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Song and hymns for Epiphany 5C ( February 7 2010)

Isaiah 6:1-8, (9-13)
God on the throne surrounded by the seraphim. Angels call God Holy. They bring release from sin; God asks who will go. The prophet is unworthy, but says “Send me”.
TiS 693 / AoV1-031 / GA212 Come as you are that's how I want you (Browne) Isaiah didn't think he was worthy either. This song is beautiful, gentle, simple, and very well known. Lyrics here (search for "come as you are").
Taize / MV075 Holy Spirit, Come to Us (tui amoris ignem) a joyful chant, no cantor required. Music and lyrics in many languages here. While listed here in Latin, it also sounds very beautiful in English.
AoV2-015 / Iona (M&G) / CH773 / MV189 / StJ / ELW529 / SFFS 2273 / GtG392 / G(II)502 / GC705 / SP&P044 / W&R659 / ZSS148 Jesus we are here / Jesu Tawa Pano (Matsikenyiri / Zimbabwe) Simple and fun. Much better in the original Shona text (rhythmically speaking) but works OK in English
VU575 / SFFS 2153 / HPSS369 / W&R574 / Cha614 I'm Gonna Live So God Can Use Me (African American traditional) Good simple tune and meaningful words. Easy to sing and play around with. Good for kids, non-readers and for people for whom English is a second language.
TiS 658 / AoV1-090 / ATE 296 / CH251 / UMH593 / VU509 / WoV752 / ELW574 / HPP541 / HPSS525 / G(II)492 / GC(II)671 / CP(E) 470 / W&R559 / Cha452 / Srce328 I the Lord of sea and sky / Here I am Lord (Schutte). Lyrics, sheet music sample and tune sample here (search for Here I am Lord).
W&R584 / Cha454
Come Celebrate the Call of God (Wren) Good words to a lilting intuitive tune. This song is written to recognise a commissioning or the gift of a particular person's call, but it can also be sung with "our" instead of "her" to make it a song for a whole congregation. Lyrics (downloads a pdf).
TiS 674 / Iona (Common Ground, Heaven Shall Not Wait) / CH253 Inspired by love and anger Powerful lyrics, simple English folk tune. Lyrics (search for "inspired")
HPSS135 / G(II)333 / GC476 / W&R139
God Is One Unique and Holy (Wren) Good words focussed on God's unity although many-faceted. Inclusive and great imagery. The tune is quite simple. Lyrics, sheet music sample and tune sample here (search for Unique).
TiS 132 / AHB 65 / NCH277 / CH111 / UMH64 / VU315 / LBW165 / ELW413 / HPP243 / HPSS138 / G(II)332 / GC474 / GC(II)483 / CP001 / CP(E) 202
Holy Holy Holy Lord God Almighty (Heber / NICAEA) Many sources have good inclusive language for people and God (e.g. CH4 and TiS, but others don't so check your source!)
TiS 180 / UMH105 / W&R58 / Cha013
God of many names (Wren) If this is new it will need to be taught to your congregation as the tune is not intuitive, but it is worth knowing. The chorus is particularly appealing to kids. Lyrics (downloads a pdf)
TiS 749 / AoV1-154 / AoVK-131 / ATE 305 / NCH360 / Iona (SBL, Freedom is coming) / CH800 / UMH497 / VU572 / WoV773 / ELW809 / HPP340 / G(II)484 / GC677 / GC(II)674
Send me Jesus / Thuma mina
ATOK 412 / Iona (SBL, Common Ground) / CH250 / MV212 / SFFS 2184
Sent by the Lord am I / Sent out in Jesus name / Enviado soy de Dios (Traditional Cuban) / Great rhythm, good words and not too hard to sing (provided you sing it a little slowly the first time!) I prefer the MV translation "Sent out in Jesus' name".
TiS 753 / StS034 / R185 / ELW525
You are holy you are whole A fun and joyous latin-rhythmed song; can also be sung with two parts at the same time. Lyrics here in English, Spanish and Swedish (and a sound sample).

