteous are like palm trees; give thanks....
Some of the songs suggested for the Ezekiel reading (above) will also fit.
  • CH056 How good it is to thank you Lord (Church Hymnary) A hymn version of this Psalm. Not amazing, but straightforward.
  • TiS 50 / Taizé / CP464 It is good to trust in the Lord / Bonum est confidere (Berthier) A classic, and fairly formal chant from Taizé including an ostinato. Sound and sheet music sample. 
  • GA054 / G(II)80 / GC86 Lord It Is Good (Bonighton) Could be quite good. Nice energetic tune, and interesting Cantor part. This is quite majestic; Needs a cantor for the verses. Wouldn't work with read verses as the refrain is very short.  
  • PfAS092B Oh how great are your works (Gold) A good short song that can also be sung as a round, with optional echoing Hallelujah as your congregation gets to know it. Lyrics are in Hebrew and English. Good for kids.
  • Emergent Psalter The righteous flourish and grow (Everett) A nice simple refrain with the verses to be read over improvised music. Sheet music sample (refrain only).
  • NCH476 /  CH565 / VU716 / WoV781 / LBW294 / ELW596 / GA454 / SFFS 2212 / GtG821 / HPP395  / G(II)427  / GC603 / GC(II)598 / G(3)685 / CP401 / W&R424 / Cha619 / SP296 / URW170 My life flows on in endless song (Lowry) A wonderful hymn. Lots of great recordings of this are available too. It's not so great if it is not familiar to your congregation, but once known, it is worth hanging on to. This is not known so well in Australia... Might be good to end the service on a note of hope. Lyrics.

2 Corinthians 5:6-10, (11-13), 14-17 
Paul gets a bit circuitous again.

  • *AoV2-007 / AoVNG110 See I Make All Things New (O'Brien, Watts) I really love this song. “New, as night turns to morning, the spirit is calling I’m with you, I make all things new”. A nice acapella sound sample. I usually play it with more of a jazz feel.
  • *TiS 671 / AoV2-121 Made in God's Likeness (Lewis/Spence) Excellent Australian imagery. This is one of my very favourite songs. It is not difficult if you have a good musician at the helm. If it is new to your congregation, they will be able to join in on the verses by the time you get to the 3rd one. The change in tone with the verse really lifts this song. Good for kids.
  • Iona (Sent By The Lord) / CH275 / VU34 / ELW247 / A&M029 / SFFS 2232 / GtG103 /  CP588 / W&R157 / SP10 / URW415 / STB242 Come now O Prince of peace / O-So-So (Lee) A lovely simple and gentle song, inclusive for God and people. One of very few songs from Asia in Western hymnals.
  • *TiS 688 Come to be our hope O Jesus (Marachin) This is a really fun Latin American song from the World Council of Churches Assembly in Canberra. It's not easy the first time, but once you've heard it, it's very catchy and good for kids. The words are really excellent, despite a slightly clunky translation. Use some maracas. It would be worth teaching to your congregation! Good for kids.
  • *ATA 200 / CH530 / VU639 / A&M757 / CP(E) 548 / URW109 One more step along the world I go (Carter) A good fun kid's song from Sydney Carter which many of their parents will remember. "And it's from the old I travel to the new, keep me travelling along with you". Lyrics and a really slow and clunky sound sample. Good for kids.
  • *NCH387 / GtG361 / PH443 / GC(II)646 / RS782 / CP524 / Lau829 O Christ the great foundation (Lew) Excellent words of salvation and justice from Timothy Tingfang Lew, sung to the tune of "The church's one foundation" (AURELIA) which is in all standard hymnals. Lyrics There is a second possible tune (ABREU), which is more challenging. Note that the lyrics in the NCH are slightly different, and more inclusive. 
  • *TiS 687 God gives us a future (Smith) Great words to a very easy hymn tune. Careful not to let it get the tune get too pompous; the words are not! "God gives us a future, daring us to go into dreams and dangers on a path unknown. We will face tomorrow in the Spirit's power, we will let God change us for new life starts now!". Lyrics here (scroll down). The hymn has been split into to two parts to include the blessing and words of mission.
  • *TiS 217 / AHB 148 / NCH43 / CH519 / UMH384 / VU333 / A&M721 / LBW315 / ELW631 / A&M721 / GA463 / HPP48 / GtG366 / PH376 / GC622 / GC(II)613 / G(3)641 / CP485/6 / CP(E) 516 / W&R358 / Cha517 / Srce457 / URW100 / 82Hml-657 / Lau801 Love divine all loves excelling (Wesley) Can't possibly sing this song too often! A beautiful classic song and most hymnals use a very inclusive version of this hymn, even the AHB! "Joy of heaven" *sigh*, so lovely! Lyrics and sound sample. You may also like to give Rend Collective Experiment's version a listen (hard to sing, but nice for listening).

