Songs and Hymns for Lent 3B (March 11 2012)

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Alison Sampson said...

What a great site - I used to choose the songs for our church (South Yarra Community Baptist Church). My sister Robyn is here. She goes to your church and she just told me that you once knitted a scarf in binary code. Very impressive! Alison.

Lectionary Singer (Natalie Sims) said...

Hi Alison,
That's very funny. Yes, I did knit a scarf in binary code - for a friend who's more of a computer geek than I am, even. We often wondered if anyone on a tram would be able to decode it... I love your church website - I use Nathan Nettleton's prayers a lot when I need some inspiration. I've been meaning to visit for years... Say hi to Robyn!

Anonymous said...

Hi Alison, hi Natalie, nice to feel amongst friends up here in the Nation's Capital! Isaac Everett suggests using the bit of 'Rivers of Babylon' that follows Psalm 19:14 (may the words of our mouths etc) as a sung response for the Psalm this week. I just might!
Peace to you,