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Songs, Hymns & Music for Season of Creation 4B / Mountain Sunday (September 23 2012)

New heavens and new earth
TiS 663 / NCH108 / CH241 / VU680 / PH337 / W&R532 Isaiah the prophet has written (Patterson) Great tune (JUDAS AND MARY), and excellent words of Isaiah's vision for the future. Lyrics (note: a different tune).
UMH729 / VU682 / WoV762 / LBW161 / ELW627 /  PH450 / CP573 / W&R539 / Cha711 /  URW140 / 82Hml-597 / Lau900 O day of peace that dimly shines (Daw) A song of hoped-for peace. The tune in Chalice hymnal is really nice (CANDLER). Other sources use JERUSALEM, which is a bit too militaristic for me. Lyrics and sound sample (JERUSALEM). Sound sample of CANDLER.
Tune In: Making things new (Sheree Anderson). A groovy one. Great for kids, and lots of fun. Sound sample, lyrics and songbook.
AoV2-007 / AoVNG110 See I Make All Things New (O'Brien, Watts) I really love this song. “New, as night turns to morning, the spirit is calling I’m with you, I make all things new”. A nice acapella sound sample (search for "See,"). I usually play it with more of a jazz feel.
AoV2-085 / Iona (T1AU) / MV115 Behold behold I Make All Things New (Bell) A nice hopeful upbeat short song. Lyrics (downloads a pdf)
W&R27 God of Creation All-Powerful (Clarkson) Good solid words to a well known tune (SLANE). Sound sample and lyrics.

 God is steadfast and eternal and victorious.
*TiS 626 / AHB 557 / CH500 / GA423 Lord of creation to you be all praise! (Winslow) This song fits most of the readings this week quite well. A wonderful traditional and quite inclusive hymn to the familiar tune SLANE. Lyrics.
Iona (M&G) / CH379 Holy God, holy and mighty, holy and immortal (Murray: Agios o Theos) I think a version of the Trisangion "Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Eternal, Have Mercy On Us" is the only honest response I can make to this reading. I have found only one in the sources I have, which may work well for prayers of confession. You may like to simply use the refrain, the rest is a bit difficult to make accessible.
NCH Psalter We ponder your steadfast love O God (McMane) A lovely simple refrain and a cantor part which may be read or sung. 
*TiS 569 / AHB 478 / NCH18/19 / CH167 / UMH127 / VU651 / LBW343 ELW618 / HPP432 / HPSS281 / CP565 / CP(E) 455 / W&R501 / Cha622 / 82Hml690 / Lau960 Guide me O thou great Jehovah / Redeemer (Williams) A rousing hymn of God’s presence and strength and making it to the other side. Sound sample and lyrics.
Emergent Psalter  Tell the next generation that this is our God (Everett) A good chant with a psalm read over improvised chords. Sheet music.
SiS635 / StJ / SFFS2002 / W&R653 I Will Call upon the Lord (O'Shields) Fun. Don't take it too seriously; break into a round if you feel like it. I always imagine crazy 80s hair metal drums and guitars for the chorus. There is a second verse in some sources which really isn't needed (or good). Lyrics and chords here. I may have listened (accidentally, of course... ahem) to Petra in the 80s.
*CH801 / MV170 / StJ / WoV665 / ELW642 / SFFS 2179 / GC408 / GC(II)430 / CP553 Live in charity / Ubi Caritas (Taize) Usually sung in Latin, but can be sung just as beautifully as "Live in charity and steadfast love, live in charity; God will dwell with you." Sheet music and sound samples for practice here. You could also use this as a Psalm refrain. Good for kids.
GC(II)615 / G(3)704 My Song Will Be for You Forever (Haas) Lovely words and a simple chorus. The sound sample makes it sound like a musical theatre piece, but I think it's good for a congregation, or a choir, or at least for the congregation to join in the chorus. Sound sample. Sheet music sample. Or purchase here.

