Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Songs and Hymns for Ascension / Ascensiontide (9 May 2013)

Acts 1:1-11 and Luke 24:44-53
I find it hard to find songs for Ascension day - don't you think the disciples must have felt a bit lost, especially in the Acts narration?
*Online Resource O Christ when you ascended (Winfrey-Gillette) Excellent down-to-earth words to a sort of familiar hymn tune (LANCASHIRE). Highly recommended. Lyrics. I would probably sing it to ELLACOMBE.
*TiS 185 Alleluia We praise you God Creator Lord (McIntyre) A chanted Alleluia based on Pachelbel's canon, coupled with some nice affirmations of faith from a 2nd part of the congregation, or cantor. This is quite lovely.  
*Taizé / TiS 730 / AoV1-152 / ATOK 387 / CH775 / UMH488 / WoV740 / ELW616 / HPP214 / PH599 / G(II)293 / GC404 / GC(II)422 / G(3)510 / W&R285 / Cha569 / Srce387 / URW382 Jesus remember me (Berthier) A very simple chant. Good for kids, maybe? Lyrics, translations and sound samples.
*VU359 / AA059 / W&R454 He came singing love (Gibson) A lovely image and reasonably straightforward song. Might need to be taught. Lyrics (scroll down).
*TiS 541 / CH674 / WoV722 / ELW535 / G(II)394 / GC562 / GC(II)529 / G(3)626 / CP082 /  SP&P190 / W&R709  / ZSS198 / URW400 Hallelujah we sing your praises / Haleluyah! Pelo Tsa Rona Joyous and simple song. Good for kids.
*NCH70 / UMH660 / VU389 / WoV719 / ELW526 / HPP486 / HPSS461 / GC741 / GC(II)737 / G(3)243 / CP(E) 301 / W&R1 / Cha280 God is here as we your people (Pratt Green). Great lyrics, but not inclusive in all sources. A good hymn for the start of the service. It's sung to the familiar tune ABBOT'S LEIGH. Sound sample and less inclusive lyrics.
*TiS 419 / AHB 596 / NCH270 / CH592 / UMH544 / VU205 / WoV685 / ELW403 / HPP222 / PH314 / CP635 / CP(E) 185 / W&R327 / SP92 / 82Hml-513 Like the murmur of the dove's song (Daw) Excellent words and a simple tune about Christian unity. Each verse ends with "Come holy spirit, come". Lyrics and organ sample.  
*TiS 387 / CH416 / UMH318 / VU158 / LBW363 / ELW389 / RS601 / CP(E) 140 / W&R312 / 82Hml-182 Christ is alive Let Christians sing (Wren) Excellent words of Christ's saving, and still relevant grace. A couple of tunes are offered in different hymn books. I prefer TRURO. Lyrics and sound sample.
*?NCH259 / LBW157 / ELW393 / PH141 / GC454 / GC(II)467 / RS 606 / W&R322 / 82Hml-217 A Hymn of Glory Let Us Sing (The Venerable Bede) Not all hymnals are inclusive or accessible. For example, they probably don't have the word "thitherward" like these lyrics. Thank goodness. It's quite formal, sung to a good hymn tune and with lots of Alleluias. It's good to sing hymns written before the year 1000, don't you think? Sound sample and lyrics.
*TiS 398 / AHB 310 / AoV1-118 / NCH289 / CH489 / UMH475 / VU367 / GA375 / LBW508 / ELW804 / HPSS313 / GC465 / GC(II)471 / RS617 / CP645 / CP(E) 175 / W&R330 / Cha582 / Srce100 Come down O Love divine (Williams) Old fashioned, but still inclusive and very well known. Words and tune here. Hymnals vary a lot in the lyrics with respect to thees and thys and words like "vesture".
*NCH462 / UMH109 / VU265 / WoV757 / ELW684 / HPSS134 / GC580 / RS711 / CP410 / W&R32 / Cha335 Creating God Your Fingers Trace (Rowthorn) A good Trinitarian hymn about Creating, Sustaining and Redeeming God. There are many possible tunes. I like the Presence tune better. Lyrics and a sound sample.
*TiS 414 / CH616 / UMH192 / VU582 / HPP134 / PH433 / GC550 / CP(E) 198 / Cha257 There's a Spirit in the Air (Wren) A good song of getting the business of following Christ done. Speaking out, caring for others, being changed. Good, joyful tune too. Sheet music sample. Keyboard sound sample.
*WoV743 / SFFS 2199 / SP&P093 / URW115 Stay with Us (Brokering) Simple song of comfort. This is a slightly mournful song, that could pick up on the loss that the disciples may have felt when Jesus ascended. I like the tune STAY WITH US best (WoV, URW, SP&P). Lyrics (downloads a pdf - scroll through).
*TiS 755 / ATA 196 / CH804 / VU884 / SFFS 2278 / HPP219 / URW449 You shall go out with joy / The trees of the field (Dauerman) This is a good hand clappy foot stomping song. Fun. Good for kids.

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