Mark 4:26-34
Mustard seeds.... 
  • Seeds of Faith: The seed song (Bruxvoort-Colligan) Supremely silly and fun. A good song to sing for the kid’s talk, and get them involved in the actions; it's a bit long... Lyrics and sound sample here. Good for (smaller) kids
  • Iona (LFB) He knew the greatness of the small (Iona) This song picks up a number of Bible texts, like this one, about the value of small things. It has an unusual meter and therfore has to be sung to the set tune, which will need to be taught. It can fit well with a responsive reading. 
  • ATA 181 Faith like a mustard seed (Prewer) A simple round. I would just sing the first verse. 
  • TOSB164 / ATN 83 / UMH572 / VU289 / HPP465 / W&R557 / Cha477 / MP348 It only takes a spark (Kurt Kaiser) This old chestnut is still pretty OK. It's a bit mushy. Good for kids.
  • CH174 / GtG019 God of great and God of small (Sleeth) Nice simple, children's song. Might work well with a cantor and response on the chorus. Kids could then sing it without having to read lots of words. Good for kids.
  • A Singing Faith 27 As trees from tiny seeds can grow (Parker Huber) Excellent words to a hymn-like tune. Can also be sung to O WALY WALY.  Preview.
  • *TiS 382 / AoV2-131 / ATN 15 / NCH238 / CH417 / UMH311 / VU186 / LBW280 / ELW570 / GA364 / A&M212 / HPP210 / GtG247 / G(II)318 / GC444 / GC(II)456 / G(3)534 / CP237 / CP(E) 153 / W&R311 / Cha230 / 82Hml-204 / Lau278 Now the green blade rises (NOEL NOUVELET) I love these words and this simple French folk tune. I particularly like this played to guitar, but TiS has an excellent piano arrangement too. Lyrics and tune sample.
  • NCH433 / CH727 / UMH707 / VU703 / HPP474 / GtG250 / W&R515 / Cha638 In the bulb there is a flower (Sleeth) A simple song of hope symbolised in nature. Particularly good for those churches in colder Northern Hemisphere who have a while to go before Spring. Lyrics and sheet music.  
  • VU361 / AA123 Small things count (Murray) Good simple song. Good for kids, although there are a lot of words for non-readers. It would be nice to break this song up and sing it to the kids somehow. Good for kids.
  • *WoV658 / ELW506 / URW078 The word of God is source and seed (Dufner) "The Word of God is breath and life; It comes to heal and wake and save. So let the Spirit touch and mend and rouse your dry bones from their grave". Lyrics (downloads a pdf). 
  • *NCH 528 / UMH583 / WoV753 / Cha478 You are the seed / Sois la semilla. This is a simple song to sing, and the words are very cheering. “You are the seed that will grow and new spout; you’re a star that will shine through the day”. Good for older kids who can read all the words.
  • *MV 174 Soil of God (Holy Ground) This is probably most appropriate for last week’s reading, but would also fit for this week. The tune is quite simple and the words are good “Soil of God, you and I, stand ready to bear seeds of faith nourished by God’s tender care”.
  • *Tune In: Kingdom Come (Lees). A song about what the kingdom might be like, with plentiful images from the parables. Sample and lyrics here.
  • *Taizé / AoVNG125 / MV146 / GC(II)637 / G(3)740 / PfAS024D The Kingdom of God is justice and peace and joy in the holy spirit (Taize) "Come, Lord and open in us the gates of your kingdom". A nice joyful Taizé chant. Sheet music and sound samples of parts for practice. Good for kids.
  • ATA 181 Faith like a mustard seed (Prewer) A simple round. I would just sing the first verse. Good for kids
  • UMH275 The kingdom of God is like a grain of mustard seed I don't have this hymnbook, so don't know what the tune is like, but the words are fine. Lyrics.
  • Recorded music From little things big things grow (Paul Kelly) This tells the story of a Native Title claim which has very little to do with this reading except the acknowledgement that small steps can achieve something big. There's also a children's book based on this song which could make a good story for kids.
That's it from me. If you have some suggestions for these readings, please feel free to share them in a comment below.

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