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Songs, Hymns & Music for Advent 3B (14 December 2014)

More Advent songs appropriate for these readings: listed here. 
Isaiah 61:1-4, 8-11  
The spirit of the Lord is on me to bring good news, so rejoice!
*Tune In: The Spirit of the Lord (Loukes) A beautiful and simple chant. Highly recommended. Lyrics, sound sample and songbook available here.
*TiS 690 / CH259 / A&M557 / StS115 / SP237 / Srce54 Beauty for brokenness hope for despair (Kendrick) Themes of healing from personal and universal suffering and an emotive chorus. “Refuge from cruel wars, havens from fear, cities for sanctuary, freedoms to share, peace to the killing-fields, scorched earth to green; Christ for the bitterness, his cross for the pain”. It's a bit schmaltzy, but that never hurt anyone. Lyrics.
*WCC website Hear the message we now are proclaiming / El mensaje que hoy proclamamos. This jubilant Colombian song of liberty and new life for the poor and suffering would fit well with this reading. Good for kids. Free sheet music! 
*TiS 688 Come to be our hope O Jesus (Marachin) This is a really fun Latin American song from the World Council of Churches Assembly in Canberra. It's not easy the first time, but once you've heard it, it's very catchy and good for kids. The words are really excellent, despite a slightly clunky translation. Use some maracas. It would be worth teaching to your congregation!
*AoV1-021 / ATOK 402 / StS114 / G(II)488 / GC682 / GC(II)669 / G(3)761 / Lau858 God Has Chosen Me (Farrell) Energetic, and great words of justice. We used to sing this a lot, but not so much lately. Can be rocky or smooth, however you like it. Good for kids. Sound sample and lyrics.

*AoVK-28 / ATOK 376 Faith hope and love (Watts) This is so easy, and so cool. If you have some groovy musicians, this can even be a very funky rock song. Very easy, and great for kids and non-readers.
*TiS 657 / CH263 / VU700 / A&M559 / AA50 / CP(E) 447 / Cha656 / SP242 God of freedom God of justice (Murray / Guthrie Foote) Powerful lyrics. Can be sung to either TREDEGAR (new, but not too hard) or PICARDY (very familiar). Lyrics and midi.
ATOK 389 Light of the nations (Mann) A simple song. Lyrics.
VU699 / GtG772 / PH332 Live into hope of captives freed. Excellent words from Jane Parker Huber to the familiar tune TRURO. Lyrics.
*UMH729 / VU682 / LBW161 / WoV762 / ELW627 / GtG373 / PH450 / CP573 / W&R539 / Cha711 / URW140 / 82Hml-597 O day of peace that dimly shines (Daw) A song of hoped-for peace. The tune in Chalice hymnal is really nice (CANDLER) or O WALY WALY which is used in URW. Other sources use JERUSALEM, which is a bit too militaristic for me. Lyrics and JERUSALEM sample
*TiS 210 / AHB 141 / NCH42 / CH352 / UMH57 / VU326 / LBW42 / ELW295 / A&M742 / HPP74 / GtG610 / PH466 / CP306 / CP(E) 534 / W&R96 / Cha005 / Srce506 / 82Hml-493 O for a thousand tongues to sing (Wesley) A classic. I particularly love NATIVITY for these words, and it's such a fun tune. Be careful with the words "ye dumb". Voices United has "Hear him you deaf, you voiceless ones, your tongues again employ" which is more respectful. We totally rocked this at church camp this year! Lyrics and one possible tune. 
*TiS 179 / NCH273 / VU312 / Iona (Heaven Shall Not Wait) / StJ / GA379 / URW073 Praise with joy the world's Creator My all time favourite Trinitarian hymn. Simple well known tune (Praise my soul the king of heaven), wonderful imagery in the words. Some versions change "Son" to "Christ" to make it more inclusive. Lyrics (scroll down).

