Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Songs, Hymns & Music for Advent 1B (November 30 2014)

More Advent songs appropriate for these readings: listed here.

Isaiah 64:1-9
“Oh that you would tear open the heavens and come down”. A cry to God for restoration. You are the potter, you made us. Come on God, don’t be mad. Remember we’re your people.
BUC*Online Resource Drawing Nearer (Grundy) An excellent contemporary song about the lack of peace within the world and within our souls, and the desire for God to "steal our hearts - like a baby". It's great. Free sheet music. Sound sample (youtube). I would use this first by a soloist, and invite the congregation to join in as they get the hang of it. 

*NCH112 Keep awake be always ready (Clyde) New words to the tune for "Wake awake for night is flying", which I thought was a familiar Advent tune until we sang this at Brunswick last year... I particularly like the second verse of this one. Lyrics. 
Traditional / ATA 124 / SLW42 / UMH494 / GtG472 / PH338 / W&R487 / Cha590 / PfAS079A Kumbayah, my Lord. I think this song is really beautiful sometimes. Sometimes it’s really awful too, unfortunately. I was lucky enough to sing this with Trish Watts and our congregation at Paddington Uniting Church many years ago as a quiet meditative chant, with improvised descants, which totally transformed this song for me. You can judge whether it will work for your congregation. You could also sing "Come by here, my Lord" too. Wish I could find a nice sample for you, but can't.
*TiS 626 / AHB 557 / CH500 / GA423 / Lau888 Lord of creation to you be all praise! (Winslow) A wonderful traditional and quite inclusive hymn to the familiar tune SLANE. Lyrics.
*AoVK-29 Remember we are your people (Barr) Simple three part chant "Remember we are your people, your people O God". This would work really well as a sung refrain during the prayer of confession. It would also be good for kids if you can explain the concept.
*Tune In / NCYC '07: Forgive us now (Brown) This is one of the best songs seeking forgiveness that I know. “Forgive us now, O mother love for all the idols we have built, For all the time we’ve worshipped there in company of dark despair. Forgive us mother of all hope”. Lyrics, sound sample, and songbook.
*Tune In: You in all our worries / All will finish well “In this world where injustice reigns, you are in the midst of pain”. Excellent words of reassurance in a difficult world. Sound sample, lyrics and songbook available here.
*SP&P020 We are waiting for you (Grundy) A gentle song of waiting. Would be good for the musicians to sing for the congregation during a meditative part of the service, or to commence the service. This song would also work well during distribution of communion. Sound sample.
CH252 / VU578 / GA481 / SFFS 2237 / G(II)471 / GC663 / GC(II)643 / G(3)744 / W&R551 / Lau828 As a Fire Is Meant for Burning (Duck) Excellent lyrics of unity across all nations set to the familiar tune BEACH SPRING. Not terribly Adventish, but great. Lyrics & sheet music.
Online Resource We are clay (Harding) A simple chorus which could be used prayerfully or in an upbeat style; if you sing it about twice the speed of the sound sample, swung, with some percussion, it would be a great song for kids if you are talking to them about pottery wheels. Sound sample and PDF for download.  I have promised my son to suggest more kid's songs.

