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Songs and Hymns for Advent 2B (December 4th, 2011)

Isaiah 40:1-11  
“Comfort my people”. A voice in the wilderness crying out to make a straight path for God. See also the suggestions for Mark at the bottom of this entry.
*BUC unpublished songs: Feed us the bread of your body of love / Harvest our love (Dave Brown). This song is funky and great. The chorus is: “Come and be our feast, harvest our love; Restore our sight again, breath of life and power; Light of the world, shine in this space; In the gracious meal of love, bless us to this age. In the cosmic mystery, show us Jesus' face”.
*TiS 647 / AoV2-012 / ATN 25 Comfort, comfort all my people (Mann) Easy to sing, beautiful lyrics; largely a paraphrase of this passage. Chorus is “Comfort, comfort all my people, with the comfort of my word. Speak ye tender to my people, all your sins are taken away”. Lyrics, mp3 sample.
NCH101 / CH274 / VU883 / LBW29 / ELW256 / HPP84 / HPPS003 / GC326 / GC(II)331 / RS488 / CP100 / W&R155 / Cha122 / 82Hml-067 Comfort Comfort O My People (Olearius) A more traditional setting of this passage. I don’t know why this is not popular in Australia. The tune PSALM 42 (Genevan Psalter) also sometimes known as GENEVA is not the GENEVA in TiS. Of course, NCH has the most inclusive lyrics, but the others are mostly okay too. Lyrics. Sound sample. Sheet music for the tune.
Cha123 Comfort Comfort O My People (Scripture passage) A responsive reading and sung response based on the familiar hymn listed above.
*ATOK 337 / The word made flesh The grass withers (Mann) A simple song “The grass withers and the flowers fade but the word of our God lasts forever”. Lyrics.
*Online resource: Comfort comfort my people (Harding) A simple round. Sheet music PDF for purchase and sound sample available here.
*Taizé / CH276 / VU22 / ELW262 / GA283 / G(II)256 / GC332 / GC(II)340 / CP094 / W&R166 / URW396 Wait for the Lord (Berthier) Very well known Taize chant. "Wait for the Lord, whose day is near, Wait for the Lord, keep watch, take heart!" Some sources have good cantor lines. Sound samples and sheet music.
G(II)249 / GC319 / GC(II)325 Close as tomorrow the sun shall appear / Walk in the Reign (Cooney). I really like this one. “Close as tomorrow the sun shall appear. Freedom is coming and healing is near. And I shall be with you in laughter and pain to stand in the wind and walk in the reign”. Nice little lyrics twist there! The 4th verse mentions specific locations (Soweto, Gdansk, Tiannemen Square, The Bronx), which you could retain or change, as you feel appropriate. This sound sample gives it a bit of a gospel feel. Sheet music and lyrics.
AoV1-057 / G(II)485 /  GC678 / GC(II)663 / RS799 Awake from your slumber / City of God (Schutte) I love the joyousness and sense of mission in this one. A really positive song “Let us build the city of God, let us turn our morning to dancing, for the Lord, our light and our love, has turned the night into day”. You might like to break copyright laws and change the chorus so it’s “will turn the night into day” which would be more Adventy. Sound and print samples here. There is a little bit of non-inclusiveness in the middle. Sample sheet music & lyrics. Sound sample.
Online resource: In the still of winter These beautiful words to the well-known tune FOUNDATION would be particularly good for a quieter, more reflective Advent service in the Northern Hemisphere. "From the silence of evening, from shadow and sleep, comes a numinous star like a voice from the deep. How long must I wander, how far must I roam? I am here, I am with you, and I'll lead you home." Available here.
Online resource: Gather your people to comfort and love (Garland). New words to the well-known hymn tune SLANE. Verse two: "Salvation comes now to those who will hear, Righteousness shines forth, forgiveness draws near. Call forth repentence, O Covenant Lord, that justice and peace may to us be restored". Available here.
NCH121 / UMH210 / VU005 / WoV629 / ELW266 / W&R163 / Cha139 All earth is waiting / All earth is hopeful / Toda la tierra espera al Salvador (Taule) Fun Catalonian tune, good words, although the English translations vary between sources. Could be good for kids. Sound sample and Spanish lyrics.   
*Taizé  / AoV2-109 / CH772 / GA429 / SFFS 2195 / G(II)396 / GC566 / GC(II)546 / SP128 / W&R448 / URW381 In the Lord I'll Be Ever Thankful / El Senyor (Berthier) A joyful and bouncy Taize song. Good for kids. Works well in English, German and Spanish at least. Good for kids. Sheet music, translations into many other languages, sound samples.  