GC(II)662 / G(3)773 To bring glad tidings to the lowly / You Have Anointed Me (Balhoff / Daigle / Ducote) This is nice. I like how the congregation responds with “You have anointed me”. I think it could be a very powerful experience to sing that as a congregation. Sheet music and tacky sound sample
*StS038 / G(II)486 / GC679 / GC(II)672 / G(3)768 When Jesus Worked here on earth (Olson) Nice simple song, to a Celtic-style tune about bringing good news and setting captives free. Sheet music sample. Sound sample

Psalm 126
Those who sow in tears shall reap with joy
*AoV1-021 / ATOK 402 / StS114 / G(II)488 / GC682 / GC(II)669 / G(3)761 / Lau858 God Has Chosen Me (Farrell) Energetic, and great words of justice. We used to sing this a lot, but not so much lately. Can be rocky or smooth, however you like it. Good for kids. Sound sample and lyrics.
**Shout for Joy (Psalm Project) When we share God's dream (Bruxvoort-Colligan) Nice words, especially if you read Desmond Tutu's book to the kids this week; I think this would be just about perfect for Brunswick in this year's Lenten theme. Good for kids 
SFFS 2182 / CP583 / GtG074 / PfAS126E When God Restored Our Common Life (Duck)  Good words, based on Ps 126 to a familiar fairly upbeat hymn tune (RESIGNATION).  
*Iona (Common Ground) / CH257 Singing we gladly worship the Lord together (Traditional Guatemalan) This song has a simple and energetic chorus with a great rhythm, and sings of us "sowing seeds of peace and love" in a troubled world. Good for kids.
Linnea Good It was a dream (Bauman / Good) A simple Psalm refrain.
TiS 177 / VU614 In suffering love the thread of life (Johns / WALSALL) A more sombre choice, but comforting
*TiS 670 / AoVK-138 / ATE 258 / CH692 / Srce385 Jesus put this song into our hearts (Kendrick) A fun Yiddish tune that gets even more fun if you get faster and faster as you go. Try teaching your congregation a simple side to side “dance” step. If you teach them and make it clear that it’s okay, you’ll be surprised how many people will join in. Good for kids. Lyrics.
Shout for Joy (Psalm Project) Rivers in the desert (Bruxvoort-Colligan) A nice way to present this Psalm to the congregation; this would work well during the offering. 
PfAS126B Those who sow in tears (Ladies of the Grail) A simple Psalm refrain. Nice chords. *PfAS126A / URW325 When God first brought us back from exile (Daw) Good words based on the Psalm, and it's sung to WAYFARING STRANGER, which is a very cool tune. Lyrics
Online resource: Those who sow in tears (Harding) A simple, joyful round. Available here. Good for kids.
URW327 Wondrous God bring us back to you (Peacock) A simple Psalm prayer. No music. It's just a beautiful little prayer.
*NCH461 Let us hope when hope seems hopeless (Beebe) A lilting tune and good words of hope in the face of difficulty. A song of a maturing faith. Sound sample (long introduction).
VU023 / CP104 Joy shall come even to the wilderness (Israeli traditional) Advent A traditional Israeli song. Excellent words and the tune is cool. Lyrics.

