Songs and Hymns for Proper 12C / Ordinary 17C / Pentecost +9 (July 25th 2010)

This page has been updated for 2013


Jack Lohr said...

PH349 "Let All Who Pray the Prayer Christ Taught" is set to Cheshire tune, a melodic minor song found in Este's Psalmes (1592) It's probably unfamiliar, but easy to pick up. The Oremus Hymnal has a somewhat pompous organ arrangement of the tune at
I think hymntime comes closer to the spirit of the tune:
A pdf of the tune can be found at

Caro said...

Natalie, do you realise that this week is actually Pentecost +9, not +8, as you have listed? You seem to have lost a week somewhere.
(July 11 is correctly labelled as Pent +7, but then you also label July 18 as Pent +7, and have gone on from there)

Lectionary Singer said...

Thanks Caro,
I make that mistake about once a year! All patched up now.
Jack, thank you so much for your help on this hymn.

Ed Murray said...

What a nice surprise to see "Indwelling God" listed here! We've been singing it as a call to prayer for the last month, and the congregation picked it up pretty quickly. I got the words from Rex Hunt's liturgy site; not sure where he got them. If anyone wants a copy, let me know at

One of our pastors called my attention to a nice unaccompanied call and response rewritten Lord's Prayer from Casa del Sol in New Mexico. It can be downloaded here: (along with similar settings of a number of standard liturgical texts). We'll be singing both of these, along with the West Indian one (which we begin "Our Father-Mother, who art in heaven").