Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Songs about the Summer Heat

FFS02 As the sun beats down (Bennett) Good words. Simple tune. A lamentation in times of drought, or places where the Summer is always a time of dry heat and anxiety.
CoC52 You are born in us again (Wilson) A lovely song. Simple to sing. I would swing it just a little. "Like the warmth of the summer wind you come"…

Songs with a focus on all seasons
Unknown Source We'll weave a love / Song of Community (McDade) A song of all seasons. It's a little bit tricky to learn, but once learned, you will not forget it "We'll weave a love that greens sure as spring, then deepens in summer to the fall autumn brings". Lyrics.
Online Resource Flow'ring in the summer / Faithful Seasons (Wiltshire) Australian imagery for all the seasons, and how it's worth celebrating them! Free book download.  

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