Alternative to the Psalm: Luke 1:46b-55
The magnificat! Yay! The magnificat!
*G(II)128 / GC147 / GC(II)83 / G(3)102 / URW020 And Holy Is Your Name (Haas) Lovely words to a simple Celtic tune (WILD MOUNTAIN THYME). Sound sample and lyrics. Tune.
*MV120 / StS124 / R245 / ELW723 / HPP88 / GtG100 / G(II)376 / GC556 / GC(II)527 / G(3)622 / URW018 My soul cries out with a joyful shout (Canticle of the Turning) This is my favourite Magnificat! No, really!! "Could the world be about to turn?" It's sung to a folk tune (STAR OF THE COUNTY DOWN). Lyrics and slightly odd sound sample.
A&M185 / GC(II)362 / G(3)434 / SP69 Dark is the night / Sing Alleluia (O'Brien) Excellent and simple Christmas song which reflects the magnificat and the happiness of Jesus’ parents. I especially like the last verse “Hope for the poor, release for the captive, Love for the outcast, light for weary eyes; Word that brings life, embracing humanity, Jesus, companion be born into our lives”. It would be particularly good for a Christmas eve service. The chorus would also work very nicely on its own. Lead sheet and lyrics. Sound sample.
*VU323 Maker of the sun and moon and mother of the earth (Sharrocks) Wonderful inclusive words, and a beautiful tune, that for me sounds a lot like "Lord Jesus Christ, Lover of All" so melodically ties Advent in with Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. You may like to sing it this Sunday and leave the last verse until Christmas day. Highly recommended, and would particularly suit BUC this year. Lyrics
Taizé / GC(II)530 / Lau689 Let Us Sing to the Lord / Benissez le Seigneur A joyous chant, with an optional cantor part. Sound samples, sheet music and translations. Good for kids.
Taizé / Iona (T1AU) / StS012 / GA545 / GC(II)522 / G(3)630 / PfAS1018 Magnificat “Magnificat amina mea dominum” Taize Magnificat. To be honest, I think it’s kind of funny to sing “Magnificat” as a lyric, but maybe that's just me. There are also alternative English lyrics (Sing out my soul), which are good if your congregation thinks singing in Latin is quirky. A catchy and happy Taize chant. Sheet music, sound samples, and English translation.
*Online resource Magnificat (Harding) A fun magnificat, using the Latin phrase “Magnificat amina mea deum”. I think our musicians would like this one! Sound and sheet music sample.
GC788 / G(II)568 / GC(II)773 / G(3)892 All that I am sings (Haas) Nice. Simple refrain. Lead sheet and lyrics.  Sound sample.
*TiS 172 / NCH119 / UMH198 / VU899 / Cha130 / PfAS1042 My soul gives glory to my God my heart (Miriam Therese Winter / MORNING SONG) Simple and beautiful words to a simple and beautiful tune. Inclusive lyrics. Lyrics (plus lyrics to lots of other magnificats). Scroll down and look for "ecumenical".
ATAR639 / GC(II)782 / Lau338 My Soul Proclaims your Greatness O God (Haugen) Nice, simple to sing. Lead sheet and lyrics. Sound sample.
MV134 There was a child in Galilee / Dreaming Mary (Gadeski) This is a thoughtful, imaginative song of Mary, which would be best sung by a soloist, with the words made available for the congregation to ponder.
GA250 My soul rejoices / Canticle of Mary (Alstott) A simple, hymnlike Magnificat.
*W&R172 For Ages Women Hoped and Prayed (Huber) This is one of those "Coming, but already here songs" of Advent, and could be sung at other times of year, too. Thought-provoking words about what it may have been like for Mary to bear Christ. Lyrics (downloads a large pdf). Set to VOX DILECTI, but could be sung to other tunes. It fits New Britain (the tune for Amazing Grace) quite nicely.
WoV730 / LBW180 / ELW573 / CP363 My Soul Proclaims Your Greatness A very simple hymny Magnificat; there are a few translations of this. WoV is good (I don't know about ELW or CP). Sung to the well known tune KINGSFOLD.
*WCC website Hear the message we now are proclaiming / El mensaje que hoy proclamamos. This jubilant Colombian song of liberty and new life for the poor would fit well with this reading. Good for kids. Free sheet music!
HiOS101 My heart is leaping (Kitchingman) Good words, and a joyful tune.

