Songs and Hymns for Pentecost (May 23, 2010)

This page has been updated for 2013!


Rachel said...

I also love TiS 416 'Great God your Spirit, like the wind, unseen but shaking things we see... in your compassion give your Spirit like the gentle rain, creating fertile ground from which your peace and justice spring like grain...' which is sung to JERUSALEM and is very rousing!

bobgardiner said...

I'm happy to share this setting of psalm 104 suggested tune St Ethelwald rjg
O bless the Lord my soul
enthroned in heaven=s height
bedecked in majesty and awe
your very robes are light.

2 The starry skies above
to you are but a tent
the clouds your car - your messages
on tongues of fire are sent,

3 Beneath the ocean depths
you sculpted all the land
then sent the waters foaming back

and fringed the seas with sand.

4 The silver throated stream,
the plangent sapphire pool,
the tumbling torrent, slake our thirst
with living waters cool.

5 Tall trees give storks their homes
wild crags, the marmots holes;
the jungle heeds the lions= roar
and zebras guard their foals.

6 Our people rise to work
as sun announces day
while beasts seek shadows, deep and soft
to snooze the heat away.

7 From crocodile to flea
blue whale and humming bird
your hand sustains earth=s teeming life
no creature dies unheard.

8 For everything that breathes
inhales its life from you
your spirit is the breath of life
creating worlds anew.

9 All glory be to God
while I have breath I sing
the one who fills the earth with good
is Lord of everything.