Songs and Hymns for Epiphany 5A (February 9th 2014)

This page has been updated for 2017


Anonymous said...

Love your site and so appreciate all your work. Noticing lately that there are fewer selections from the New Century Hymnal (NCH). Just wondering if you're moving away from it. This week for example, it does contain Haugen's hymn, "You are Salt for the Earth, O People, #181.

Lectionary Singer (Natalie Sims) said...

Hi, and thanks for your kind words. I hadn't noticed this - it's not a deliberate move away from NCH though... Thanks for pointing this out!

PJtheoLogy said...

Hi Natalie
Also love the Butterflyfish version of this little light of mine. The church needs more bluegrass! everytime I use this someone starts dancing.