Some Holy Holies (If you are looking for a new one, this might be a good Sunday to introduce it)
FFS33 Holy Holy Holy (responses for communion) Simple tune and good words. An inclusive Holy Holy that's not jarring at all.
MV203 O Holy holy holy god (Kervin) A set of communion responses to a simple and well known English tune (Kingsfold) which is really similar to another English tune (Star of the County Down).
TiS 723 / AoV2-092 / ATOK 381 / Iona (M&G, Common Ground) / CH769 / UMH65 / VU944, VU951 / StJ / R176 / ELW473 / SFFS 2007 / G(II)395 / GC563 / W&R737 / Cha111 / ZSS48 Holy holy holy / Santo santo santo (Argentinian folk song) Better in Spanish, would make BUC people uncomfortable in English, but that may not be a bad thing. We are not so good at devotional worship sometimes.
TiS 764 / ATOK 380 / SFFS 2256 Holy holy holy Lord (Iona community) Holies and Hosannas in an excellent two part call and response. The two parts overlap a little bit, so will need to be familiar, or introduced carefully if not familiar to your congregation.
Holy Holy Holy Lord (Chung Ham) Simple chant. "Holy holy holy Lord; praise and honour are yours, for you alone are worthy to receive the glory and praise."
TiS 722 Holy holy holy Lord / Sanctus Dominus II (Taize) A good opportunity to use a cantor and invite the congregation to chant the ostinato. This would be a simple way of bringing some of the "wonder" to your congregation if you have a capable cantor (it's not that hard really!) Holy Holy Holy One A more energetic Holy holy. Sound sample, lyrics and theology here.
TiS 763 Holy holy holy Lord God of power (Farrell) A nice quiet variation.
TiS 761 / GA124 Holy holy holy Lord God of power and might (Smith) This is the Holy Holy we normally sing for Communion at Brunswick.
GC(II)192 Holy Holy Holy Lord (Beneath the Tree of Life) (Haugen) (Communion response) A good Holy holy. Sheet music and sound sample (search for "beneath the tree")
GC(II)198 Holy Holy Holy Lord (Do this in memory of me) (Haas) (Communion response) Another good Holy holy holy Sheet music and sound sample (search for "do this in memory")
AoV1-196 / GA097 / GC(II)288 / GC166 / G(II)144 / GC(II)147 Holy Holy Holy Lord, God of power (Haugen) (Communion response) My favourite Holy Holy, from the Mass of Creation Sheet music and sound sample (search for the song number).
AoV2-081 Holy Holy Holy Lord of power and might (Bell/Maule) Communion responses. Thes are also good, but I can't remember what I liked about them.
GC(II)182 Holy holy holy Lord, God of power and might (Janco) Communion responses A nice joyful (or majestic) Sanctus depending on how you do it. Sheet music and sound sample (search for Gather Comprehensive II 182 - thank goodness they've put this search engine back on the hymnprint website!)

Psalm 138
God is great, strengthens us, protects us, God regards the lowly
Linnea Good I lifted my voice and spoke your name, your word of answer swiftly came a very simple congregational response to the Psalm being spoken. It would be great to do this. Need a confident reader who can preferably lead the singing, or an attentive musician to come in at the right spot.
GC(II)700 Lord you lead through sea and desert / You Are Strong You Are Holy (Dunstan) Simple version of this psalm with a strong chorus. I don't know if our congregation would like it though. Sheet music and sound sample (search for "you are strong")
AoV2-002 / AoVK-5 / StS049 / SFFS 2218 / G(II)461 / GC649 / GC(II)627 I will come to you in the silence / You are mine (Haas) Tune is a bit mushy, but the lyrics are excellent and full of strength. Easy to sing. Keyboard sample. Lyrics. Sample sheet music (search for "you are mine")Iona (SBL) / CH140 / MV181 / WoV727 / ELW554 / G(II)341 / GC495 Lord Your Hands Have Formed This World / The Earth is the Lord's (Oliano) Good words of creation to a lovely, and not too difficult, Phillippino melody. Lyrics (first verse only) Tune.
SFFS 2082 / Cha623 / ZSS105 Woke Up This Morning (African-American Spiritual) A great Spiritual. If you don't have one of these sources, you can just make it up from this video....
ATW 480 On the day I called (Farrell)

