Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Songs, Hymns & Music for Lent 5C (17 March 2013)

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Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know that Nada de Turbe is in the NCH as #772. Eat This Bread is also there as #788. There may be more Taize hidden in the back under service music. I wish they had put it in the index but they didn't.

Your resource is extremely helpful!

Norma Prina Murphy said...

Here's a link to a YouTube cover of Said Judas to Mary (Carter) -- the first 3 verses have only 1 word different from the one you posted, and there are 6 in all.

Trisha Daniell said...

For the Gospel, I love John Bell's "I will give what I have" (Enemy of Apathy),p.28. The words begin "From a high secret shelf I take what i hid myself - perfume, precious and rare, never meant to spill or spare; This I'll carefully break, I will empty for His sake - I will give what I have to my Lord." And later "Be it perfume or care, be it anger or despair, I will give what I have to my Lord." The tune is both lovely and easy. Worth locating this.