Psalm 85:1-2, 8-13
God will speak peace; righteousness and peace will kiss each other. God’s forgiveness and steadfastness.
Taizé / TiS 713 Dona nobis pacem domine / cordium (Berthier) There is a specific cantor line for Psalm 85 to go with this prayer of peace. Sound sample and sheet music for the refrain here.
*TiS 409 / AHB 322 / CH595 / UMH543 / VU202 / StJ / Cha250 O Breath of life come sweeping through us (Elizabeth Porter Head) This is a really wonderful older style hymn with inclusive lyrics. Lyrics and sound sample. Not all verses are in all hymnals
AoVNG55 / Iona (WWHW) / G(II)74 / CP113 Come O Lord and Set Us Free (Ducote / Daigle/ Balhoff) Good simple, inclusive refrain with a pretty groovy cantor line; could work for the younger set. Sample sheet music. Sound sample.
G(II)254 / GC330 Let Me Taste Your Mercy Like Rain (Cooney) Good words of both personal and communal redemption. Simple contemporary tune. Lyrics & lead sheet. Clunky sound sample.  
*CH198 / MV001 / GC753 / GC(II)741 / RS 846 Let Us Build a House / All are welcome (Haugen / TWO OAKS) This song has wonderful lyrics of hope for what a Christian community can be like, and a chorus that joyfully says “All are welcome, all are welcome, all are welcome in this place”. Sheet music sample. Sound sample. Lyrics (scroll down a little).
*TiS 217 / AHB 148 / NCH43 / CH519 / UMH384 / VU333 / LBW315 / ELW631 / GA463 / HPP48 / HPSS376 / GC622 / GC(II)613 / CP485/6 / CP(E) 516 / W&R358 / Cha517 / Srce457 / URW100 Love divine all loves excelling A beautiful classic song and most hymnals use a very inclusive version of this hymn, even the AHB! Lyrics and sound sample.
MV222 May the peace of God be your peace (McLaren) A lovely benediction. Will need to be taught first.
CH659 / MV173 / StJ / W&R389 Put peace into each other’s hands (Kaan) Good words for communion; tune is quite simple and flows nicely. Would work for kids. Lyrics (downloads a pdf).
*Emergent Psalter Show us your mercy O God (Everett) A simple refrain and read Psalm.
CH720 / SP204 There is a longing in our hearts O Lord (Quigley) Good words, particularly suitable for Advent. Longing for God's love, justice, wisdom, healing. A good song for before or after intercessions.