1 Corinthians 15:1-11
Basic gospel summary.
Iona (Love From Below) / CH434 / CP232 Jesus is risen from the grave (CHILDER) Good, simple rhythm and tune. You can even make up some verses if you like. Good for kids.
TiS 489 / CH635 / UMH610 / VU448 / LBW189 / ELW449 / HPSS495 We know that Christ is raised and dies no more (Geyer) The words are a good statement of faith, and the tune ENGELBERG is not hard. Make sure people get the 2nd line, and the rest will be great. This is one of those tunes that sounds like it's not really finished. Just be confident about it and let it ring.
SFFS 2248 We believe in God our creator / Creed One (Andrus) A simple creed. OK.
TiS 367 / AHB 287 / NCH242 / CH412 / UMH306 / VU159 / LBW135 / ELW366 / HPSS119 / GC446 / GC(II)459 / CP212 / CP(E) 159 / W&R290 / Cha221 The strife is o'er the battle done Hymnals vary widely in how inclusive / relevant (!) their lyrics are for this one. Together in Song does a good job, having updated a lot of the language. The best tune, in my opinion is the second tune in the AHB - it's pretty groovy. I absolutely loved it when I was a kid, to the point of performing a dance to it with some friends at school. I can't believe I did that... except that my son would probably instigate the same thing.
TiS 224 / AHB 159 / CH457 / UMH154/5 / VU334 / LBW328 / ELW634 / HPP215 / HPSS142/3 / GC485 / GC(II)490 / RS 632 / CP321/2 / CP(E) 163 / W&R100/106 / Cha091 / Srce9 All hail the power of Jesus' name Maybe this would work. I love the tune DIADEM, but maybe the words are too obscure for people who haven't grown up in the church... Might need some words of introduction?

Luke 5:1-11
The miraculous catch of fish - From now on you will be catching people! They leave their boats and follow
ATOK 348 / Iona (HSNW) / G(II)496 / GC692 / GC(II)697 Come with me / Sing hey for the carpenter (Iona) Excellent. I love this one. Very joyous, and a big favourite in our congregation. Sheet music and sound sample available here (search for carpenter). I think its strange that some have changed it to "sing yes for the carpenter".
Tune in:Jesus is waiting. An honest catchy rock song about our hesitation to follow and Jesus not only waiting, but continuing to work and change the world. A good sending-out song. Sound sample, lyrics and songbook available here
Gospelling to the Beat One man was Peter he lived by the sea (Llewellyn)A simple kid's song "stop what you're doing and follow me"
Tune in: Hail the fisherfolk. This bluesy song celebrates the many people who have followed God’s call through the ages. Lyrics, sound sample and songbook available here.
ATOK 348 / Iona (HSNW) / G(II)496 / GC692 / GC(II)697 Come with me / Sing hey for the carpenter (Iona) Excellent. I love this one. Very joyous, and a big favourite in our congregation. Sheet music and sound sample available here (search for carpenter). I think its strange that some have changed it to "sing yes for the carpenter".
TiS 242 / AHB 183 / AoV1-018 / ATN 27 / CH404 / UMH261 / VU352 / HPP163 / HPSS302 / G(II)481 / GC708 / GC(II)689 I danced in the morning (Carter / SIMPLE GIFTS) “I danced to the fishermen, to James and John….”. You all know this one, right?
NCH173 / CH532 / UMH344 / VU563 / WoV784 / ELW817 / HPP324 / HPSS377 / G(II)500 / GC696 / GC(II)678 / W&R347 / Cha342 Lord, you have come to the seashore / You have come down to the lakeshore / Pescador de Hombres There are many translations of this song. I like the NCH version best as it's most inclusive. The song can get a bit shmaltzy, but the tune is a nice lilting one and the words are great. “On the sand I have abandoned my small boat; now with you I will seek other seas”. Sound sample (in Spanish) and sheet music sample here (search for pescador)
SFFS 2101 / G(II)301 / GC688 / GC(II)693 Two Fishermen (Toolan) A nice medieval / minstrelly sounding tune and good words. This would be fun. Sound sample and sheet music sample here (search for fishermen)
NCH504 / StJ / HPP545 / GC(II)679 You Walk along Our Shoreline (Dunstan) Good words to a very familiar hymn tune (AURELIA). Sound sample, lyrics and sheet music sample (search for "you walk")


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Thanks for the Sanctus recommendations. Do you have suggestions for singing the creed?

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Great idea! I know there are some good ones out there - I'll look through my notes and get back to you on that.

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Thank you for all the work you do to have this list of music.
When I go to choose hymns and songs for each Sunday, I check out your site first. Thank you for the suggestions. They're very helpful.

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