Songs, Hymns & Music for Advent 4C (23 December 2012)

This page has been updated for 2015.


Anonymous said...

Hi Natalie,
Great to see you at Brunswick last week. Psalms for all Seasons (which we discussed) has a great section of Canticles including 3 for Zechariah and 6 for Mary. For Mary it has a Charles Thatcher 2007 (my soul rejoices in the Lord) which is a cantor/ response; the Haas that you mention (Holy is your name); the Taize Magnificat; the Canticle of the turning; the Miriam Therese Winter one; and one called 'My Spirit Glorifies the Lord' by Dewey Westra.
Hope yours arrives soon! Happy Advent,

Anonymous said...

Tell out my soul can be great too. I changed the words one year to make it even more like the magnificat, but it was a bit tricky to sing