*Taize / SP328 Nothing can ever come between us and the love of God A newer Taize chant “Nothing can ever come between us and the love of God, the love of God, revealed to us in Christ Jesus”. It has a long “Oh…..” in it for a cantor part, but I have sung it many times with just a simple Oh and no cantor and it works fine. Sound samples and sheet music for practice.
*Tune In: Spirit of the Father / Alive in me (Anderson) Catchy song about God’s spirit living in us. "Take hold of the hope that I give, trust in me, reach out for the love you can live, eternally”.Lyrics and sound sample here.
*TiS 129 / AHB 56 / AoV1-029 / ATA 131 / NCH547 / CH555 / UMH378 / VU266 / LBW448 / ELW779 / GA437 / HPP334 / PH280 / G(II)434 / GC612 / GC(II)586 / G(3)645 / CP352 / CP(E) 375 / W&R422 / Cha546 / ZSS202 / Srce25 / Lau846 Amazing grace how sweet the sound (NEW BRITAIN/Newton) I once was lost... I think you all know this one. Nice youtube of some Sacred Harp singing, and a story.
*TIS 624 / W&R453 Christ be my leader by night as by day Excellent words of following Christ in times of struggle to a traditional Scottish melody. Lyrics
FFS11 Come teach us Spirit of our God (Murray) Excellent words and a good tune.
*Tune In: Father of earth, Mother of sea. A latinesque song about the Spirit being with those who are victims, prisoners and the sick, as well as present in our prayers. Note particularly the phrase “Spirit who prays with us while war goes on… pray with us Lord”. Lyrics and sample here. 
*ATW 463 / Iona (T1AU) / ELW721 / SFFS 2219 / GC(II)451 / G(3)528 / W&R296 / URW436 Goodness is stronger than evil (Tutu / Iona) Words from Archbishop Desmond Tutu. "Victory is ours, victory is ours, through him who loves us". Some congregations change the last line to "Compassion is ours, compassion is ours...". It depends on the context in which you sing it, I suppose. Sound sample. Good for kids.
VU619 / WoV738 / ELW612 / SFFS 2213 / G(II)642 / GC882 / GC(II)854 / G(3)960 / RS 958 / CP612 / W&R630 / Cha506 / URW161 / Lau427 Healer of Our Every Ill (Haugen) Good straightforward words of healing and simple tune. "Give us strength to love each other, every sister, every brother". Can get overly mushy.Lyrics and sheet music sample. Sound sample.
*TiS 419 / NCH270 / CH592 / UMH544 / VU205 / WoV685 / ELW403 / HPP222 / PH314 / CP635 / CP(E) 185 / W&R327 / SP92 / 82Hml-513 Like the murmur of the dove's song (Daw) Excellent words and a simple tune about Christian unity. Each verse ends with "Come holy spirit, come". Lyrics and organ sample.  
*ATOK 383 / AoV2-057 May we see Christ's loving face / Icon of grace. A beautiful chant from Australians Trisha Watts and Monica O’Brien
*Worldmaking.net / SP&P081 / CP086 More Than We Can Ask A great chant for use during intercessions. Very simple and genuine. Sample and lyrics here.
TiS 406 / AHB 377 / VU385 / HPPS325 Spirit divine attend our prayers. Beautiful words, with many images of the Spirit. The set tune (GRAFENBERG) is a little non-intuitive, but beautiful when learned. Could sing to many other tunes, but I’ve tried a few and can’t work out a really good one. If you have a suggestion, I’d love to hear it!
*Worldmaking.net O Tender God have mercy (Bruxvoort-Colligan) A nice chant which would be great for the prayer of confession. Lyrics and very breathy sound sample.
AoV1-139 O God Nothing Can Take Us from your love (Walker) Good refrain. Good verses. Cantor and congregational response.
**TiS 380 / AHB 303 / NCH253 / CH419 / UMH308 / VU173 / LBW145 / ELW376 / HPP203 / HPSS122 / CP210 / CP(E)160 / W&R310 / Cha218 / Srce694 / Lau287 Thine be the glory risen conquering Son One of the few older hymns that doesn't require updating. A great classic hymn! Lyrics and tune.

The call to evangelism
*CH683 / VU420 / GC(II)469 / CP598 / W&R553 / SP156 / URW132 Go to the world Go into all the earth (Dunstan) Great words of sending out. Can be sung to a couple of different tunes. SINE NOMINE is the easiest and best known. Sound sample. Sheet music sample. 
G(3)759 God Sends Us Forth (Alonso) A folksy 6/8 minor key song of sending out. Sheet music sample. 
*TiS 749 / AoV1-154 / AoVK-131 / ATE 305 / NCH360 / Iona (SBL, Freedom is coming) / CH800 / UMH497 / VU572 / WoV773 / ELW809 / HPP340 / G(II)484 / GC677 / GC(II)674 / G(3)776 / W&R713 / Cha447 / SP234 Send me Jesus / Thuma mina You all know this one, right? Good for kids.
*ATOK 412 / Iona (SBL, Common Ground) / CH250 / MV212 / SFFS 2184 / Lau855 Sent by the Lord am I / Sent out in Jesus name / Enviado soy de Dios (Traditional Cuban) Great rhythm, good words and not too hard to sing (provided you sing it a little slowly the first time!) I prefer the MV translation "Sent out in Jesus' name".
UMH584 / VU512 / StJ / WoV756 / ELW579 / GA313 / HPP542 / PH429 / GC456 / GC(II)466 / G(3)544 / CP433 / W&R592 / Cha459 / SP162 / 82Hml-528 / Lau870 Lord You Give the Great Commission (Rowthorn) Good traditional hymn of evangelism. Lyrics and sound sample.
NCH154 / UMH251 / VU43 / LBW070 / ELW290 / HPP110 / PH029 / GC359 / GC(II)363 /  G(3)428 / W&R218 / Cha167 / ZSS59 / 82Hml-099 / Lau164 Go tell it on the mountain (Work) This song would work very well for Mountain Sunday, but I would just sing the first verse (not all the Christmassy ones). You might even want to make up your own verses to fit with the themes of your service.

General Mountain type songs:
Church copies Flower of the forest (McRae) I am not sure of the source of this, but we have it in our folders at church; it has themes of creation and specifically mentions mountains, forests, and oceans.
PH287 God Folds the Mountains Out of Rock (Troeger) Pretty amazing words of humanity's creative responsibility.
Iona (LFB) / CP424 Sing praise to God on mountain tops Lovely words to traditional tune THE VICAR OF BRAY. Mountains are only mentioned int he first line, but it's a good creation-centred hymn.
MV152 You who watch the highest heavens (Habel) A song calling us to stop looking for achievements, and impressive manmade or heavenly beauty, but to come back to earth and find God in the Earth. Response

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