Psalm 80:1-7, 17-19  
Restore us, let your face shine that we may be saved
*Emergent Psalter Restore us God (Everett) Another good refrain and read Psalm with instrumental backing. I'm still loving this book.
*Online Resource Restore us (Bruxvoort-Colligan) A hopeful contemporary song. This is simple enough for a congregation to sing the first time, I think, but if you're feeling less hopeful about the singing ability of your congregation, they could just join in on the VERY simple chorus! Lyrics, sound sample and sheet music.
*AoVK-29 Remember we are your people (Barr) Simple three part chant "Remember we are your people, your people O God". This would work really well as a sung refrain during the prayer of confession. Sound sample. Good for kids.
StJ / G(II)346 / GC506 / GC(II)508 / G(3)586 You Are All We Have (O'Brien) A nice refrain and good cantor parts. Somewhat formal. Sound sample, sheet music sample and a different sound sample.
*Tune In: Our God who weeps (Kate Scull) Very simple folk-like tune and challenging and hopeful lyrics. "When death has taken those held dear"... Reference recording, lyrics and songbook.
*Tune In: Longing for you (Loukes). A simple chant of longing for God. Reference recording, lyrics and songbook. Good for kids.
*TiS 42 / GA047 Lord make us turn to you (Boschetti) A simple refrain and mostly inclusive cantor part. We have sung this at Brunswick some years ago and it went very well. Don't forget that you can use these refrains with a reader if you don't have someone confident enough to cantor.
*Psalm Project (2010) Shout for Joy Turn and restore us (Bruxvoort-Colligan) This is a little bit country. Very cool, and I think a younger congregation would probably pick this up fairly quickly. Sound sample.  
PfAS080C O Shepherd hear and lead your flock (Morgan) Strong mournful and formal words to the rather Christmassy tune ST LOUIS.  
*CH573 / UMH523 / GtG789 / StB059 Jesus Savior Lord lo to thee I fly / Saranam Saranam (Sri Lankan) I think this would be an excellent song to sing, not only because the words are good and because the tune is simple and beautiful, but because we need to keep praying for the people of Sri Lanka.  
G(II)370 / GC541 / GC(II)540 We Praise You O Lord (Dameans) Quite nice cantored psalm and refrain. Very easy to sing. Sample refrain music and lyrics. Sound sample.
VU239 O great Spirit how I long to hear (Clellamin) Native American song - very simple, would be best with a good hand-clapping rhythm or drumming.
*NCH563 / MV143 / HPP260 / GC710 / GC(II)703 / G(3)811 / RS 636 / Cha684 / URW169 / Lau688 We cannot own the sunlit sky / Abundant life (Duck) I like these words full of hope for the future. I would prefer to sing it to the tune of "How can I keep From singing". LA GRANGE is the other option. Lyrics (downloads a pdf).
Online resource: Prepare, prepare the way of the Lord (Kleinheksel). A simple round, particularly appropriate for kids. Adults might find it a bit simple, but it’s quite effective. Good for kids. Sheet music.
VU239 O great Spirit how I long to hear (Clellamin) Native American song - very simple, would be best with a good hand-clapping rhythm or drumming.
*TiS 265 / AHB 193 / AoV1-174 / NCH116 / CH273 / UMH211 / VU001 / LBW034 / ELW283 / GA285 / HPP92 / GtG088 / PH009 / GC317 / GC(II)323 / G(3)395 / CP089 / CP(E) 32 / W&R154 / Cha119 / PfAS074A /  82Hml-056 / Lau112 O come O come Emmanuel (Psaleroilum Cantionum Catholicarum) A very well known ancient Advent carol. Most versions are pretty inclusive. Lyrics and sound sample.  Oh, and Sufjan Steven's version.... ahhhh.
1 Corinthians 1:3-9  
Words of greeting. Not lacking in spiritual gifts as you wait for Christ; Any Advent song listed on the general Advent songs page would work for this reading. 
*AoVK-28 / ATOK 376 Faith hope and love (Watts) This is so easy, and so cool. If you have some groovy musicians, this can even be a very funky rock song. Very easy, and great for kids and non-readers.
*ATFG 514 Emmanuel Carol / God of light we are waiting for you This is probably not one we would sing every week, but we sang it a couple of times last year and is definitely worth looking at as a general resource for Advent.
*AoVK-58 We wait in hope for the Lord (Ford) Simple a cappella round "We wait in hope for the Lord, God is our help and our shield. And so our hearts rejoice, for we trust in God's holy name"
*Tune In: Come O God and visit us sick we pray / Your abundant life (Brown) A joyful song "Lead us into your abundant life". This has been sung frequently by the musicians at BUC, but not by the congregation! Lyrics and sound sample.