2 Peter 3:8-15a 
God has a different timeline to us. Waiting in purity; the day of the Lord will surprise us.
TiS 616 / AHB 547 / NCH611 / UMH730 / VU688 / HPP221 / PH452 / CP092 / CP(E) 33 / Cha700 / 82Hml-600 O day of God draw near / nigh in beauty and in power, come with your timeless judgement now to match our present hour" This older hymn has quite excellent words calling for God’s presence, steadfast faith, justice in our land, peace and light. Can be sung to BELLWOODS or ST. MICHAEL. If neither tune is familiar, ST THOMAS (TiS 271) will work well. Lyrics.
GA281 Gather in hope people of God / Advent Song (Browne / Wood) Joyful refrain, and cantor response verses. "Gather in hope, people of God, sing the Advent song! Song of faith, song of trust, a song to welcome the Christ". The verses seem a bit tricky.
GtG619 / URW075 Praise my soul the God of Heaven (Lyte / adpt Ecumenical Women's Center 1974) This is an inclusive rewrite of Praise My Soul the King of Heaven. I'm not wild about it personally, but you may still find it useful and appropriate for your congregation. Lyrics.
VU718 / PH431 / W&R620 O Lord You Gave Your Servant John (Patterson) Terrific words contrasting the wealth and poverty of earthly cities with the Holy City. Sung to ST. PATRICK'S BREASTPLATE or CANDLER.
Recorded Music In God's Time (Houser) WARNING: this is not my usual style. Masculine God. Country music, and not the type of country music I like. Mushy. Interventionist, blueprint-holding God. But it might be helpful for someone, so I'm listing it anyway. We're all waiting for something, and some of those things are pretty ordinary. Youtube.

Mark 1:1-8
John the Baptist proclaims the coming of Christ
TiS 270 / AHB 199 / NCH115 / CH334 / VU20 / LBW548 / ELW842 / PH010 / G(II)260 / GC321 / 322 / GC(II)344 / CP103 / CP(E) 34 / W&R156 / 82Hml-076 On Jordan's bank the Baptist's cry. If you would like inclusive lyrics, have a look at the New Century Hymnal’s version. If you’d like a groovy tune, check out AHB 199(ii) / GC322 – ST JOHN BAPTIST by Gary Lewis Miles and Betty Pulkingham. This is an excellent, fun tune. You can even combine the words of NCH115 with AHB199(ii) for the best of both worlds. But WINCHESTER NEW is also very good, and easy to sing for more staid congregations. Lyrics and tune sample (Winchester New).
Seeds of Faith Prepare the Way For Love (Bruxvoort-Colligan). A good song for kids. Sound sample and lyrics here. BUC people, I have this book.
StS008 / SFFS 2089 / HPSS409 Wild and Lone the Prophet's Voice (Daw) Excellent, challenging words. I prefer this sung to ABERYSTWYTH which is well known and easily accessible. Lyrics
Online resource: Down by the Jordan (Winfrey-Gillette). Good inclusive words to the familiar tune LOBE DEN HERREN. Available here.
*Online Resource:  Prepare the way of the Lord (King / Lowery) An upbeat song, good for kids and teenagers, I think. The verses are kind of wordy, but they're good words. Free sheet music. The verses follow the traditional advent themes of peace, hope, joy and love, so you could also sing it every Sunday of Advent.
Taizé / UMH207 / VU10 / StS014 / GC336 / GC(II)330 Prepare the way of the Lord (Berthier) A lovely simple round. Sheet music and clunky sound sample.  
VU010 Prepare the way of the Lord (Burkhardt) A lovely simple round in 6:8. "Prepare the way of the Lord! X2 Make a straight path for him, make a straight path. Prepare the way of the Lord!" You can split into 6 groups for this one! What fun!
Online Resource Prepare the way of the Lord (Council) A nice setting for a choir. Free sheet music.
*?Recorded Music: Prepare ye the way of the Lord - Godspell (Schwarz / Tebelak) This is still a great call to worship for this Sunday. You know, the movie is really dated, but the scenes seem kind of fresh again, at least, for this song. Get that gospel choir going if you have the sheet music. Track it down! Youtube. 
*?Recorded Music: Prepare ye the way of the Lord (Smith) Love the Aussie accent in the readings for the Intro to this. I wish they had used TaikOz for the drumming.... ah that would have been something amazing.... I really like the excitement of the intro, and the song is just a chorus really. Maybe I just like those jangly U2-esque guitars. "Come on, church". Cracks me up. But it's very inspiring. Youtube.


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