Songs and Hymns for Easter Day (April 4 2010)

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bobgardiner said...

any one using this excellent site is welcome to use this hymn which I wrote for Easter a few years ago:

tune Vruechten
This is a day of joy:
a day to spend in glorious celebration;
for Christ has risen on high,
the living guarantee of our salvation.
Let Easter bells peal out -
repeat earth's greatest story;
cast off all anxious doubt;
Christ Jesus shines in glory,
in glory, in glory, in glory.

2 This is a day of life:
death's icy fingers melt in Easter sunlight;
the Lord has healed our strife,
his resurrection life dispels hell's midnight.
God's love casts out all fears
transfigures all our sadness;
he wipes away all tears
and turns despair to gladness,
to gladness, to gladness, to gladness.

3 This is a day of hope:
Now God in love brings forth his new creation;
When human strength can't cope
His spirit drives us on in expectation;
for Christ has burst through death
destroying hell's bleak prison;
so sing with all your breath
"Lord Jesus Christ is risen, is risen, is risen is risen!" RJG

Davorovenovosti said...

Ovo je otkriće.
Hvala Vam.
U Hrvatskoj ima jako malo napisano o pjesmama u velikom tjednu.

Davorovenovosti said...

Pozdrav iz Hrvatske.
Kod nas nema ništa o pjesmama u liturgiji u Velikom tjednu.
Zato je ovaj blog na koji sam došao preko googlovog pretraživača otkriće. S ovime ste nekima pomogli jer su me zvali neki hrvatski izvođači duhovne glazbe i tražili pomoć.

Davorovenovosti said...
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