Songs, Hymns and Music for Maundy Thursday (April 17 2014)

This page has been updated for 2015


Anonymous said...

Don't forget Alleluia Aotearoa 17 Christ, let us come with You (to the upper room) Gibson/Murray

Anonymous said...

I'll be playing Allegri's Miserere sung by King's College Cambridge as part of the Maundy Thursday service I'll be playing the organ at.
Who'd have thought I'd become a church organist!
Joy Bowles (Armidale)

Anonymous said...

Good evening: just stewing over Thursday's music. Another sneaky adjustment could be 'given' for 'broken' which seems more appropriate. Love this one. Christine Moimoi

Anonymous said...

PS Copyright doesn't really give us space to change words so we need to be cautious. Where possible seek permission. Christine Moimoi

Lectionary Singer (Natalie Sims) said...

Hi Joy,
Lovely to hear from you - and amazing to think of you as church organist!

Generally I tend to only change lyrics if it's Public Domain, or if I have a source where the lyrics have been changed. The other time I sometimes change the lyrics is if the song is a solo, or not being sung by the congregation - that way the words are not printed in a way that changes the intent of the author, and probably no-one but me will notice the lyric change! :-)