Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Songs, Hymns, Music for Proper 14B / Ordinary 19B / Pentecost +11 (August 12 2012)

This page has been updated for 2015


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your blog ! I am happy I found it. I am putting together music for our small Sunday night service, and I had an idea about singing from the lectionary. Great song suggestions. I like the way you incorporate music from several different traditions.

Linda said...

Hi Natalie,
you mentioned Laudate Dominum, and that for kids, could use the English. One of my great memories of a Taizé service was of a youngster going out of church singing the Latin! It is simple and catchy and OK! thanks so much for your work!

Linda said...

Hi Natalie,don't worry about using Latin with children; they often love it. I remember young Sam leaving church singing Laudate Dominum in Latin. enjoy it!