Songs, Hymns & Music for Pentecost C (June 2013)

This page has been updated for 2016.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the music at the opening service of synod. Where to find the song we sang from Paddington? Content very interesting and style a bit different from our usual stuff.
Christine Moimoi

Lectionary Singer (Natalie Sims) said...

Hi Christine,
Glad you liked the music! The song from Paddington is "in my father's house" which you can find on the Songs That Unite website. Look for songs by Paul Somerville... Or you can look up the suggestions for Easter 6C, where I list a link!
Best, Natalie

Darren Wright said...

I've GOT to organise a recording of Enemy of Apathy sometime, the only one online is awful, and for some reason they've never put it to an Iona cd