Mark 13:24-37
Keep awake. The son of Man is coming in the clouds.
BUC*Online Resource Come Christmas Child (Murray) A wonderful new song that fits the themes we are exploring this year: that Christ will come amid the pain and hurt that exists in the world (oh, maybe we explore that every year?). The tune is not easy - it will need to be taught, but the lyrics will make it worth the time! Lyrics and sheet music.
*AoV1-057 / G(II)485 /  GC678 / GC(II)663 / G(3)766 / Lau824 Awake from your slumber / City of God (Schutte) I love the joyousness and sense of mission in this one. A really positive song “Let us build the city of God, let us turn our morning to dancing, for the Lord, our light and our love, has turned the night into day”. There is a little bit of non-inclusiveness in the middle "bridge" section; last time we sang this, we just left the bridge out, and it made the song simpler too! Being Advent, maybe it would be OK to change it to "WILL turn the night into day"? Sample sheet music & lyrics. Sound sample.
NCH121 / UMH210 / VU005 / WoV629 / ELW266 / W&R163 / Cha139 All earth is waiting / All earth is hopeful / Toda la tierra espera al Salvador (Taule) Fun Catalonian tune, good words, although the English translations vary between sources. Could be good for kids. A nice recording from Chile in Spanish. Slow and majestic organ sample and English lyrics. I particularly like this translation. 
GC324 / RS 492 Here in this world where darkness surrounds us / Come O Hope of your people/Advent Gathering (Cooney) Excellent questioning words. Cantor and response. Simple to sing, and quite beautiful "Show us your face, O promise of dawn". It's in 7/8 so it immediately appeals to me.... You can see sheet music for it here, but don't worry about the sound sample, it's not really very helpful.
Recorded music: Over the Rhine: The Trumpet Child (from the album The Trumpet Child). We used this song a fair bit in Advents past. For those who have not heard it, it's really worth a couple of listens. You can watch a video and read lyrics of the song here.
Online Resource: Gather your people to comfort and love  (Garland) Sung to a very familiar hymn tune, this song picks up a number of themes in this week's readings. Very straightforward. Sheet music.
GA281 Gather in hope people of God / Advent Song (Browne / Wood) Joyful refrain, and cantor response verses. "Gather in hope, people of God, sing the Advent song! Song of faith, song of trust, a song to welcome the Christ". The verses seem a bit tricky.
BUC*Iona (M&G) / CH359 / MV033 / ZSS54 / StJ / GtG127 / ELW253 / GA293 / SFFS 2085 / G(II)276 / GC370 / GC(II)364 / G(3)429 / CP368 / W&R402 He came down that we may have love/ Jesus came bringing us hope (Traditional Cameroon) The translation in "More Voices" (Jesus came bringing...) seems particularly appropriate for Advent and it could easily work as an Advent Candle lighting song. Just sing hope, love, peace or joy, depending on the week. Would be more exciting and energetic with some African drums, rather than a quiet reflective candle lighting song. Good for kids.
*TiS 309 / AHB 235 / NCH126 / CH324 / UMH220 / VU036 / LBW050 / ELW275 / GtG143 / CP143 / G(3)438 / CP(E) 44 / W&R189 / Cha149 / Srce2-29 / 82Hml-093 / Lau131 Angels from the realms of glory (Montgomery) Sometimes I am very hard core about not singing Christmas Carols in Advent, but I'm getting less strict, especially since learning about Sheffield Carols, and this song would fit. Lyrics and one possible tune.
AoV2-140 / NCH125 / UMH238 / VU038 / LBW071 / ELW289 / GA286 / HPP125 / PH022 / GtG113 / GC358 / GC(II)369 / G(3)430 / W&R188 / Cha155 / 82Hml-096 / Lau130 Angels we have heard on high (French traditional) See above. Christmas or Advent?!
GA281 Gather in hope people of God / Advent Song (Browne / Wood) Joyful refrain, and cantor response verses. "Gather in hope, people of God, sing the Advent song! Song of faith, song of trust, a song to welcome the Christ". The verses seem a bit tricky.


Thom M. Shuman said...

Thanks for mentioning 'Sheffield Carols.' I had never heard of this, and went to their website. what a marvelous idea. Imagine, being able to go somewhere (each night if one wanted) and join in group singing!

Thom M. Shuman said...

Thank you for mentioning "Sheffield Carols.' I went to their website and was amazed. Imagine, being able to go out on an evening and finding a place to join in group singing!