1 Thessalonians 5:16-24 
An entire sermon in one reading.
*TiS 420 Holy Spirit go before us every mind and heart prepare (Elizabeth Smith) Excellent words. Can also sing to AUSTRIA (TiS 93).
*TiS 106 / AHB 14 / AoV1-189 / NCH419 / CH182 / UMH102 / VU236 / LBW534 / ELW840 / GA425 / A&M739 / HPP283 / GtG643 / PH555 / GC565 / GC(II)545 / G(3)636 /  CP399  / CP(E) 530 / W&R14 / Cha715 / 82Hml-396 / Lau945 Now thank we all our God / Nun Danket Alle Gott (Rinkhart) A classic song of thanks. The language is not entirely inclusive in all versions. Chalice has great inclusive words. It's in the public domain, so changing the older English translation is quite acceptable. Older style lyrics and sound sample.
*TiS 638 / NCH175 / CH717 / A&M518 / GtG793 / PH380 / UMH265 / LBW380 / ELW675 / PH380 / CP291 / CP(E) 346 / W&R638 / Cha503 / Lau430 O Christ the healer we have come Beautiful words and simple to sing. Good to sing during intercessions. I like the tune INVERCARRY best. Lyrics and sound sample (of an alternative tune)
TiS 642 / AHB 570 / VU410 / GA536 / G(II)547 / GC757 / GC(II)749 / G(3)856 / CP(E) 205 / URW185 / Lau673 This day God gives me strength of high heaven There are a couple of possible tunes to this. I like BUNESSAN (morning has broken) best. The words are based on St. Patrick's Breastplate. One version of the lyrics.
*TiS 590 / AHB 165 / AoVK-117 / NCH506 / UMH526 / VU663 / LBW439 / ELW742 / HPP408 / GtG465 / PH403 / CP532 / W&R473 / Cha585 / Srce 776 What a Friend we have in Jesus There is a bit of masculine language, but the song has so many other good things about it. I like both tunes. AOVK has different lyrics, written specifically for kids, which I think are worth singing. Good for kids.
*TiS 421 Where the Spirit is there's freedom An excellent joyous upbeat song from the World Council of Churches. Lyrics.

John 1:6-8, 19-28
John the Baptist points the way... For some reason we have switched from Mark to John's Gospel. 
*AoVK-50 / ATW 430 Come let us praise our God / A voice is heard (Trisha Watts) Excellent and energetic. Good for kids.
*TiS 181 / AoV2-032 / GC(II)497 / G(3)577 / CP589 Come O God of all the earth / Sing Out Earth and Skies (Haugen) A very joyful song for cantor and congregation, or small group and congregation; this is a big favourite in our church. Sheet music, lyrics and sound sample.
*AoV2-003 / ATOK 313 / CH543 / StJ / GA404 / A&M042 / ELW715 / GtG314 / GC(II)512 / G(3)590 / SP13 / URW114 / Lau883 Longing for light we wait in darkness / Christ, be our light (Farrell) One of my favourites, especially if someone can sing or play the descant line in the later verses. Sound and sheet music sample here. Good for kids.
* Christ is Coming Ever Coming (Bruxvoort-Colligan) A modern hymn of salvation history. Lyrics and sound sample. Music available online. 
*TiS 270 / AHB 199 / NCH115 / CH334 / VU20 / LBW548 / ELW842 / A&M046 / GtG096 / PH010 / G(II)260 / GC321 / 322 / GC(II)344 / G(3)418 / CP103 / CP(E) 34 / W&R156 / 82Hml-076 / Lau094 On Jordan's bank the Baptist's cry If you would like inclusive lyrics, have a look at the New Century Hymnal’s version. If you’d like a groovy tune, check out AHB 199(ii) / GC322 – ST JOHN BAPTIST by Gary Lewis Miles and Betty Pulkingham. This is an excellent, fun tune. You can even combine the words of NCH115 with AHB199(ii) for the best of both worlds. But WINCHESTER NEW is also very good, and easy to sing if you don’t have a congregation full of people who grew up in the 60s and 70s. Lyrics and tune sample (Winchester New).
Seeds of Faith Prepare the Way For Love (Bruxvoort-Colligan) A good song for kids. I think it would be fun to make up additional verses for this one so it could carry through the whole of Advent. Sound sample and lyrics. BUC people, I have this book. Good for kids.
*StS008 / SFFS 2089 / GtG163 / PH409 Wild and Lone the Prophet's Voice (Daw) Excellent, challenging words. I prefer this sung to ABERYSTWYTH which is well known and easily accessible. Lyrics and sheet music samples
*TiS 263 / CH607 The bright wind is blowing the bright wind of heaven (Taylor) Excellent words of the changes brought about by a "bright wind" that blows away the chaff of our hating, and fans the flames of love.  Joyful tune. Lyrics
*Tune In: Dare to Dream (Loukes) A great song about having a vision for the future, being lead by the light of Bethlehem’s star. "Dare to dream of new beginnings, Paths untried, by faith supplied".  Sound sample, lyrics, song book  

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