Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Songs and Hymns for Epiphany 6A (February 13th 2011)

This page has been updated for 2014


Mendip Nomad said...

Natalie, firstly thanks for the wonderful resource that this website/blog is.

Secondly, a question. The RCL allows for a reading from Sirach in the Apocrypha this coming Sunday, should a preacher/minister/pastor/etc so choose. Do you have any recommendations of hymns for such readings? And if so, do you have any suggestions for this Sunday (Sirach 15.15-20)? Don't worry, I'm looking for some deep and complicated theological reason for why you do or don't, just interested in whether you'd considered it.

Thanks again for the resource, it really is wonderful - even to those of us far away in the UK who don't have access to even half the hymnbooks you mention!

Lectionary Singer (Natalie Sims) said...

Thanks for your comment. I haven't listed songs for Sirach for the very dull reason that I just haven't got to it yet. I'm hoping to add in the alternate readings as time goes on.

Glad to know you're finding the website useful. I hope I am not inducing hymnbook envy anywhere - a lot of the books I list, I don't have myself - I just access the table of contents! :-)